ايفون بدون منافذ.. وفورد وسيارة مصنوعة من قهوة ماكدونالدز!

ايفون بدون منافذ.. وفورد وسيارة مصنوعة من قهوة ماكدونالدز!

Are you ready to pay 6000 USD for a new Apple device? And car parts will be made from coffee peels. And you can officially say the Google Glasses is an old tech. [Intro] Peace be upon you all. This is your host, Faisal Alsaif with a new Science and Technology episode. Bear with me with the glasses. Let’s discuss the first news from Samsung. It feels like Samsung has officially released their S11 from all the leaks. The device will come with a camera that supports [email protected] videos. It has been confirmed. We know this because we already know the Exynos 990 CPU from Samsung. We also know the specs of the latest Qualcomm 865 CPU, which will be discussed in Hawaii event. These CPU can support [email protected] videos. Samsung are known to adopt the latest technologies in their S series. Some specs like the battery, screen have also been leaked. We can confirm that the S11 will support [email protected] videos. Not all people need this specs, though. The camera is also 108MP and it supports higher ISO, but it only supports 6K resolution. We’re not going to be sad that it only supports 6K videos with the next Samsung device. The development of the S series means that these specs and features will also come to the Note devices too. The Note 11 is expected to be released in 2020. The features that will come with the S11 will be adopted in the Note 11. Let’s and wait and see, but wait a minute.. Have you noticed how the camera set up looks on the S11? It is clear that this design will continue with lots of other devices. Before discussing these devices, let me discuss the new Apple Mac Pro. This computer costs 6000 USD. Other currencies appear on the screen. It is a massive investment, but this device will come with great power for CPU and GPU and data processing. You pay a lot of money for a device that looks like cheese grater. But this design is going to sell. Apple is known for selling their devices no matter how they look. This device is directed for specific people. It is for designers who need high performance devices. (inaudible) It is for people who edit films. You can edit a 4K or 8K films on such a device. It is for people who use it to make investment in their outcome. The price for this device is irrelevant for such people. We’ll see content of people who will explain how easy productivity is on this device. The pre-orders for this device will start in 10th of December. I am not sure how will I resist myself not to buy this device. Ahmed is smiling because he knows we’ll buy it. Let’s discuss the problems with the MacBook Pro 16″ from Apple. Some users have reported that the speakers make popping sounds. Also the screen ghosting is a new problem with this new MacBook Pro. Let’s wait for Apple comment and whether these problems need software update or hardware maintenance. Let’s discuss the Coding Hour event in KSA. Links in the VD. This Hour Coding event from Microsoft is a huge international annual event. Microsoft is focusing on teachers with this year’s event. If you want or know anyone who wants to learn coding, then investing your time with this event would bring lots opportunities for you. Microsoft will help you step up your future. Coding doesn’t require a powerful device. You could implement your creativity in simple codes. Coding Hour is available now. Links are in the VD. Don’t waste this opportunity. Microsoft invest a lot in coding and coders. The lightening port will be finally gone in 2021. The 2020 iPhones will come with Lightening port. The latest accessories from Apple also come with lightening port. And as long as these accessories are produced, we think the upcoming iPhone will also support lightening port. But I can confirm that the next iPhone will come with 4 different sizes. All of these devices will come with an OLED screen. 2020 iPhones will come with OLED screens. These screens will be engineered by Apple to give the best performance. These sizes have not been confirmed yet, but let’s wait for September to know the truth. Let’s discuss the rear camera design that Samsung and other companies will adopt. The OnePlus 8 is expected to have a 90Hz screen and a rectangle rear camera design. We are not sure how many cameras will be in included. The leaks suggest that the screen will come with a 90Hz screen. It will also come with the latest Qualcomm CPU and a battery bigger than 4000mAh. OnePlus is still competing with the big names. Hopefully, they’ll be officially available in KSA for more competitiveness here. Hopefully, these competitors will not only be 3 companies, rather, 4 or 5 competitors. While you’re watching this video, I will be on my way going to China. I will be in a journey with an Oppo team. I will visit their factory and post videos about it in Instagram, Snapchat and Tik Tok. We’ll see their research and development department and their abilities to develop the latest technologies in smartphones. Pray for us. We love honestly and we don’t like fake news. When asked if you’d enable fake news detection feature on Facebook 95% of you said they’d enable it. We all hate these fake news on social media platforms. We’re excited for such a feature to be enabled. We shouldn’t waste our time reading fake news. Hopefully, Facebook will not only enable this feature in Singapore, but also all over the world. If you don’t know the story, watch the previous episode. Let’s discuss McDonald’s and Ford. The first company is a fast food company who they say their food is healthy And the second one is a car company with a long history. Both companies have united to use coffee beans’ peels used in McDonald’s stores. These peels will be mixed with plastics with high temperature, and the new material will be 25% stronger than regular plastic and will decrease energy by 25%. This new material will be used in Ford cars. This new material will be used to make frames for the lamps and some other parts. Hopefully, we won’t smell burned coffee and that it is eco-friendly. Ahmed is surprised. Imagine Ford saying every time you run the car in KSA, you’ll smell fresh coffee! You’d reach work fully awake. But you’ll have a problem if your commute is long. When you reach your destination, you wouldn’t want to drink coffee. Finally, I can take the glasses off. Google’s latest update for the Google Glass Explorer will need a cable to connect it to the computer. Google explained this update, which enables to get this latest software, but with it, you’ll lose some features. You can still take a picture or record a video, but the glasses won’t be connected to Youtube and Gmail. There will be other features, but unfortunately, it won’t be connected to Google apps. We can say now that Google Glasses have officially lost support. Let’s wait for a new glasses product. I can still see without the glasses. Let’s discuss the last news about prostate cancer. May Allah protect you from such diseases. A new study in Newcastle university in UK show that ultrasound could help create new waves to destroy cancerous cells in the prostate. These waves can destroy up to 80% of these cells which helps reduce the pain in treating this kind of cancer. This study have been found to work. The university found that this new approach could help fight cancer. They’re still studying what waves and medicine should be used to help with fighting these cells. Usually, patients with prostate cancer have problems with their reproductive system especially with the chemotherapy sessions and ultrasonic waves. The new approach requires ultrasound waves instead of ultrasonic waves. Hopefully, they’ll be able to help fight prostate cancer. Thank you AbdelWahhab. He didn’t translate the previous episode. But I forgive him. This is the end of this episode. Glory and praise be to Allah. I witness there is no God but Allah. I ask Allah for forgiveness and I repent to Him. Wait a minute, we didn’t make any polls in this episode. The poll of today is: have you watched this episode or not? See you later. Peace be upon you all. Glory and praise be to Allah. I witness there is no God but Allah. I ask Allah for forgiveness and I repent to Him.

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