 How to Delete Clear YouTube View History from iPhone iPod iPad

 How to Delete Clear YouTube View History from iPhone iPod iPad

Hey everybody this is your adventurous YouTube
tactician, Derral Eves. Now recently I made a video on how to delete your YouTube view
history from your YouTube account. And I had a ton of questions come in because a lot of
my subscribers actually use mobile devices like an iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android. So I
decided you know what? I should make a video and show them how easy it is to delete and
clear your YouTube view history right from your mobile device. Let’s take a look! Alright, so the first thing that we need to
do to clear the history is come up to the left-hand side and you’re going to see these
bars here, let’s go ahead and click that. And once you’re here we need to scroll down
to history and let’s go ahead and click that. And it’s basically going to show all your
viewing history. It’s going to show all the videos that you actually viewed whether you’re
connected on your computer or your mobile device. And to clear this let’s go ahead and
you want to hit the gear right here and let’s go ahead and click the gear and all you’ve
got to do is hit clear history and wa-la! You’re history is gone. Now I have a lot of great tips just like this
one on my YouTube channel. Plus I have YouTube training coming up every Tuesday and Thursday
and the sole purpose is to help you become more successful on YouTube. So you might want
to check them all out. I think I have over 100 videos so there’s a lot to go through.
So it’s worth it to subscribe, trust me why don’t you click this red button to subscribe?
Plus, if you have any questions about YouTube or using YouTube from your mobile device just
put them in the comments below and I would love to answer them. So what are you waiting
for? Go ahead, subscribe!

69 thoughts on “ How to Delete Clear YouTube View History from iPhone iPod iPad

  1. thnx a lot i had to dlete 10 VIDSi

  2. thank you derral

  3. I tried but those lines were not there

  4. How you know where do you get pay on ipad

  5. Fudge Fudge

  6. Thanks

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  8. If you can't find it under the three little dots then go to the little circle right above it and it will Bring up at this list scroll down until you see settings when you see settings click on it scroll down until you find clear my search history

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  10. What about iPad

  11. I dont have that on my iPad tho

  12. I'm iPad apple

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  14. How delete old Notifications on YouTube. The one with bell symbol on it. On my iPad ?

  15. how to recover the offline videos my son has clear the history now i cant find my offline videos can i get back my offline vidoes again plz any one answer me

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  17. its not working

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  24. I'm using an iPad and i need help for the that device. The iOS demos you are doing are for the iPhone. Any chance you could do some "how to" videos on an iPad?

  25. I don't the three bars on my iPad. Any suggestions?

  26. My iPad doesn't have that……

  27. I don’t have the bars, I’m a Verizon on iPhone 7+ so how do I delete history?

  28. How do u do it on a samsung tablet

  29. This does not work on iPhone 5s!

  30. What do u do when u watch videos and u go to history but it doesn't show up

  31. Guys I'm a youtuber can you sub and leave a like

  32. Why every time I watch YouTube it goes and save to queue list! And when it plays I cannot stop it unless I open a new video! ( I played through Chromcast).


  34. doesn't work for ipad air 2

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  36. History

  37. That is on iPhones

  38. I have a big question that's been bothering me I'm having so much trouble getting it solved how do I get rid of 503 error when I go on my YouTube channel I go to settings then I go to Notifications and it says 503 error how do I fix this? And another question if I clear the data for my YouTube app will it hurt my subscriber bass or anything on my YouTube videos? Please respond as soon as you can need help thanks Darryl

  39. Everyone is hear for the same reason…

  40. I don’t have the three lines in the corner or the gear what do I do

  41. YouTube Define

  42. THNX YOU

  43. Thanks

  44. I don’t have those three bars

  45. Does it delete ur history if signed in on another devive

  46. How do you delete YouTube history on ipad

  47. I cannot find history on any thing I have clicked on using my iPad. You told me hoe to delete and I was deleting history after I added to a new or previously established playlist. But after leaving the playlist there is no history button. I have returned to the playlist but nothing connects me to history. Help. No Google searches or YouTube searches cab answer this simple question

  48. How do I clear a. Video from history

  49. Asomepe I mean Awsome

  50. Dude I Have a iPhone X and it doesn’t even have those things u did

  51. Well that didn’t work, couldn’t find place on my iPad .

  52. It doesn’t work man

  53. Do it on ipad

  54. They got rid of the bars

  55. How do I delete my "search" topics on my mobile iPad? I know how to delete my "watched" videos.

  56. Your full of shite mate that's only for iPhone there's nothing like that on the iPad 🖕🏼

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  59. The iPad Pro doesn’t have the bars in the corner. There has to be an easier way to delete my history than doing it one by one.

  60. Absolutely worthless ! ! !

  61. Heres how to…..
    1:Go to your acount on the the top right corner…..
    2:Press settings…
    3:Find clear history…….

  62. This isint in iPhone

  63. To clear watch history on iPads, open YouTube app, and click on your account photo top right of screen, then click settings, then scroll down to clear your history.👍

  64. I know 4 ways to look at history and it does my fellas 😯im a little bugger ha ha but I ul never tell him no way especially when I've seen dating sites day after day and im a beautiful model so hes ad no need,How horrible an cruel, so im not tellin him the otha way of looking at history cuz he only knows how to do it 2times????TOUGH LOOK, AND I HATE DATING SITES THEY SHUD BE BAND ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY SPLIT RELATIONSHIPS UP!!!!😣😤😠

  65. Same i have no gear

  66. My iPad doesn’t have the 3 bars😳😬🤔

  67. Don't have left hand side bars on ipad

  68. We all know why we’re here

  69. For all the people that have a iPad like me all you have to do is tap on your acc logo and then scroll down and press settings and then scroll down to privacy and history and press clear all history 🙂

  70. I don't have any gears in my tablet I know I'm Android can u try Android pls??? Like if u r Android tablet

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