ТОП игр с твоей старой NOKIA !!!

ТОП игр с твоей старой NOKIA !!!

Hello friends! Looking today at the old
mobile games with launch which passed just something
10 years, it seems that they were created back in time
dinosaurs Although then in the button
era they seemed to us whole piece of art
and we could sit for hours and stick in them without stopping
from the screens! Let’s dive into nostalgia
and remember with us the most popular ones! Like this video,
Well and with you channel FIRST RATE, and I, Ilya, let’s go …! Opens our video, typical
representative scrolling shooter with a side view of the game Space Impact. This game was in the resolution
84 by 48 and was quite fascinating for your time! Different types of enemies flying
along intricate paths rockets, different backgrounds – space
and the mountains, and most importantly – the bosses. They were drawn well
very cool! Perhaps many will disagree
but I would call this game first serious game
for mobile, it’s full campaign on
passing with unique levels rather than simple logical
game about finding pairs. The next game is Bounce! Unfortunately, information
about the release date of the game we nowhere could not be found, but presumably
this is 2004. The game was colorful, colorful
and we played for little red ball. The task was to roll
through the rings, simultaneously solving physical puzzles related
with gravity or change size. The difficulty in the game was enough
high and from us often were required as a reaction
and savvy. Snake or simply: Snake
– this is a great classic the game we all know
and love very much. The game was terribly easy,
but at the same time very entertaining and interesting. Incidentally, there was even
primitive by today’s the standards multiplayer in which
could play with friends through infrared. In the 90s, children played in what
they were given, after all there was no choice on the market. Similar projects of course
have long gone out of fashion, but some toys forever
will remain in our memory. Gravity Defied is one
from such games! After all, this is exactly the game
application in which in all the young people played their time
at recess. Endless racing series
obstacles that need overcome alone
on a motorcycle. Developers at the time
managed quite in detail copy the physics of motion
and falls by creating a unique project for phones. The task was simple – it is necessary
was any ways to get to the finish line safe and sound. Tower Bloxx’s fifth game was so
interesting and addictive as much as possible
for 1 megabyte java-games. The essence of the game was to
construction of skyscrapers. By the way, the process itself
construction was quite original, a kind of robot magnet
attracts the block necessary for construction
at home, and your task is to lower this unit is in the right
direction. The difficulty is
that robot and skyscraper swinging and when had to
pass this game nerves were just at the limit
but we still continued stick into it! Next on our list,
game Doodle Jump. Yes, yes it is in this game
played at the time practically all mobile users
devices. Doodle Jump represented from
yourself in a sense platformer. You play small
a creature (as we did then affectionately called: Dudlik),
which life seems empty and boring without constant
jumps on it built the whole game. Still relatively fresh
in memory of those school days when sitting at home or hiding
phone under the desk we are “spiers” in “Worms”. You feel like a heart
pounded more often, the pulse rose, the smile on his face became wider. Yes, yes, you felt the same feelings
and me too. On the playing field are located
cartoon characters – worms, armed to the teeth by the most
diverse and deadly arsenal and they have
step-by-step task opponents, any available
means. The next game is nostalgia
Bobby Carrot, is a legend clamshell beds
mainly from the company Samsung. In the days when mobile
games were something unreal valuable and if you had
this toy is on the phone then you were the coolest
in the area. Bobby Carrot was probably the most
best puzzle on mobile phone at that
time. Its essence was to help
Bunny Bobby go through confusing labyrinths
collect all the carrots and arrange Easter
eggs to open new aisles! And which of these games, fuse
in your heart the most! Write about it in the comments
under this video. And also like, subscribe
on our channel and see you in the next releases!

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