여자친구 은하의🌌짜장라면 레시피 &🎮꿈의 정원 I 은하의 #개인플레이 인터뷰 I Google Play

여자친구 은하의🌌짜장라면 레시피 &🎮꿈의 정원 I 은하의 #개인플레이 인터뷰 I Google Play

Gaming is more fun when you are good at it right? This game makes you feel like you are good at games Hello, I’m Eunha of GFRIEND, I’m 23 years old We came back with the song ‘Fever’ and I’m hoping everyone can have a cool summer with this song that is my mindset as a singer(?) I often think about how fortunate I am to be a singer I love it (if I didn’t become a singer) I would play all day I love playing games a lot I used to play a lot of games I know exactly what my first game is When I was in the elementary school, this game, ‘Rhythm Star’ was very popular I would play Beethoven Moonlight Sonata and and brag about it (Do you tend to invest in games?) Oh, of course! jokingly says>>Isn’t that what money is for? (What do you prefer? Food or game?) Obviously, food! I can spend as much as I want on food I recently watched the movie ‘Parasite’ and got into Jjajang ramen (Do you have a special recipe for it?) Put a spoon of soy sauce with a fried egg on top of it, it will taste amazing! I was looking for a new game then I saw Gardenscape and I’ve been playing it ever since The game I want to introduce is, ‘Gardenscape’ It is a puzzle game, and you have to match different shapes Let’s say there is an apple. If you align three of them, it pops! If you can make it into a box shape, it will explode like a bomb If you get four of them it become a mini-bomb You can also see strawberries, flowers and more. you’ll pretty much have a farm If something pops, grass will grow if it pops again, flowers will be ready to bloom if it pops once again, you’ll finally get full flowers You can grow a beautiful flower garden of quinces, chestnuts You’ll see a butler who is always smiling, He will be standing right by your side and encourages you This heals me and that is why I like this game Three claps I turn on my volume, just to hear him clap and say ‘wow’ No sound, no fun Don’t forget that there is a sweet Butler who is always by your side. You can also build your garden with a single click you can change all the furniture you can also make a water fountain water fountain~ you can be artistic too mermaid~ this is how water fountain looks, wait…, this looks like it will start a flood you can also build benches for people on a date your can also have kitchen, oven, refrigerator (in a garden) eat together and take pictures it will make you feel better this game gift kids with dreams, hopes and adventures it is just full of love this game has a lot of events for example, if you collect one hundred apples, it will give you unlimited hearts Here is my tip. Go for the events you can put things on top of you hat, such as dynamites, 3 chances and rainbow blast. how do you get the rainbow blast? you have to beat the game consecutively you can do it or you can spend some money to get 5 extra chances as well so you can win there is also a box hat will give 3 items, but the box give you 5 of them when the day changes it gives you 5 hearts, so unless you ran out of hearts don’t change the timeline pretty easy right? Play on , Google Play

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  72. Naaahhh Google, eso es golpe bajo! Qué onda con vos, amigo? Sabés que amo a esta mujer. Por favor… ¿Dónde está el link de descarga?

    PD: Bien jugado Google <3 .. ya tengo descargado ese juego jaja

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