Обзор iPhone X: десять лет прошло не зря

Обзор iPhone X: десять лет прошло не зря

Being a technological leader is tough. If you ever try to lose the pace – you’ll be consumed by the ravenous crowd, yelling that you aren’t what you used to be anymore. While the others were trying to keep up with the time, Apple has been readying its, probably, most powerful announcement since 2010. You have to stand up after you’ve fallen down – that’s what the leaders do! Good evening everyone, I’m Arseny Petrov and – finally! – you are watching the iPhone X review! At first view, it seems that none of us is amazed by the double-side glass surface, but the symbiosis of the first and fourth, iPhones looks gorgeous. Stretching the iPod to fit the size of an iPad is a trend of the past Nowadays, the iWatch runs things: steel basis, rounding and buttons — the legacy can be seen in minor details, which gives the phone a polished look It is not glittering, however: no golden or ceramics parts, as well as various bends and whistles. It’s like “OK, thanks, that’s exactly what I wanted!” The thing gives a solid impression of the universal convenient, lightweight Apple’s design. Who needs more? In short, the body feels smooth and the bulky camera’s eye is of no concern. But, hey, what’s that? We’ve been laughing at the sloppy composition of Galaxy’s bottom part! Why couldn’t you align the microphone better? Thanks God, it’s the only niggle! I was getting worried about the Apple’s losing its top position the ugliness of the 6th model, two-phones-a-year production cycle, crude attempts to please everyone and uncertainty in general The iPhone X, as a counterpart, is the comeback of the good old philosophy “We’ve done it for you” with the one-size-fits-all dimensions and just two colours The absence of the Plus version leads to absolutely no doubts: you get the best. I’d like to think that we won’t see any iPhone 8S models on the market because Apple is not really good at maintaining a bunch of devices at the same time The gradual evolution of the iPhone X will be a wise and brave step in order to drop the old design chains and go further. The phone’s paint peeling off seems to be a total exaggeration for me the edge scratches are not different from the other phones – the steel shows its worth I haven’t dropped the iPhone X yet, so can’t tell much about the enormous toughness of the glass Due to the absence of any Military Standards it seems that the result will be similar to the LG G6 the screen will shatter sooner or later, so please be careful If you’re staring at this scratch, squinting – it was not me! I have done no harm to the screen. I’ve been using the phone for some time and the screen is still in a good condition I can’t say it’s more susceptible to damage than any other glass. Face ID is just awesome all over! Hundreds of thousand dots are being projected onto your face, creating a 3D-mask When the unlock icon appears, one has to swipe up to unlock the phone that makes sense, because the sensor scans your face automatically But what if you just want to know the time? Just let it be, no need to show main screen at once The only thing that is unwieldy while unlocking – is that the gesture should start from the very bottom of the screen I’d rather prefer it to be accessible from anywhere on lock screen. or even when the screen is turned off, like on a Blackberry Indeed, payments, logging in and auto-filling are easily verified by the Face ID Using Apple Pay has become more convenient than ever: imagine yourself, trying, in vain, to confirm the transaction with a wet finger after a cold beer bottle? Now you can just push this giant “on” button twice, look at the phone, put it to the PIN pad and – voila – you’ve done it! Also, it doesn’t matter if you wear any glasses, hats or are in a complete darkness – the sensor works flawlessly and Apple still tries its best to improve the technology. The screen is finely integrated into the surface resulting in looking bigger and more prodigious than others, despite (or due to!) the fact that it has an unusual notch on top The bezels have not been shrunk in frustrating effort to reach the “bezel less” state and thanks that – I got no phantom touch problems It still gives a feeling of an old form-factor rather than the new one: it looks solid and firm, but I can’t say that it takes up the whole space. there is no feeling that you are holding a solid screen in the palm of your hand, but it already looks futuristic For the first time ever we have an OLED display here in iPhone! Apple manages to use and improve different technologies with its own development in mind So, this type of OLED – with a crisp white and no excessive saturation – is the first to be adorable by the majority of people In fact, I can say: it IS the best one on the market today. There is no eyes strain; when tilting, the iridescent glow is almost indistinct; the brightness is enough even for the sunniest place on Earth though it has twice as less nits of Samsung Note 8 The Super-Retina display technology is claimed to be the most advanced: there are True-tone, which adjust the white balance according to the ambient light, 3D-Touch and the Nightshift, removing the blue tones to comfortably read in the dark. The most incredible thing is the sensor layer, which scans the surface 120 times a second, though the frame rate of the display is still locked at 60 Hz, This makes the touch responsiveness smooth like butter. That is sad, but Apple didn’t implement the ability to turn on the individual pixels, though the technology allows doing so. It is no use to light up the entire screen every time you pick up the phone. It would have been better to use the Samsung-style clock and lock. They haven’t even created a dark theme! Such lazy bastards they are! I didn’t really want to mention this fact, but the phone wasn’t able to work at cold. It was a software culprit, so Apple quickly eliminated that, but I feel as if the company loses its grip on introducing brand