You two are late A first day at school
and you’re still late Unbelievable! I’m sorry teacher! So sorry! We promise we’ll never be late again This is the last time, ok? You
better don’t be late again We only have 1 desk left for you two.
Take your seat Oh NO! Not Again! She’s so difficult Math class first thing in the moring? Mimi! Oh, Mimi! Attention, please! Here are some few classroom rules.
That you have to follow No Food or Drink No Gadget! Ex: Phone, Camera for selfie, etc… If anyone get caught using them, your gadgets will be confiscated! Attention! You have to finish this math equation I’ll be back in the second. So, you better hurry up Hey Leo, Did you know the answer? Help me, Leo! You have your calculator, why
don’t you do it yourself? I’m so nervous right now, Leo Guys, Help us solve this math equation, ok?
Let us know in comment below Can you lend me your headphone, Leo? I need to
listen to some music Leo. I’m so stressed right now No, you never give it back to me I lent you many time Banh Bao and you
was always get caught by the teacher I promised, I’ll be careful this time Leo, please! Okay! Thanks Leo, You’re the best! Break time is over Leo! Banh Beo! Teacher! Her name is
Banh Bao not Banh Beo Doesn’t matter I warned you! Hand it over to me Not again! I’m so sorry, Leo! Why I always ruin everything? I have to make it up for Leo WOW! The new Headphone! Yeah, It’s Edible Headphone! Please, forgive me! I forgive you, Banh Bao WOW! Yummy! This math assignment is too difficult What’s that sound? Where’s my USB? OMG! My homework is inside I have to see if it works Oh NOOO! My home work! Such a bad day! I ruined everything No, Such a bad day for me! Oh, Mimi! I’m stressed and hungry same time :(( You got another USB And, It’s fully edible Sorry, Leo! I can’t fix your USB, so I
made an edible one for you. Try it Leo! Yummy! I’m gonna try it. Does it also work? NO! Don’t try it! Stop it! Can we share it, Leo? Please! You don’t remember what happened earlier? I’m sure, I’ll be careful this time, ok? Please! Thanks Leo! Mimi! How did she always know that? But don’t worry guys. I
always have a solution Leo, check this out! What’s that, Banh Bao? A new iPod! Try it Leo Yummy! You wanna try it, Banh Bao? No, Thanks! What do you think, Leo? I’m studying Just give me some feedback about my selfie, Leo What do you think about this pose? I’ll do it like this :)) Oh No, my phone is dead. I
remember I only used in an hour Your phone is too old So now, how can I take my selfie? Stop taking selfie, Study! What can I do now? Can I borrow your phone? Come on! Work, please! LEO! We’re best friends, right? I need your camera to do selfie right now It’s an Emergency WOW! A nice Camera! Smile! We’re gonna do some selfie, Leo Teacher…Teacher Oh NOOO! Sorry, Leo! I have something for you What’s it now? A Vegetable Camera! What are these things? Cucumber, Tomato and Mango No, I don’t want to eat it It’s heathy for you, Leo No, I don’t want to eat it It stinks How can it be possible? Big Mama
just gave me this morning Home Time! Let me get back my stuff Let’s go, Leo Yeah! My camera…My headphone We had a blast at school! I can’t wait for school tomorrow That’s the way home, I remember Really? Are you sure, Leo? I’m a hundred percent sure Let’s go! But it’s too dark over there. I’m scared! Come on, Banh Bao! Don’t be scared! You told me this way, Leo It’s been an hour It’s getting dark and I’m so scared It’s all your fault No, It’s your fault, Banh Bao I trusted you Leo that I didn’t even think What’s that sound? AHHH!!! BYE GUYS, LOVE YOU!

100 thoughts on “100% KÌ LẠ! ĂN iPod, TAI NGHE NHẠC,MÁY ẢNH,THẺ NHỚ USB!

  1. Thứ 7 vui vẻ nghe các em iu nè💖💖💖

  2. Bằng 1.784,8 nha chị yêu

  3. Bang 8.200

  4. Cô giáo bánh bao (chị bánh bao)

  5. Là 8.200

  6. 2099636 ban bao answers

  7. Bang 280

  8. The answer is 1161

  9. Hi

  10. Hi I am Lara from Egypt

  11. 1072+99×72=8.200

  12. 820

  13. 喂r

  14. E thưa cô là phép tính (1072+99×72) phần 10 =820 ạ

  15. I now the answer 8800

  16. = 820

  17. LEObeo ú

  18. Sorry Leo and Banh Bao I hate Math my name is Uriel with high horror 6 years old

  19. Chị em biết đáp án rồi chị ơi bằng 8’200 đó chị

  20. 8.200

  21. it's 820 bánh bao

  22. 8,200

  23. Phép tính

  24. The answer in the math is 84312

  25. Ket qua bang 820

  26. (1072+99×72) =8,200

  27. Bằng 82.000 đấy !

  28. 25671

  29. I think is 1980

  30. Bằng 820

  31. 8.200

  32. 1072+99multiply72 answer 8,200 yeh is ka answer hail

  33. Chị bánh bao là con chó mắt dạy

  34. Chị bánh bao ơi phép tính đó bằng 8,200.

  35. 8200?

  36. 49

  37. what are you from

  38. I am turkis

  39. 84312

  40. ❤️❤️🌹🌹😘😁😁

  41. em nghi bang 8190 vi em moi lop 3

  42. Cô đã dăn gì vây ko nghe

  43. Chi làm nhanh lên ko cô la đây

  44. Em cũng bó tay luôn rôi

  45. 71

  46. 714862

  47. Co phai bang 8,200 khong chi

  48. Chị bánh bao cho em hỏi chị ở đâu

  49. Sao chưa thấy chị BB ra video mới nhỉ. …?

  50. Bang 17848

  51. Bằng 1.784,8

  52. cố lên chị bánh bao không là bị cô phát hiện 😮

  53. 820

  54. BB 8155
    Leo 8155

  55. 8 200

  56. Dap an la 820

  57. (1072+99 × 72)
    =8, 200

  58. Chia xong thi nhân ra hiêu chưa

  59. (1072+99×72):10=820

  60. Đáp án của câu ( 1072+99×72):10 =820

  61. Kết quả òa 820

  62. please try

  63. 8092

  64. 1072 + 99 × 72 = 8200

  65. It’s is 8200

  66. chi oi dap an la 8200/10

  67. bang 7

  68. Chị bbao nói điện thoại hết pin mà máy vẫn lên

  69. Bằng 8200/10

  70. 82000

  71. em không hiêu

  72. 820

  73. Dap an la 820

  74. POPjam

  75. 25848

  76. 8200/10 là kết quả

  77. Chị Bánh bao là 1.765

  78. chi ơi đap an la 8200/10

  79. em ghét cj cái kiểu ngta ko cho rr dành đồ

  80. La dap an la 8200/10 ạ !

  81. 8200/10

  82. 87480 ANWER

  83. (1072+99*72=8200

  84. 8200/10

  85. Bằng 8918 nha chị

  86. I. Love. Princess. Babh. Nalla😀😀

  87. Chi đëp qua

  88. Ngu quá chị bánh bao ơi đúng là ngu

  89. Dap an la 84312/10

  90. 82000

  91. Chi banh bao that thong minh

  92. chị bánh bao ơi chị cho em số điện thoại đi

  93. Chị ơi

  94. Soorri 😄BB

  95. Bằng 2089

  96. i dont know

  97. 8200

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