Как Живут в Казахстане

Как Живут в Казахстане

-Hello everyone, i think you will never guess where we are going!
-Yo! We are flying to Astana, Kazakhstan! Now we are going to test it.. -Holy crap!
-That’s a nice suite they gave us! -Wow…
-Wow, we can have a great party here! -…So if you betray your motherland, your
wife can get arrested?
-Yeah, yeah. Wow, really? Wow, such a place… It really makes you f*cking scared… Guys! Our universe is in danger! -Are you always that full of energy?
-Yeah! The farthest from the sea and ocean oceanarium… Wow! …and she bit his nipples off… Alright, cool, we’re taking it, thank you very much! Alright guys, we’re right at the heart of it! I feel like a child again… I’ve f*cking finally found my phone! Guys, this is the most hardcore recording! Now she will catch a hare Do you think she can catch it? This time we will show you what can you do in Kazakhstan during winter time. We are going to a KHL championship. Getting warmer. We’re getting warmer clothes because they say there was a blizzard recently. -We have no idea what it looks like.
-We don’t know that word. This is the first time i’m flying by business-class in 10 or 8 years. You are going to sleep all they way anyways. We’ve got a business class using my gold card… The first plus is that everyone’s getting their own seats in a chess-like format and… And they don’t give a next seat to you to anybody if there are enough free seats. And the glass dishes. Not plastic. And one more feature – Space+, there’s twice as much space here. Guys look, this menu is made by Ilya Zakharov, you remember? The chef from Sochi. Ilya is a really cool guy. It means that i must give this thing a try because it must be delicious. -I didn’t fully enjoy the flight in business-class because…
-You were sleeping? Yeah i just fell asleep and woke up. Astana met us with -13c temperature, wind 12m/s, and a recent blizzard. If you have a russian passport then you won’t need to fill in the migration cards if you are staying for less than 21 days. -We didn’t know about that…
-So we had to fill it in. -We have a great mood, everybody is really friendly here.
-Yeah, they are. A lot of people came here to see the KHL all-stars match. Roma really likes this airport. -I really do, it’s really clean and…
-Yeah, i agree, he even compared it to the airport in Germany… -Our subscribers met us…
-Hello! And we came to the Hillton in 5 minutes. -Territory Export
-A new Hotel… We’re gonna test it now. My first impressions are… Everything is really new, there’s a big amount of huge buildings… Gives you an impression that you’re in Moscow-City. I think it’s better than Moscow-City, as it is located in a better place and has better buildings to live in. Quite a modern architecture. Look, “The week of hockey stars” -Tadam!
-Holy shit! That’s a one nice suite they gave us! -Amazing…
-You can have such a big party here! -Just how many…
-Look at that! -Now that’s a bathtub!
-Yeah, that’s you favorite bathtub, man. -That’s so amazing.
-Nastya will regret not coming with you here. -Yeah, she already must be regretting it..
-Yeah she is. Now that’s a party-space, right, Sanya? Yeah. We are inviting everyone to the party. -Yep
-You should come too, will you? -There’s a balcony as well.
-That’s so cool! Wow! The balconies are so huge as well! Nastya, shame you didn’t come with us. How am i gonna be here all alone in this huge hotel? Show it. -Ah, it’s actually the same.
-I was worrying that there won’t be a desk to work on. -Not so bad.
-It’s actually pretty cool. -There was a second room but here it’s not really that small either.
-There was much more space. -Alright Roma, let’s have a quick nap, we have 2 hours.
-Yeah, alright. -And we’ll go into the battle. Good night y’all.
-Wait, there’s no signal? Now compare the breakfast here to breakfast in some places like Chamonix… -It’s no worse than Chamonix
-Yeah, right. -You’re getting that healthy food already?
-Yeah. The first thing that got my attention are those honeycombs. That’s so cool. Sausages… Bacon… Potatoes… Oatmeal… Syrniki… -Here you go.
-Thank you.
-Thank you. Here we have some sausages and fish… It’s a sunrise, guys, and we are now going to this balloon-place over there, we took a guideman with us to tell us everything about it. And what do you think is the most popular car in Kazakhstan? It’s either Toyota or Lexus, of course. -Hello there.