new devices. Nevertheless, there haven’t been any crucial faults since iPhone 7. Despite the wave of criticism on the Internet, I haven’t changed my mind ever since: iPhone X is a decent device in all aspects, so if you still ask yourself whether to buy it or not – the answer is YES This phone is going to appear to you as something insanely fresh and pleasant, especially when you are emotionally linked to everything Apple does. The game performance is not in our field of view when we talk about iPhone: everybody is convinced that its incredible and no game can drop the FPS rate lower than 60 frames per second. It is the Best gaming smartphone, for sure. On the other hand, the new and amazing “A11 Bionic” processor has nothing worth crunching numbers for. I tried iMovie – the load is acceptable, AR – too early to decide, big files and documents, photo editors – work fine as we long used to it. I guess it’s time for Apple to roll out some iOS — apps for professionals. I’d be rather glad to have my keyboard, mouse, printer or monitor connected to the phone to work at ease. We’re still trying to find an excuse for the enormous price, vaguely explaining that it is our main device we use daily. It could have cost three times more, but I should know the reason I carry a potential pocket PC around. Why don’t you give as a chance to leave the laptop at home? Otherwise, you can teach iOS to integrate better, faster and stronger with MacOS, as it was implemented in iPads. It makes me sad that a futuristic smartphone introduces nothing new and outstanding – in fact, it is an ordinary smartphone, just like the others. All those hype about lags and slow interface, but nothing disastrous happened: the animations twitch a bit, which drives me crazy sometimes because HOW DARE YOU! But the overall performance and stability of the system are acceptable the apps are thrown away from the memory the second you minimise them, the switching is seamless and no enraging glitches whatsoever. But yes, I have to admit: Apple’s programmers do their job worse and worse and every build of the iOS gives us much to joke about but it is not as terrible as it seems. The world changes quickly and Apple tries to develop both “wares”, the hard and the soft one, simultaneously. They’ve already executed a lot of work; we need to let them settle a bit. *advertising*, link in a description *advertising*, link in a description I’ve been dreaming about it since the Windows Phone, MeeGo and my Blackberry times! The iOS has adopted gestures finally and this fact place emphasis on the iPhone X itself. It’s simply awesome when you just can pick up the phone and start using it right away, while the gestures add to the usability of touch-interfaces in general. Some things still have to catch up. For example, when moving the icons, the “Accept” button is in the up right corner, as well as the Notification Center which can be dragged from there. That is totally inconvenient. There is, though, the Reachability function but it requires you to get used to it first and it seems to be a clutch which has to be removed. No buttons, text boxes and upper search bars in the next major release – everything to the bottom, closer to fingers. I hope, soon we won’t have to think about the grip to reach the needed interface elements. Apple made the first move. A lot is yet to be changed but iOS is getting shinier: the refreshed icons, fonts and effects, the archaic and clumsy sliders and buttons are turned into a beautiful Control Center with its unique way to adjust settings. The AppStore took its best of the Apple Music app design: bigger headlines, vivid pictures, various selections and even the developers’ interview. Now it is more than just a store – it’s a glossy magazine which meant to be the beacon for the whole system design, to my mind. For years iPhone has been the lighthouse in terms of every day camera: insane speed, minimum tuning and accurate auto-mode – point, shoot – and all the people on the Instagram are insta-jealous. That’s the heart of matter: many phones can fulfil the task at a very good level, but only iPhones are able to get a crisp, bright and natural coloured photo, ready to be published as is. Though, you still may use some of those filters, you always have a temptation to do it, aren’t you? The optical image stabiliser is present in both sensors and it shows an average performance – there is no monstrous shake, but the macro-shots are often blurred. Also, the video seems to be suffering too: some glitches can be noticed while filming. The fix is quick in any video-editor but even Google has a gyroscope-based stabilisation, why didn’t you implement it your way? iPhone X is an ideal tool for video recording nowadays. 4K, 60 FPS are enough for serious project, of course, when you are sufficiently skilled. As for me, the phone suits YouTube video production at least. We’ve tested it under studio conditions, made a video on the run, that’s how good the new iPhone is. However, we couldn’t overcome the excessively bright skin tone, no matter how we filmed. It is not a bug, but a feature now: the exposition and white balance numbers vary a lot, so, to get a proper result one has to set the scene and probably use some professional apps with manual settings. Overall, it meets the requirements of the secondary camera, for sure! There are two versions: for 64 and 256 GB Considering the new video formats, which can compress photo and video content up to 40-50%, is it a reason to save some money? Here are two possible answers: first of all, Apple still doesn’t have any equivalent to Google Photos. Secondly, 1 minute of a 4K-60FPS video has roughly 400 MB in size. If you need to edit the videos and travel a lot – which means that a good internet connection is an extremely rare thing — you’d better take a version with more capacity just to be on the safe side But if you are a typical user, making a video a month just to show to your friends — pay the iCloud fee and 64GB will be enough for