#014: Using a Nokia 5110 Display on NuttX (OUTDATED: read comments)

#014: Using a Nokia 5110 Display on NuttX (OUTDATED: read comments)

Hi, everyone welcome to next channel
today. I will show how to use a Nokia 5110 LCD display in the NuttX This LCD the resolution is very low:
84 per 38 pixels and it is only one bit per pixel Then we can have only black pixels no grayscale But it is not a problem Come with me now Open the Linux terminal entered inside nuttxspace/nuttx/ Execute: “make distclean”
to clear previous configuration enter inside tools/ Execute ./configure.sh stm32f103-minimum/nsh return to base directory Execute “make menuconfig”
to enable the options to get the Nokia LCD support in the NuttX I will enable the USB console first
then please watch the previous video Explaining how to do that, and I will speed up the video now Okay, the USB console was configured then I can show what we need to enable to use the display Enter inside “System Type” Move down to… STM32 Peripheral Support And enable the SPI1 Leave it and enter in Device Drivers Enter inside: SPI Driver Support And enable the SPI CMD/Data Return to Device Drivers and… move to: LCD Driver Support Select the Graphic LCD driver support Press enter to enter inside it move to Nokia 5110 LCD display And enable it! Now we can leave it… again and again! Move down to Graphic Support Enter on it! Enable the NX Graphics Now go to Supported Pixel Depth Enter it and Just deselect the disable 1 BPP or one bit per pixel because this LCD is one bit per Pixel so We can leave it Go to Font Selection Enable the Mono 5×8 Leave it again move to Applications Configurations Examples … and go to NX Graphics “hello world” example enable it… and change the bits per pixel from 32 to 1 Okay, leave it now leave again, And finally leave and save We can run “make Okay, the compilation finished. We just need to connect the wire from the board to the LCD display to get it working. I will show now step by step.
How we do that! First need to connect the Reset pin here to PA3 here Then we need to connect the CE pin here to PA4 here and then the DC pin here to PA2 here Then the DIN pin to PA7 here (to PA7) then the clock pin here to PA5 here Now the VCC pin here to 3.3 volts here and now the light pin (the light pin) to ground: to G pin and the GND… (the ground) To the ground or G pin as well basically that is it! Now, I will connect the UBB cable And will connect to PC! I connected the LCD display in the board and connected the USB cable
in the board in the computer now Now I will execute Minicom and Run the hello world examples minicom -s I need to change the ttyUSB0 to ttyACM0 to use the USB console And now I need to press enter three times
to get access to NuttX shell 1 2 3 Let’s see if the “nxhello” is here
ok! it is here!!!! Now I will run it: nxhello And as you can see
the hello world appeared in the display I hope you had enjoyed this video and if you are not subscribed to the NuttX channel please subscribe and click in the bell symbol to receive notification
when I post a new video here and See you in the next video. Bye. Bye

5 thoughts on “#014: Using a Nokia 5110 Display on NuttX (OUTDATED: read comments)

  1. Olá Alan, reativei minha conta no google, apenas para te agradecer e parabenizar por estes excelentes vídeos que você tem produzido. Venho tentando adaptar lentamente meus projetos ao nuttx, porem como já estou acostumado a outros rtos, fico indo e voltando de um rtos ao outro. Qualquer hora desta te procuro no teu blog, para se possível você me dar umas dicas. Abraços e continue com estas lições valiosas.

  2. Muito bom seus videos Alan!
    Você poderia fazer um exemplo mostrando como adicionar tarefas usando task_create.
    Obrigado! E mais uma vez Parabéns pelos videos.

  3. Hello sir! I tried exactly what you guided but unsuccessful. The LCD didn't show "Hello World" string, it's only show a filled rectangle. Could you help me?

  4. Recently NuttX replaced its single mode user graphics with multiuser mode, then this video is outdated. If you want to test this video you need to use an older NuttX version, run the command: "git checkout a9a236fea5a8235c9852f8f494bdcc8ef822ae30" inside nuttx/ and "git checkout 158cbeb15107099ca42d2d63fcb1f2bf4ae1623a" inside apps/ !

  5. Dear Sir.. i always got this error:
    nsh> nxhello
    nxhello_initialize: nx_connect failed: 28
    nxhello_main: NX handle=0
    nxhello_main: Failed to get NX handle: 28
    How to solve this problem?

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