-Hi! Let me introduce you to Arojan. -Arojan.
-Did i spell it right? -I’m an actress.
-She’s an actress. -Quite popular, eh?
-And, Inura?
-Inura, yeah. Actually, we had much more things planned for today, but the weather in Astana is really random, there is that thing called blizzard. I will now show you a video of how this blizzard looks like. He fell down. So they told us that the Sokol bird, or however is it called? -Berkut.
-Yeah, Berkut, if it won’t fly… And even if it will and won’t come back. We want to ride on a board with a parachute… How is this thing called? Snowkiting Yeah snowkiting. But they told us that we have to buy our own equipment, they said they won’t let us rent it because if we lose it then we’ll never get it back. -What else?
-We have KHL match planned. Yeah, the most important one, KHL, we are going to show it to you for sure! Oh, Algeria, that’s where we can go! The things are even better in concentration camp.
-Yeah. -It’s kinda cool here.
-Yeah, let’s go. -…So if you betray your motherland, your
wife can get arrested?
-Yeah, yeah. -Really?
-Worth it. -What’s this?
-It’s the future city called EXPO. -So it will be like this in the future?
-Yes. -When?
-Soon, very soon. You are prepared for it with optimism, i see. What about Astana? Astana will grow further. -Will this be a separate city?
-Yeah, like a city inside a city. Amazing! Wait, can you look at it? Yeah, it’s like we are in the club… This is so f*cking scary… Can you walk on it by yourself?
-Of course i can. Why aren’t you walking in the middle? -Did you have any accidents so far?
-No, not one. And if there were any you won’t tell us. My feet is shaking, let’s get out of here. -Wow, look at these holes! Did you see them?
-Oh god, no! Roma! Roma! Roma! Go walk on the other panel Guys i’m really afraid of tall heights, my legs are crossing… Guys, there are presented technologies that will be or are used in the city of the future – Astana. Like moss!
Excuse me please, how is moss used for the future technologies? The moss? Oh, we have a generator on the 4th that uses the biomass energy. -Do they burn it or what?
-Yeah, they burn it. Ecological-city where they burn moss… Remember about that moss, when we arrive on the 4th floor we will talk about it again. It feels like someone’s gonna get an award here. Patriotic music playing here. We have a strategy starting from 2020 up to 2050 for Kazakhstan. -So you’re going to finish it before 2050, right?
-Everything’s so cool here! Great *speaking in kazakh* Okay then… Well guys… Let me easily translate this from kazakh. The laws of physics allow to take us back to the very first moments of universe’s existence. I’m kinda expressionless, but whatever… -We’re getting into MKS now.
-Yeah! Amazing! -What’s this? A microwave?
-That’s a coffee machine. And that’s the space coffee, guys, look. -May we make a cup?
-No, ha-ha. -May i have an espresso?
-May i have a coffee-sachet? If i was the owner of this museum, i’d really put a coffee machine here and sell the coffee. -Nice marketing.
-$10 per cup. -Yeah, we gotta take notes, that’s a nice integration.
-You see, there’s a commercial plan. They don’t have a shower too, they just wipe themselves with a towel. -Alright…
-Now this is where we will show you the video and talk about the trip of a sun ray to Astana. -Come on in.
-It’s so warm here! Oh, it’s kinda inflated, and do you hear how our voices sound? -I’m a hero!
-Roma, can you say something more important like “Guys, subscribe to my channel” or something like that? Guys, learn about our planet and our universe! Nah, say it like Vladimir Vladimirovich (Putin). Dear Moscow people, our universe is huge and endless.. Guys… Our universe is in danger… Please click on the bell below… So you won’t miss the next episode! These are the modern technologies and the info of how advanced they are, this, for example, are solar curtains. You can put this on your shirt if you’re a worker… And your phone will always be charged. And these are the transparent solar batteries, they will soon make windows out of it, can you imagine that? What’d you think about the car? It was designed by german students, made of solar panels, can go for about 500kms and achieve the speed of 120km/s But it doesn’t have all the safety things, there are no rear windows and stuff… But it’s actually amazing to know that students make these kind of projects, that… -The main goal was to develop…