you. What else should I say? Oh, yeah, the Portrait Mode. It seems OK, but the Portrait Light Mode, which imitates a photo taken in a dark room or in a studio. But an attempt to “applefy” my portrait with a bitten apple made me laugh really hard. The function is still in beta, but I have no idea why people need this. If you want a well-shot photo – you have to adjust the light first, it surely will look better than any algorithm. To my mind, the feature is built-in for presence’s sake. A curious engineering fact: there are two actual batteries inside and they fill up the whole space, which resulted into an increased capacity. But, hey, talking about uptime is useless. It doesn’t matter how many diagrams I would draw, our using scenarios will still be different. There is no universal measurement unit for the uptime, so I am going to give you my personal view on this it is longest working iPhone on a single charge that I have ever seen. The duration is longer than iPhone 6S or even 7 Plus. If we are to compare it to Android flagships, it performs equally well and thanks to optimiыation you’ll get a full working day out of it with a couple of YouTube video before going to bed. Applause! it does not turn itself off when it’s cold outside! Maybe, I should have tested it in the Far East region of Russia, where the temperature can drop below 50°C, but the freezer test has been successfully passed. Greed is good. Or is it? A lot of people curse Apple for an antique 1A charger in the box, but where is no mystery in it. Science tells us that the Li-Ion batteries lose its capacity over the years. No one knows, what impact Fast Charge has on the battery lifespan, but it looks like it makes it worse anyway. Thus, a weak charger charging the battery at a low rate is the only way to prolong its lifespan. Hypothetically, using this charger, if you plan to use the phone for many years, will benefit you. Of course, when you want this 12-watt powerful charger really bad you can spend your money on it, but I’d recommend to wait for a couple of weeks – I’m sure you will be satisfied with the uptime of the phone. By the way, as a rule people plug the phone for the whole night, so, is one more hour of charging during the night a big difference for you? Finally, we’ve got a wireless charging available so no whining about the removal of the audio jack and inability to listen to music and charge the phone at the same time. It is easy as that: put the phone onto a charging pad and that’s it. Apple were moderate in that – no weird “across the room” charging whatsoever. We’ve been having a dream of having a charging pad anywhere and it has become closer. The standard is proprietary but, look, it’s not Tesla to have the same infrastructure in any place on Earth. I doubt you would be pleased to visit a café nearby just or find out you can’t charge you Android or any other device – “iPhone only, sorry!” Apple just adopted a common technology which is unusual, but commendable. The speakers are loud and the quality is decent. One can easily watch a film or listen to music. The call speaker also participates, resulting in a stereo-sound and while calling no cracking was heard and voices sounded clear. *Recorded with a built-in microphone for example* It’s worth mentioning that the connectivity has no issues on iPhone X, even under harsh conditions, when you leave the subway The phones catches the signal steadily and the GPS gets A for the performance. Considering the fact that this phone is by no means an audiophile’s one and lossless files are of no use here, because most of us will use Apple Music, the sound in my headphones is of tremendous quality: bright, vivid, distinct, loud and clear. Totally like it. The included headphones are worth trying before you decide to buy AirPods, if you have any reasons for. The wireless headphones are similar in sound to the included ones and if you want an upgrade – it’s better to buy some rubber ear pads on Ebay. They will drastically improve the experience by thickening the headphones inside your ear and thus making the sound more precise and dimensional. On the other hand, Apple behaves weird: they want us to live in a “wireless era” but the included headphones are still from the past. Before iPhone X massive users of Apple products haven’t bothered products haven’t bothered much about all those wireless charging, bezel-less displays. But the new device has become a total revelation for them. Of course, various critics have been expecting it much earlier, but who cares? Apple always tells us about the satisfactory level of its users, paying no attention to the numerous geek-forums. They still cause a sensation of “someone have had this feature before” feeling, but every time they make something – it is polished and on time. Ten years have passed since we heard the phrase, heralding the beginning of this amazing story and through which we proceeded. Ten years ago no one could think of a device, which had been able to change the world: Appstore digitized everything around us, making it into apps. ApplePay started the contactless payments wave. The interfaces simplified themselves, getting rid of buttons and joysticks, and way, way more… But let me just say… Happy 10th anniversary, iPhone! The one and only – oh, it sounds a bit pathetic, isn’t it? But that what I Like. Apple was able to mark this day with a white stone — a kick ass cool, but not a revolutionary update. I appreciate the help of all those, who supported this video: an unparalleled AJ.RU shop, which sells Apple devices for really interesting prices. The htmlacademy.ru School (link in a description!) And a big thanks to my comrade Alexe – if you wish to get an air-shot from a drone for your business — pleasesend him a message! And, if course, thank you! For your support, for your subscribing to my channel, Twitter and other social networks. Here was Arseny Petrov and his story about iPhone X. Wish to see you again!

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