Speaking Topics

R. James “Jim” Nicholson

Jim Nicholson and other civil rights leaders re-enact the Selma march across the Pedast Bridge in Selma, AL., April 1998.R. James “Jim” Nicholson

Jim Nicholson and other civil rights leaders re-enact the Selma march across the Pedast Bridge in Selma, AL., April 1998.R. James “Jim” Nicholson

Most topics are best suited for a 45-50 minute presentation with a ten-minute Q&A.

Secretary Jim Nicholson is a national leader and accomplished public speaker with rich personal experiences in politics, diplomacy, business, the U.S. Army, community service and religious exploration. Jim inspires his audiences with his confidence, faith, and intelligence. His style is that of a trustworthy mentor: knowledgeable and visionary, with humor to keep the subject personal and specific recommendations to move the listener from thought to action.

Mr. Nicholson has been a frequent guest on: Meet the Press; Fox News Sunday; Today Show; 60 Minutes; Good Morning America; Larry King Live; The O’Reilly Factor; Late Edition; Crossfire; Inside Politics; The Sean Hannity Show; Both Sides with Jesse Jackson; C-SPAN Washington Journal; NPR; The Rush Limbaugh Show; Marketplace, and Public Radio International and many others. His op-ed columns have been published by: Scripps-Howard; Rising Tide; Harvard Journal of the Press and Politics; Washington Post Outlook; Washington Times; Cleveland Plain Dealer; Honolulu Advertisement; and many others.

“Authentic Leadership”

Authentic leadership may be seen as a radical concept to develop leaders. It requires risk taking, articulating realistic expectations, communicating without threatening, dealing with disappointment, and earning trust. Among the benefits: a strong team founded on values that make them excel. Authentic leadership helps established leaders adapt their style to the team around them, while sometimes de-constructing and re-constructing a different team to meet the needs of a different mission.

For more than 50 years, Jim Nicholson has been an astute student, practitioner, and teacher of what works in fostering the best in individuals and teams.

“What the Heck Happened? – Keeping Faith during Economic Uncertainty”

America is going through an economic meltdown. Everyone is feeling the effects of high unemployment, rising gasoline, food, and housing prices, and aggressive public policy decisions regarding health care and energy. How do you sort through the panic and confusion to plan for your family’s future? How do you stay positive in light of an onslaught of negative media reports, a tight credit market, and increasing governmental control of the private sector? How do you reconcile your faith and practice in an increasingly secular world?

In a fascinating story telling, with clear and coherent observations about the current economic and political environment, Jim Nicholson describes the many challenges to his core beliefs as a Catholic and the opportunities to instruct and lead by example as a public figure. His insights offer comfort and direction to anyone trying to get a handle on the uncertainty of America’s future.

“We’re All in This Together – Your Role in American Civil Society”

The United States is unique in the world in its elegant system of volunteer organizations, which are fundamental to our standard of living. Neither government controlled, nor organized for profit, America’s civil society organizations provide a valuable safety net and run the gamut of human services: education, health care, moral and religious teaching, the arts, sports, leadership training, guidance for youth, prisoner rehabilitation, and help for seniors, to name a few.

Throughout his prestigious career, Jim Nicholson has been a constant voice calling for Americans to serve others – whether in uniform, in their community or government service, or through charity. Secretary Nicholson has been a role model for millions through his life of service. He has a compelling life story that inspires his audience. He encourages a call to action, not just for the good that can and needs to be done, but for the inner peace that flows to those who give of themselves for others and for our country.

“Ending 21st Century Slavery in the U.S. and Abroad”

More than 700,000 people a year are taken across international borders and held against their will, often for use in the sex trade, with an estimate 50,000 brought into the United States, generally for labor. Human trafficking is the third most profitable business for organized crime worldwide, after drugs and guns. As U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See, Nicholson led a global effort to stop this vicious and dehumanizing practice. This presentation exposes the hidden world of modern-day slavery and global cooperation to rescue its victims and end the practice.

“Hire Our Heroes. How to Grow Jobs for Ideal Employees – Veterans”

America’s veterans are capable, committed, patriotic men and women, accustomed to self-discipline and teamwork. Ninety percent of all military occupation specialties (MOS) are directly transferable to the civilian workforce. Yet, nearly one in four post-9/11 veterans is unemployed. They are often disadvantaged upon entering the civilian workforce due to difficulty in articulating their military experience to civilian HR managers and employers. Jim Nicholson describes specific educational and employment policies and programs available to CEOs in both the public and private sector to best utilize these ideal employees.

“The Theory of Just War – America’s Role as Peacekeeper and Superpower”

Ambassador Jim Nicholson presented his diplomatic credentials to Pope John Paul II just two days after the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001 when more than 3,000 American civilians were murdered. He recounts the fascinating history of the time and his impressions of Vatican policy makers and world leaders and how those experiences have helped to shape U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East today. He describes the Just War theory and its application for today’s conflicts, and he offers a roadmap for peace – and each person’s role in achieving it.