-Guys! Students that watch me right now, what are you developing? Alright, what do you think this is? It’s actually a windmill made in a shape of cylinder. It’s not as effective as the regular windmills, it produces 20% less energy. But the regular windmills actually scare the animals away, so the guys from Spain came up with this… …with these windmills… -Very nice, good.
-Everybody who comes in Kazakhstan are really impressed that we have such youth that are interested in pushing the modern technologies further. Yeah, they do real nice job, especially in finding how they can use the national resources to advance the technologies, like even sand, right? Yeah, they can make use of anything. Nice! If you ever going to be in Astana then you must visit the oceanarium, which has the Guiness book record as being the farthest oceanarium from the sea and ocean. So we’re going to Astana’s oceanarium to see… Ah-ha-ha-ha! Yes! Finally! Well, you can’t laugh like that at your friend! Are you alright? Yeah Didn’t break anything? I couldn’t handle it, ha-ha-ha-ha. There’s a aqua-park… There are also jungles and an oceanarium. We are going to the oceanarium first of course. -Look guys, here we have the carp.
-Shoot, woosh! And this is a white amur, i’ve shot all these fishes before. -And look, that’s koi swimming there.
-Look! The decoration of this aquarium are nets! -That’s a vertex.
-It’s like so they know where they’ll get caught at. And there we have two species of sturgeon -Oooh, it’s handsome!
-Now that’s the fish! I was about to say “Now look guys, these are our russian perches!”, but no, these are actually kazakh perches. Here are the russians swimming… Woow! Look at that perch! Hello, want me to tell you about any of these? -Well, that’s actually kind of my job, we can start from over there.
-Yeah, alright. -We are going to start from the first aquarium.
-Yeah, let’s go. Let’s go. -These are sterlings.
-Yeah, sterlings, they can grow in lenght from 0.3 to 1.5m. It lives in a Caspian, Azov and Black seas. -1.5m sterlings exist?
-Yeah. It can grow that long. -Wow.
-And here we have the russian sturgeon. It lives on the bottom of the sea, so that’s why we made this aquarium much darker. So it would be comfortable for him to live here. How old is that big perch, do you know? Well, he was there since the opening. -And for how long has it been working?
-14 years. 14 years?! Oh, these are piranhas. -Yeah.
-That’s the red tailed catfish. -Yeah
-Ummm… There nobody else i can recognize. They breed these in Brazil by the way, for the food, they grow very quickly. Some people try to sell these as real piranhas in Russia… They grow in these sizes in aquariums. -Yeah, they are the relatives of piranhas.
-And then they bring them here. And here’s another story, i know a friend who did a lot of underwater fishing, and he found a hole… Where a moray eel was living with it’s children, and it bit his nipples off with the hydrocostume. They are actually harmless, but if they get disturbed by someone then they can put up a serious fight. This zone is called “The Zone of Coral Reef” I feel like a flayer, because each aquarium i look at i remember that i ate this fish, this one for example has to have it’s fins removed, as they are poisonous. Everywhere i look, i either shot or ate this fish. If you will ever be in Astana, then you surely must visit this oceanarium, especially with kids, i’ve seen every fish i’ve met in my life here. We’re going to guide Roma here, as i arrived here earlier and i see these spas for the first time. Now, look. It’s totally amazing, isn’t it? Such a big pool, and the important thing is that it’s Friday evening, and there’s literally nobody here! We’re going to take some beer and go relax in the sauna right now! Let’s go! -I really love that everything is made out of stone!
-Yeah, it looks great. I’ve never seen that anywhere, let me show you the sauna! -Look…
-We are really happy, because this is so amazing! Yeah, everything is up-to-date, now look, here’s a smaller hamam… Here’s the finnish sauna. And here you can heat it up, this room is called… -It’s called fita-sauna, you can heat it up here, and it’s always humid. And let me show you the real bomb, come here. It’s a salt sauna, come in. There’s salt for your lungs, you can lie here down for the rest of the day! Just look how much salt there is! Dude, that’s so cool! -You didn’t get it, huh?
