 How to Use Youtube from iPhone iPod iPad

 How to Use Youtube from iPhone iPod iPad

Hello everyone, this is your friendly neighborhood
YouTube expert, Derral Eves. Now recently I’ve been getting a ton of requests to start
doing some YouTube tips for mobile users. Now, I really thought about this for a while
and I think that it’s going to be a great addition to my YouTube channel. So I’ve decided
to make a series of videos to help you be more effective using YouTube with one of these.
Now, in this short video I’m going to show you how easy it is to navigate and use YouTube
from your Iphone, Ipod, or even your Ipad. Let’s take a look! Alright, now the first thing that you need
to do is make sure that you install the YouTube app, once it’s installed on your phone let’s
go ahead and launch it. Now it might ask you to login if you’re not logged in, so you need
to provide your username and password for your YouTube channel. Now we see here that
YouTube brings in a feed for us for videos that we might want to watch right now but
you can see in the upper right-hand corner that there is a little icon for a magnifying
glass, you go ahead and click that. And once you’re there you’re able to search YouTube,
so if I want to search my name because I’m always wanting to see videos about me. Let’s
go ahead and hit search, it brings in here that you’re able to see that it shows my channel
and then also it shows some relevant videos. So what we’ll do next is look here as well
you’ll see that there’s channels in your search that you can search for, looks like I have
an impostor here that I need to get rid of. And then also we have a playlists that brings
in all the playlists that are actually related to that specific search. So, going back we
can go ahead and hit this arrow button right here and it will take you back to the watch
now screen and then also what we want to do is click on these three lines right here.
And to do that, let’s go ahead and click that, it opens up more menus. So you’re able to
go to What to Watch, your subscriptions, your upload, your history, watch later, capture,
this will actually launch another application, we’ll do this in a different video, but it
also brings in your playlists and you can see right here where it says show more. Basically
all we need to do is click that and then it will bring in all your playlists, and you
can hit show fewer and it basically contracts that. And then you also have all your subscriptions
so that basically you can see all my subscriptions so if I want to watch a specific channel about
Google Analytics, you know it can bring in the analytic channel here. You can see the
home, you also have videos, playlists, and channels and it shows all the content right
here. And you notice that there’s a button here for subscribe so if you come to a channel
that you would like to subscribe to there’s a nice, bug, red button here that you can
click on and do that as well. So now let’s go ahead and click this again and come back
here. Now right at the very bottom what we’re able to do is head all the way down to the
bottom and these are Best of YouTube. So we can see what’s popular on YouTube and you
can see now that it has that subscribe button for the popular on YouTube. Also you have
other videos that’s coordinated with that, channels, and so on. Ok, now we’re going to show you what to watch,
so we’ll go ahead and click that, come all the way up to the top, scroll up to the top.
So we’ll go ahead and click on what to watch, now what I’m going to do is switch cameras,
I’m going to show you exactly how to navigate this portion of the YouTube app.Alright, so
we’re in the what to watch section and instead of watching a video here I’m fearful of content
ID for this training YouTube tutorial, so I’ll go ahead and search something, go ahead
and click the search button here, now I’ll look for my tag videos. So I found my video
for my tag, let’s go ahead and click this and this will be the same for watching other
videos. It’s going to automatically play the video and the great thing about it is you
can continue to look at all tour suggestions here, you can even click the comments here
and read the comments as you’re watching the video. Or you can just tilt the phone and
it will go full-screen mode and then tilt it back and it will bring it back. But here’s
the cool feature that I want to show you in the overview. You’re able to pull this down
and right there you’re able to watch the video while you’re looking at your other results.
I see this video that I’d like to see on multiple tags, let’s go ahead and click that and you
can do that, it automatically switches the video. You can also do if you don’t want to
tilt it around there’s little icon you can click that does full-screen mode. but you
can rotate it back and it will kick it off and move it down here and if you want to get
rid of it the cool thing about it is you swipe to the left. Alright, now before you go go ahead and click
over here and watch a video or two, it’s going to continue the mobile series to help you
be more efficient and effective on YouTube using your mobile device. Now if you’re new
to me and you don’t know what I do on YouTube I actually have hundreds of videos to help
you become more successful on YouTube. So go ahead and click subscribe, share it with
your friends, and if you have any questions go ahead and comment on any one of my videos
and I’ll go ahead and respond to those questions either in video form or right there in the
comments. So, hey, it’s time to subscribe, what are you waiting for? Alright.

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