아이패드로 여행일기 기록하기 🧳📖 여행일기장 & 스티커 무료공유 🗺✨ | 굿노트 5

아이패드로 여행일기 기록하기 🧳📖  여행일기장 & 스티커 무료공유 🗺✨ | 굿노트 5

Hi guys, I’m A-Hong 😊 I’m going to write a travel journal today I’ll show you how to get download quickly You don’t need an ID Tap donwload button and tap this button Press open in “GoodNotes” button This notebook consists of travel planning and clean color papers Next, I’ll get the stickers Just do the same as you did before As soon as you tap an item, it opens with Keynote This sticker consists of travel stickers and transparent line note I also put the stickers that I’ve shared before First, I’ll decorate the diary cover. It’s based on a baggage claim tag 🏷 I write down destination name I change typeface Put Futura font in thick ExtraBold Resize it I’ll decorate it like a fancy luggage with stickers 🧳 Write down your travel destination I’ll change the font to Futura / Medium italic I got a flag from an emoji 🇹🇭❤️ I’ll get the scanned receipt 🧾 I’ll make a polaroid 🏙 Crop it like a square Before the body page, it’s inside cover I’m going to use it as a wing of a book I think it would be nice if you could put in the paper you collected from the trip I’ll cover it with a half circle, like it’s stuck in a cover Write down departure 🛫 destination I’ll put a window sticker on it Next is the travel planning page I’ll write down where I’m going also a date on the calendar Draw a line about the schedule with a 6.0mm highlighter This journal is written in 0.3mm ballpoint pen I’ll fill in the rest of the items ✍️ I’m going to use Google Maps to get a map 🗺 Press copy button to paste into GoodNotes I’ll get a map marker 📍 Cut out the markers you want to use Pin it on the map This time, I’m going to get a 24-hour schedule table You can plan your trip with it I used a highlighter to group the schedule I saw the pool view as soon as I arrived 🏖 The weather was so nice ☀️✨ Now I start travel journal from now Tap the brush icon to adjust the transparency 🥽 I was thinking about making a sticker book on GoodNotes But, Keynotes is more perfect for controlling that I giveup Get a map and put marks the route of the day Make route with a 3.3 mm highlighter This is Thai Crab Curry and Shaomai, the first meal from here Get markers to pin the locations I’m going to give you a simple rating with a 3.3 mm highlighter To my friends, It was fourth visit The weather in here at the end of Dec required a thin cardigan in the evening It was my first Thai massage It was super good…😍 The second day has dawned First I had noodles like soy(?) base It’s on the Korean TV show, Street Food Fighter It tastes like Galbitang(Korean food), but the portions are small 😭 So I moved for my next lunch I have to eat five meals a day on a trip I think!!! It is a noodle restaurant called Arunwan 🍜 It was super super delicious 👍 It’s right across from there, so it’s good to eat together I went to a nearby cafe-cum-select shop It was a very hip 😎 The objects are displayed in various positions in different spaces For dinner, I came to enjoy steak and wine 🍽🍷 Taste was good, the price was good, and mood as well I’m here to swim at night The night view was so beautiful and amazing The city view is really awesome 🌃 The third day started I usually don’t apply for breakfast when I make a reservation Just enjoy it when I’m tired The color is so pretty, but it didn’t taste that good 😅 It’s a very neat breakfast 👍 I’m here for a staycation, so did afternoon swim 🧜🏼‍♀️ I’m here to have another Thai Crab Curry I received a lot of recommendations There was a review that said, “Are you still going there?” However, it was delicious, the price was good, and clean ✨ There’s an Embassy food court in the basement It was a brand-new food court that looked so delicious I went to a nearby Starbucks This Starbucks was full of grass and very exotic I’ve been to Khaosan Road at night 🌒 There are so many people, and the music is super loud I’ll get the receipt It’s almost time to go home… I’m already home now, but still nervous 😇 To mark the end of 2019, I’ll make a mini calendar The font is Bodoni 72 / Bold Last night at this hotel, I walked hard 🏃‍♀️ I’m here to eat Som tum and Tomyam soup 🥘 It was both my first time to eat I really enjoyed the food The restaurant was neat, and there were crowded with locals Thonglor is similar to Cheongdam-dong and Sinsa-dong in Korea The streets were pretty and the weather was perfect I’ll made a quick receipt 🧾 I came to the pool to see the last sunrise 🌤 The last day of sunrise…. something was moving And then, I counted down for the new year Firecracker party was held on the riverside 💥 There were so many people and it was so hot though, super super beautiful The real last day 😭 I checked out at dawn Put a sticker I’m going to put stickers on the last cover 🧳 It was a long-long video cuz I failed to control the amount 🙏 Thanks for watching me till the end ✨ See you again in March 🌷

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    📦 Travel journal

    여러분의 구독과 좋아요..그리고 댓글은 작업하는 저를 춤추게합니다 ❣️
    Your subscriptions and likes make me dancing while working ❣️
    ⭐️ instagram @ahong__paperlog
    여러분~ 인스타계정 드디어 팠습니다.. (TMI😭)
    누추하지만, 가끔 B컷이 궁금하신분들 또는 인스퍼받을 사진들 올려보겠습니다

    btw, I made instagram just few days ago..!
    There’s not enough photos though, I’ll upload B cuts or some inspirational photos on it

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