-Wow! That’s amazing! That’s so much cool. Alright guys, Dimash brought us to the guess who’s restaraunt… Opa! Sergey Svetlakov’s! And we posted a story on Instagram, asking the locals… I’ve asked which restaraunt should i visit, and a lot of people this one, it’s called “Zoloto” (Gold). -Svetlakov is actually quite fond of restaraunts, he has his restaraunt in Sochi as well…
-Yeah, i heard about it. Well, i see that the guys don’t quite understand the whole value of this cross… Please make us a “Zoloto” cocktail, and tell us the ingridients of it. It’s a secret? Nice. It will be at the expenses of bartender. It contains… The ingridients sent right from the Karmovyh Vad. Peach liquor. Earl Gray Tea. This is the first time i’m trying something like this. Honey syrup… And a little bit of our secret ingridient… -And then you need the stump?
-Yeah, the stump, you’ll see why now. This cocktail is a little bit spicy. And to make it more spicy we put the glass like that. -Oh wow!
-It smells good! Oh wow… Did you put a golden caviar in here? I really like how it looks, with this net-style and stuff. -What was that?
-Cinnamon. Cool! Let’s give it a try now. It’s really tasty and unusual. -Zoom the camera in.
-I think that it’s alcohol-free. -Yeah.
-Was there anything? Oh yeah, you did pour something. Alright, it’s cool, we’re taking it, thank you very much. Guys, i want to introduce the menu to you. And let’s see what’s in there. This dish is served to rich guests. It’s called “Byeshbarmak Toy” When we were in Almaty… We had it, and it was very delicious, and this one has something like head on it. But it’s the national cuisine… It’s hard to record when i’m hungry. If you want the ram’s head then you’ll have to pay 44 000 rubles. I’m actually joking, the prices are in tenge, so we gotta divide it by 5. By 6… 44/6, Roma? $100 is the cost of this dish, but you can feed 6 people with it. By the way, Svetlakov’s favorite sweet costs… 300 rubles. They brought us Svetlakov’s salad, it’s the simpliest thing it could be. -It’s Kondrashov’s favorite now, isn’t it?
-Damn, the tomatoes are really good. It’s not plasticy… I’m not going to say anything, just look at that. You only had like a minute. The most popular dish in this restaraunt is what was named here first, Manty. We are going to give it a try, we ordered them with the beef. The drums must be playing now. How is it? It’s so soft… Guys, everything we taste, you can freely order yourself. Don’t worsen your impressions… We didn’t order manty first and they did worsen the taste because of everything before. And chebureki… And Svetlakov’s salad… We keep recording the Astana’s nightlife, and we’re in the ICON club right now. Everybody knows about this club in Moscow, but let’s see what it’s like in Astana. Kondrashov, Sasha. How are you doing? -F*cking awesome
-Good? -Were you in the Moscow’s club?
-Of course. -Huh?
-This one is better! It’s better here? Nice, thank you. You gave $2000 for a good night, huh? This guy has over 1 million subscribers, subscribe to him as well, Alexander Kondrashov, a Youtuber! He’s a really cool Youtuber, i recommend that you watch him, Alexander Kondrashov! Table 18, come meet him, take photos while he’s there. That’s f*cking amazing. And to finish off tonight’s night we have a music director and the resident of a well-known Moscow nightclub ICON… The creator of “Moscow City” label… DJ! Minner! On the scene! Good morning. Our morning started at 1PM… And now we’re going to see the hockey match. On the Master Show, an event where all stars are participating… There will be bullits and stuff… We’ll show you everything. Yay! Gifts! -T-Shirts!
-Nice! That’s really cool. Three! Four! Alright guys, we’re in the main place! The fan zone… By the way they don’t knock on the glass here unlike in America. Great. Who’s the coach of this team? -Are you the coach?
-I’m the second coach, i’m responsible for guys doing their job right… So they will be in their best shape and have good results! The second coaches are usually women, right? Yeah, most of them are sports journalists. What do you think about the chances of your team winning this match? The chances are good, we are going to have different contests now… And we’re going to clutch it out! What is your strong trait? Our team’s spirit. Please tell, is it true that if the players are underperforming, the coach along with his helper start using… Bad words? -I’ve never heard of that.
