#121 Обзор посылки с Китая, Максимальная зашита ipad mini

#121 Обзор посылки с Китая, Максимальная зашита ipad mini

hello to all you
Jackson today will review
send to China, this came to this posting mail her a little squeezed content is not fragile I doubt that it hurt Let’s take it shall open Ordered with Ali Worth “it” 5 or $ 7   it turns out we have
Case for ipad mini but it is not easy
Case, like last time ordered  more secure Almost maximum sewn it will be better only those that completely covers the tablet above
screen in there including but I have since
glass I have it already consider
maximum protection my tablet packed in
 bag Case even like the Brand than it is already soiled can such materyal could by casting remain consists of two
parts it’s part in the
picture it looked like steel
in fact, it is plastic here we go
Whole razinovaya more precisely
Silicone widget while the sealant is made
well that is quality good even in the video can be seen the only thing that these 2 points from the casting   but they are under cover, they are not visible provided   here we have a window through which we will see an apple I do not know who may be
something like I do not know how to even
say boasted that
I have an ipad for me personally, all very silly, because the back on this part in place
will greatly overwritten and remove the cover when it will be seen   everywhere will not
scratched, but this part of it is there
where the bull’s eye will scratch inserted inside the carton I do not know usually put
the front panel of the carton to be seen looks like from the front panel   and then back
panel set     check for ipad old case ordered from China cost 2-3 bucks but it does not qualitatively here went to crack here, too, it is all
already spoiled long used
all already soiled zatsarapalsya has become not very good, there is so much scratches this surface is dirty strongly cover
 very much nice but it does not
very practical it as a one-time  can tell his
use one or two months
then the maximum have to change
because it is very wear out quickly put the tablet in a new case the first thing we insert is a rubber gasket By the way here is closed
literally all  we’ve got
get key closed
adjustment   screen lock it available but these here
get keys closed, the upper
button also closed All this is well done let us fully close because of these
sides not completely
it remains to be closed a little to push put on the back cover first one apparently hand   it is supposed to be zaschelknutsya  she wears the easiest way   On the one hand I put  On the other hand it
also seems to be Front soiled my ipad but the main thing is the Case Well here is how it looks   well, well enough
the camera does not transmit and the fact that it is soiled   these traces from casting seemingly looks like an iron, but the truth is plastic I do not know me personally
seems to be Apple is not
Central shifted to the left as seems to be that is not
center maybe it’s the lack of cover   Camera unfortunately does not pass     there is a surplus of plastic
small but it
uncritically we like this
The buttons pressed all very
easy and convenient Case is fully sewn from serious falls but there is no fall in the
front side at the front side with glass is but even if there was no
a protection glass it would be better protects the front of   I believe that
if it falls likely glass is broken still little
it certainly hurt but depends on surface generally sufficient
Good Case everything looks good   can be seen that the cover is not original maybe it’s for
it a mold was used by the original   but production technology is not entirely suitable or similar to
original on it and a fake the idea of ​​creating a cover, most likely someone is taken where you have the original case they stole the idea and here you can see that
the quality of some field is not the most
but the best In general, all is well became a massive plate
comfortable enough I even like so although some do not like that their devices become tolshe something that someone
even dangerous because but for me it is more convenient Case itself does not add much weight, it is light more impressive tablet     so even better if that ever to hold on       Here’s a Case  personally
i like blogging good protection but perhaps not quite
will be convenient practicality
since this cover, he became a little
thicker let’s say I have a
probably jacket pocket not fit, before
climbed without the cover and rather with a thin cover but with this thick cheloh it there will not fit Here is the cover krashtest will not do) but the back part of it is well sewn side of the same here it is
What about the front’m not sure depends on the
surface on which it falls       still if it hits the front part of the case that it does not save         in general you had jakson subscribe place like Reference herein will be in general it is still

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