Чехол для IPad Apple 7 поколения. Бюджетно. распаковка 0+

Чехол для IPad Apple 7 поколения. Бюджетно.  распаковка 0+

[music] hello everyone guys today I want to show both of you brand clothing tour hold it they have their own production and such production at ranks of a high modern level modern cars almost everything cars are compensated and by the way they match it’s quite expensive machines special professional and super modern for example talked about what is the cost for the car in my opinion laser that will do the engraving and cut out the patterns atom it cost 2 layers a million in total Now see for yourself with my eyes, I think that you will be interesting and generally in principle the first time the stage a called everything was special centuries of production of such level and please don’t forget like if you like or dislike if not and really would love to get from write you feedback comments don’t forget don’t forget sign have a nice view designer jobs small inspection production itself here ready-made patterns tire catalog [music] this is all embroidery machines very modern level they embroider just awesome I’m on I will show the samples which he lit [music] [music] while I can be right here right now all embroideries are worked out just how will you or squeeze it into process and embroidery so that it is maximized quality first time you get it too everything is being worked out also listens to us white durable You will now show specially useful the car here fold they are a small nursery no soon will be involved in the work will soon open and dronik also saw terms of reference or the most the main thing with the program let’s complete which I myself 30 burn laser patterns also she does text soda on over fabric and can drawing a do laser burns also logos files with finished patterns further she made a choice of the size of the territory which is necessary in order cut here she noted she is one of those things that this car can now will be [music] [music] [music] autocad fishing was of course a better job [applause] and this is the loop heating this direct loop and teller your ladies gentle loops this coat here they come like tack 100 Well, you can fully understand all the equipment use of course I before equipment looked everything from here let’s say you take a hunter parrish buttons while I put it in diameter buttons example shot 16 millimeters then choose the distance between the stitches here are the minimum it costs it turns out 0 0 2 millimeters to that is Well, choose what you need Further, the width of the cover is also chosen [music] here it is done tightly still secured well this is what i drew loop not cut just stand here the big knife didn’t change anything at once you are tuning I changed it now now will not cut all of our turn ideally she already comes with a compressor she pressure already presses on our [music] that’s how she knows how to embroider a car embroidery [music] here comes the end of our excursions facelessly see the video slicing first brand presentation [music] [music] [music] [music]

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