-You didn’t? It’s just a myth i think. Here’s our team’s goalkeeper, he’s also good at dancing. -He’s good at dancing?
-Yeah, he seen most of the all-star matches… Sasha is interested in your team. -We’re always training. Always.
-I get it. But that’s why i’m having an interview with you. He’s always a coach and the goalkeeper. The coach and the goalkeeper, yes. Half of the team. Can you write something for my friend Rudi? He’s already in 3 Power plays. -Right there.
-Kondrashov is begging for autographs! Okay guys, we’ve got this jersey, and now she is going to the players’ locker room and will get autographs on it from everyone. -From everybody!
-Yeah You have to get autographs literally from everybody And i’ve already planned it out that she will get two jerseys signed, one goes for Rudi and the other one will be given away on… -On instagram.
-Yeah, on Instagram, right, i will leave the link. -You will send it to whoever wins, right? From America or from any other place?
-Yeah, yeah. -Alright, super, give me…
-Yeah. Oh, look, let’s go here! He ran away so nobody would disturb him, and here we are! Alright, we’ll leave the link in the description, participate in the giveaway by putting #AroujanJersey (#Аружанджерси) hashtag She will pick a winner on Instagram and send this amazing shirt! Oh, i mean jersey! I always forget how it’s properly called. Is it warm outside? While the sun is still shining, we would like to visit some landmarks of Astana. We’ll start with Bayterek. The guys will tell what’s that. Where you driving us again? The Bayterek tower was built around the beginning of 2000’s… There’s a handprint of Kazakhstan’s President and a beautiful view on the whole city. But when the tourists find themselves in Astana, where do they go, to EXPO or that balloon-like building… What was it’s name? -The first thing that…
-Nur Alem. -Huh?
-The balloon was called Nur Alem. So where do tourists go first? To Nur Alem or Bayterek? -Nur Alem was built just this year, yeah.
-Oh, this year? -Ah, okay.
-But before that it was either Bayterek or the Pyramids… -And it’s all located on the left coast?
-Yeah, it is. But why is it all named like that? The right and the left coasts? Yeah, there is a Ishim river that separates the city in two parts. Is there a hood like ghetto in Astana? Where are you afraid to go, honestly? -There aren’t any, yeah. It’s all safe.
-Seriously? No ghettos? I can show you millions of these in Moscow’s region. Roma lives in Khimki, he always gets attacked on here. -Khimki is the best hood.
-Do you want to get respected here or what?
-Yeah. Khimki is the best hood, c’mon… Look, this one’s looking good too. -The one that looks round?
-No, the one on the right, i wonder how much a flat here would cost, huh? Alright, so that would be around $70000 to buy a 1-room flat here. Alright guys, they celebrate weddings here… We are going to the observation deck now. The height of this building is 105m The height we are on right now, 97m, is a reference to the year when they moved their capital from Almaty to Astana Bayterek means “The tree of life” in kazakh. The idea of building this tower belongs to our President, Nursultan Nazarbayev. He was the one to project it. Can i ask a question? Why did they move the capital? It has to do with the economical advantages of Astana, and the demographics… There’s a big population of people on the South… On West there are a lot of resources. And the North and the East don’t really have anything, so they decided to put a capital here to balance them all out… -Ah, i see.
-And the transportation ways… The main function of Bayterek is the observation deck, of course. You can see the new buildings here, as well as the defense structures. There are also Abu-Dabi-like towers in progress. It will be 300m tall. -I suggest going 97m up…
-And what’s your favorite building in this city? -What?
-What’s the most beautfiul building in this city?
-Of course it’s Bayterek. Here we are, 97m above the ground… The main landmark here is the President’s handprint… It’s called Yalalakan Which means “The Good Hand”. Feel yourself a president… By the way, his hand is bigger than mine… What did you do?! Was that a magical function or what?! Yeah, i’ll make a wish now. Alright guys, this is the Millenium street, there’s a big pedestrian zone, you can have a nice walk here. Great, but not during this weather though. Roma, you can take the camera and record a little if you feel like it. -On this pedestrian zone, for an hour.
