15+ скрытых функций iOS 11 для iPhone и iPad. Apple про это не рассказывала!

Hello dear friends. Not only that, all the reviews
iOS 11 I’ve seen on YouTube do not tell half
the fact that I showed special video on the channel, I want to
to share with you the hidden features a new edition
iOS. So it will be interesting
– Sit back. Apple has simplified the process of creating
folders and added group moving application icons. To create
folder also causes icons shake, then pull
one application to missing Cross and Tapan games
and programs that we want to group. To massively move
Icons on another working table, simply drag
they go and release your finger of the display. And to create a folder, simply
Repeat the initial steps associated with the group,
and then move the group the last application
want to add in the folder. Dissolved folder also
Fast – Finish. The interaction process
It became easier and unambiguously faster. On iOS, 11 do not have a dark theme. This diluted with an empty
HYIP place just me vybeshivaet. If you go to Settings
– Universal access – adaptation of the display – inversion
– Smart Inversion, you can invert the colors, but
it is not a dark mode. This function is
for people with vision. This function works in 50% of the
full inversion, there errors and after activation
podlagivaet smartphone starts. Generally APple great zamorochitsya
on the implementation of user-friendly features to move files. For example, you can easily
drag and drop images from one note to another. A share photos
c iMessage will be able to move the image, bypassing
Multitasking, in the same note. The new File Explorer,
also available in a handy transferring data from the folder
in the folder. I think it’s just
beginning krossprogrammnogo data transfer. Convenience is paramount. Take a screenshot immediately
option will be available quickly editing. Brushes, pencils, stroke
and other instruments to your service. I do not want to edit anything
– whisk picture sideways. Activating in the control room
Widget Screen Recorder you will be able to record video from screen
iPhone or iPad without jailbreaking or computer. The resulting video is stored
in the photo. The note added expanded
text formatting options. The program is intensive dopilivat
and now it’s not just zametochnik, and very good text
CPU. You can even add tables
and convenient to move information between cells. And if you go to the settings item,
it is possible to specify the background, which will be created
notes. In addition, notes can be
attach to most important information is not lost
among other data. And still now have notes
custom widget with Center literally notifications
in one click you can quickly sketch some
important information. As I have said in full
review, 11 integrated iOS a new codec H.265. This video compression format
much more effective previous H.264: for example,
minute video resolution 4K at 30 frames per second
It will take about 170 MB vs. 350 MB in the past
version of iOS. The same applies to photos. Apple has updated the built
video player. It is not only the application,
but also an integrated window in the browser. The interface has received more than
fresh design and improved ergonomics. The app is now photo
It allows you to save and open GIF images. Make sure it was necessary to
long time ago, but better late than ever. If you go to Settings
– notification, you can discover new item
– Thumbnails. This setting allows
determine in what cases will display the text
notification, and in which not. The option is available in the general
for all notifications, so and for each application
separately. If you go to Settings
– Basic – storage you You see the updated profile
internal management memory. There was a function allowing
automatically delete applications that do not
used for some time. I’ve used it
and released 4.5 GB. The option is available for each
alone application. The program is deleted, but
absolutely all the data will be stored. iPhone and iPad running
iOS for the first time got a built-in 11 supported audio format
FLAC. Access to them can be obtained
through a new application “Files.” Thus tracks in high quality
played within programs. Let us hope that in the future
Apple will integrate this format and in the Apple Music and iTunes. Any application that
not been optimized 64-bit architecture,
It will not work in iOS 11. When you attempt to run 32-bit
the application appears on the screen , A dialog box appears
to update BY. Pumped and Siri. In addition to machine learning
several new features like interpreter, which is still
It does not work in the Russian localization and oral calculator. If you run the staffing
app camera and bring it on QR-code, the notification
from Safari automatically offer go on a coded
page. Fast, convenient, and third-party
programs are no longer needed. If you are the owner of a shovel
with iOS 11 but rejoice, because as Apple has integrated new
to control the keyboard mode with one hand. Moreover, this function works
for right and for lefties. With a yield of 11 beta-party iOS
developers first received Access to the NFC module for smartphones
Apple. The new framework Core NFC allows
expand the use cases Communications chip neighbor
field, and the built-in iPhone Apple Watch. C using NFC in the iPhone, you can
It is much more than just pay
in shops. In normal messenger iMessage
there are new effects Echo and the spotlight. The trick of course is very beautiful. Well, the last, the most hidden
iPhone function running iOS 11 – not like OSes,
smartphone or can not roll back, because
not looked our full-length and most detailed review
iOS 11 – exchanged phone numbers with surcharge on the Galaxy S8 or S8 +
and never moan. The comments from you waiting
New interesting that you notice when dealing
with iOS 11. And everyone says that the new
Operating System does not roll. By September, as the sloping
necessary. Well, that’s it, you
Vadim Ishchenko was on the canal ProTech. See you soon – see you
in the following video, of course if you subscribe to a channel.

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