-Okay. I thought i forgot my phone in the suite, but it appears that i lost it somewhere… Here Alright, my phone is somewhere there… Boryis Arena, and it’s online. Alright, let’s go and find it. It’s on the parking lot, we gotta disable it. It’s really cold, -30, and it still works. My hands are cold. It was online 5 minutes ago. I think someone has found it… I’ve found my f*cking phone!
Look, it even says that it’s lost and you need to call the owner. -Can you imagine that?! It still holds it battery, now that’s a phone!
-Nice! Nearly the whole day, on -25! I’ve never been so happy because i have so much passwords and info on it… This is so lucky… Look. 1% of battery, damn Apple, you’re really damn good! I’ve lost all hopes. Wow… I guess the battery’s dying sooner or later. I really have no other words, it’s -30 outside, guys… IPhone was here… We’ve came here on 1PM… The time is now… Look, 6:57 PM! It was there for around 6 hours, on a -30 temperature, it was standing till the %1 of battery was left. I’ve found it using this software. If you didn’t know, ICloud can show you the current location of your Apple phone. Here, it says that it had a signal 22 minutes ago of it’s location… Goddamn… Alright guys, we’re going to the dinner with the mayor. Such event is organized to… Ah, it’s already going, you’ll see it all for yourself. Good morning in cold Kazakhstan. And our morning starts not with a skiing session, as you might’ve though but with a hunt with a berkut bird. We have some good news for you, first… We skipped the turn, and we can’t find a place to turn back. But it’s nothing, when i was buying the tickets, i’ve got a food poisoning… And i’ve asked my friends to check the tickets for me, because i couldn’t do anything. They’ve checked it, it’s alright, today is January 14th. So we were going to the airport after the hunt, but i took the tickets on February 14th by accident. And there are no other flights available, and the ship is departing tomorrow on 5PM. So now we’re trying to find the tickets for the next island in Malaysia… That will depart on 16th, so we will try to get on it. We don’t have the internet. In front there’s this… Landscape. But we don’t lost our hearts. Oh, he’s so handsome! So gorgeous… Wow. -What’s your name?
-Arman… -Are we going to catch a hare, eh, Arman?
-We’ll see… We’re probably not going to find any. -Can it fly in such weather?
-Yes. -It has no difficulties flying?
-Nope. -Why did you bring a horse?
-Eh, why not? I wanted to… Take a photo with it… I like how honest you are. Very honest. -Alright, let the hares out.
-Wait, let him show one more trick.
-Ah, okay. What? Are you frozen? Guys, this is the most hardcore recording of my life… -I can’t feel my hand in the gloves…
-The wind is so damn strong. I’m sorry. -Why are you getting in?
-Let him get a bit warmer. Get your horse inside. It’s so damn cold outside. The bird is cold as well? How do you teach the bird? Do you catch it and teach it or you do it since it’s birth? -You take the mature one, right?
-Yeahh -You take it when it’s young
-And how much does the young one cost? Like really little? -What do you think?
-You come into the car and there’s this bird staring at you. -Hunting and fishing partner.
-Yeah, he’s really cool. -How old is he?
-10 years.
-Don’t forget to give a like… Oh, it’s scratching it’s eye. -He is 10 years old?
-Yes he is. My hand starts to hurt a little, but look at this glorious bird… It’s berkut, and now it’s going to catch a hare. Let’s see… You think it will catch it? He is grey for some reason. He hasn’t peeled off yet i guess. The hare is going die from the cold, not from the berkut. F*ck… Here he goes! He’s taking it in the car. Well guys, it may look disturbing, but it’s an old tradition, that’s the way they were hunting using these… Using these birds people were hunting for the wild hares. That hare was a home one, it was just one so don’t really worry about it. It doesn’t really look appropriate, but you gotta respect the traditions that are moving from the father to the son. They teach their sons… Even though it may look inhumane… But these are traditions!

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  19. 95процентов казахов живут не так как в астане) все намного грустнее

  20. Окуня захотелось поесть!!!

  21. Лайк,и подписка.СПАСИБО.

  22. ненавижу офсяную кашу!

  23. А вы с нимите с квадрокоптера, увидите степи , блять, показали словно лас вегас, кто жил тот поймет

  24. 11:40 нехуя

  25. Зрители в шоке от наших ветров в астане 🤣🤣👍

  26. 6:05 это был САМЫЙ сильный буран за последние несколько лет!

  27. 33:30 это не мэр а аким

  28. это люди приехали с деньгами и посетили самые крутые места в Астане. простой житель столицы не живет так как показано в ролике.

  29. пятница вечер никого нету никогонет потомушто у народа денег нет это все показуха для вас а у кого есть они в других странах

  30. приезжай в Семей (Семипалатинск) – культурный город Казахстана. да кстати тут много гетто районов. За видос лайк

  31. Классный ресторан! Жрать захотелось,пойду тушника открою.

  32. В Астане жвет Презедент Мен сен жақсы көрем я жуву в Қазақстане

  33. Единственный город в Казахстане, в котором ещё можно как то жить да и то не всем….остальные города загибаются. Из Казахстана уезжает в Россию молодёжь и не только русские но и сами казахи. едут на заработки и почти все говорят одно и тоже: – там нет будущего. Президент сделал этот город для себя и для своей свиты и было бы смешно если бы Астана была не красивой. Ежу понятно, что там живёт президент и это не только столица Казахстана, а практически вся одна сплошная резиденция президента. Всё что дальше Астаны нищета. Да и в самой Астане не каждый может позволить себе сходить в такой ресторан, клуб и пр.

  34. Астана одна такая в Казахстане , Александр в Караганду только не приезжай , не то что бы я против , просто здесь снимать нечего , и сходить не куда

  35. Это девушка самая популярная Қазақстан октриса

  36. Дурень, шапку одень, менингит подхватишь👻

  37. Нищия страна . Все живут в кредит .

  38. Ништяк👍

  39. Так в Казахстане живут единицы

  40. Зачем ты включил эту музыку мне дажэ стыдно стало

  41. А теперь посмотрите как живут казахстанцы в этом фильме https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K708zfsm8KQ

  42. я люблю родину, но вы километров 100-200 отъедьте и увидите как оног на самом деле. у нас 3 города где риально хорошо жить если есть где Астана, Алматы, Шымкент)))

  43. Не был и не горю желанием видеть сатану. Центр показали покажи те окраину.

  44. Для простого люда не доступно

  45. Всего лишь офигеть !!! Дорого очень !!!

  46. казактар 7.17 минутта ана кыз не деды мен укпадым

  47. Ппц математик 20:02 )

  48. Красава, салам из Астаны

  49. Самое обидное, то что наши казахи не могут себе позволить отдохнуть в таких заведениях,. Любим когда нас хвалят и лижут одно место, а на самом деле дурят. Ну или сами в очко без мыло.

  50. Были мы как то .. . в " Золоте " у Светлакова… который в Алматы, скажу вам честно без предвзятости.. Дизайн такой вроде норм.. снаружи так солидно выглядит ресторан.. А вот обслуживающий персонал.. начиная девушки на ресепшене и простых офицантов на уровне быдлы.. Мало того что высокомерны..как будто незванные гости не в ресторан а домой к ним пришли.. ни улыбок ни извинений… перепутали заказ…😂 Еще и с наглой мордой доказывают обратное.. короче .. обучение персонала должно быть на уровне! Если уж позицианируете себя как сеть Ресторанов!

  51. Неееефиииигаааааааа сяяяя привет с Кыргызстана

  52. Охотились спору нет,но бля не на домашнего же кролика у которого нету шансов. охота весь ролик испортила!!!

  53. Это мой телефон Я живу в Павлодаре

  54. мда……. одна Астана живет и шикует а все остальные города в жопе…… Как и в России впрочем…..

  55. 22:53 что за музыка?

  56. Аружан Классная 👍👍

  57. Приветствую александр ну молотца всегда приятно сматреть твой ведосы респект да многова вы еще непосетили летом прелитайте на наши вадоемы природа агонь как и для подводной ахоты так и на спиненги заповедник где водятся различная фауна такая как розавы фломинга и так далие с болбшим удовольствием смотрел незаметил как кончилось хароши подход к творчеству у тебя малодца уважуха пусть люди пасмотрят в какких юртах мы живем у нас народ гостеприимны добры с/у твой подпишик ну и жилезны лайк.

  58. Это Казахстан? Казахстан? Да Казахстан.

  59. Видео просто огонь!

  60. О чём речь вообще на 34:16? Кто-то может пояснить?

  61. Казахстан сила!

  62. Аружан украсила выпуск👍

  63. Базара нет вы в России,но в Казахстане то я!😂😅

  64. Позор.

  65. Да какой толк постройли чисто для понтов ОЧЕНЬ ОЧЕНЬ дорого и Сколка вам заплатили за видос про Казахстан всё спланировано за рания даже актриса вас встретила ))) и майки дарят в Игре Показуха полная в Казахстане хорошо всем кроме казахов )))

  66. Всем привет.В жизни не догадаетесь куда мы летим. Название ролика "Как живут в Казахстане" xD

  67. Жалко что в Москве людей больше чем во всем Казахстане

  68. Лол -13 это цветочьки вот в щучинске -44ночью -33днем вот это норм И да Щучинск от Астаны в 236 км

  69. салам из Баку.Астана проста суперрррр)))))

  70. Я из Астаны и я горда этим!

  71. да ты что Астана быстро развивался

  72. Всем Салам с Алматы,видос супер

  73. Санёк красавчик

  74. Вы должны поехать в Казахстан летом или осенью.

  75. саня едь на байкал!

  76. Лучше бы ты к нам приехал в актау

  77. Кто с казахстана лайк я в экибасе живу топ да Салем из Экибастуза

  78. теперь Нур-султан

  79. НАНу респект, чтобы не говорили.
    Аружан красавица!
    Саня и Рома, Мир вашему дому!

  80. Где Миша ?

  81. Спасибо за видос братка! Приезжайте ещё.

  82. Сейчас Астана называется Нур-Султан,

  83. Отдельный респект за видео из Казахстана. Не все блогеры туда доезжают.

  84. Ну вообще лексус не совсем популярная машина, а вот камри-национальная машина

  85. Это после Казахстана Настя все время с тобой ….летает везде))!!!

  86. Живу в Израиле уже 27 лет.Я из Казахстана,из Караганды.Но,°извените,в Казахстан и в Астану не тянеет Неееееет!!!!

  87. 👍👍👍👍

  88. Я с Усть-Каменогорска

  89. Зайцу пиздец!

  90. Какая в жопу свадьба

  91. Саня привет, давно хотелось чо нибудь об Астане увидеть.Сань все супер!!! 💣💣💣😃😃😃

  92. Палец верх если ты тоже в Казахстане и ты там живеш!

  93. У нас в Иртыше разводят осётра,и стерлядь ловится

  94. Как живут в Казахстане?! Ху. Во! Ну, как-то так, чтоб не врать!!

  95. Чувак, с чем сравнивать? С Доминиканой, Ямайкой, Таем, Камбоджей? С чем Это сравнить?

  96. А душа нет, тут тупо протираются! А что, Вы хотели? Это-😐Казахстан!Аквапарк?! Эмбицилы! И мурена кончила дайверу на грудь! А потом была сауна.. Всё,конец фильма!

  97. Барыс, понять и простить! Казахи, сори…

  98. Слишком сладко говорят и показывают! Реально не так!

  99. Почему он летает бизнес классом а я нет

  100. Давайте Макса с первых видео , не хватает его непосредственности

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