15 BEST Upcoming iOS & iPadOS Games

15 BEST Upcoming iOS & iPadOS Games

– [Narrator] Many amazing
iOS and iPadOS games are coming your way
later in 2019 and 2020. So today, I’m going to be
showing 15 of my favorite upcoming games that
I’m most excited about. Number 15, we have Beyond a Steel Sky. The first game we have
here is going to be a part of the Apple Arcade gaming
subscription service. So, you’ll be able to play it across not only your iPhone and iPad, but also the Apple TV 4K
and your Mac computer. If you didn’t know, Beyond a Steel Sky is the long-awaited
sequel to the 1994 classic point-and-click adventure
game, Beneath a Steel Sky. In fact this game has been
in the works for 20 years. I don’t know how that works, but that’s what the devs are saying. This time it’s not a 2D
experience, but the devs, Revolution Games, still
hold the core values of the predecessor within this game, a cyberpunk science atmospheric game with thrilling puzzles
and compelling characters. Anyway, Beyond a Steel
Sky is coming fall 2019, will support PS4 and
Xbox One S controllers, and will feature no ads and no in-app purchases, as
it’s a part of Apple Arcade. Number 14 is Out There: Oceans of Time. Holy moly this game is
good-looking, am I right? The game is still in
very early development. Ocean of Time will be a
roguelike where you’ll explore, fly ships, manage your crew and officers, meet different species of
aliens, and hunt for resources. I don’t when the game is releasing or if it will be free or paid, but I would expect it to be paid. Number 13, we have Moonlighter. At GDC 2019, 11 Bit Studios
confirmed that they plan to bring Moonlighter to mobile devices. Now, unlike many other mobile ports, Moonlighter is apparently not going to use the virtual joysticks. Instead, the game will
utilize swipe controls. There will be auto-attacks
and swipes to dodge. Is this for the betterment of the game? Well, we’ll we can’t really say yet, but at least their trying to do something a bit different from the norm. I’d say Moonlighter on
mobile will be fairly similar to the gameplay approach that Final Fantasy XV:
Pocket Edition took. Anyway, Moonlighter is set
to release on iOS this fall as a paid game and will
feature the same content as the PC and console version,
i.e. the base game and DLC. Number 12 is Mew-Genics. Mew-Genics was originally announced and teased way back in 2013. Then, as some of you may
know, it was canceled, but it is now back in
development after six years. The developer, Edmund, has been teasing some early animations and artworks on Twitter, though. Sure, the game looks weird, but remember, Edmund also created the Binding of Isaac, Super Meat Boy, and The End Is Nigh. Also, no release date has been shared yet. Number 11, we have Second Galaxy. Here we have a huge
open world sci-fi game, which brings you RPG and SLG elements. You can explore a universe
of 4,971 galaxies. Yes, that a precise number, but that’s what the
game’s description says. You’ll be able to use many
different spaceships to explore, team up with other players, trade, and engage in crazy space battles. The game will be free,
offering in-app purchases. Hopefully, this isn’t a
setback, but will know soon, as the game is releasing on
the 10th of September 2019. Number 10, we have Super Meat Boy Forever. This game has had a
complex development so far. Originally, it was planned
as a mobile-only version for the famous indie
platformer, Super Meat Boy. However, overtime, it has
developed into a full sequel and will be available
across not just mobile, but many other platforms. The game is still going
to be super challenging, but addicting in a good way. There are tight controls
and well-designed levels and you’ll die, over and over. However, what’s different
is that the levels are dynamically constructed
based on difficulty. When you complete a level, it reconstructs into a
harder version of itself. Plus, you can now punch and kick enemies, so that’s different. The game has no official release date yet. (calm music) Number nine is Diablo Immortal. The Diablo MMOARG experience you know and love is coming to iPhone
and iPads very soon apparently. It’s being developed by Blizzard in a partnership with NetEase. There will be different
champion to choose, you can play with other players online, and brand-new enemies will be coming. Not much else is really known so far. Now, yes, I am aware that
this game’s announcement was met with mixed reception,
if you wanna call it that, some thinking of it as a cash-grab. I don’t think we can judge it just yet, not until we get our hands on it at least. For me, I’d say cautiously
look forward to it. Number eight, we have The White Door. Remember the free game, Cube Escape? Well, recently, the
developer of that game, Rusty Lake, announced The White Door. This game looks like a major departure from their previous games in
terms of the gameplay style. It’s going to be a split-screen
point-and-click adventure, where you follow Robert Hill for seven days in a
mental health facility. I hope they can also heavily
utilize haptic feedback for this game for, I don’t know, maybe heartbeats or something. The White Door is releasing later in 2019 and I don’t know if it will
be a free or paid game yet. Number seven is Bad North. Originally released on other platforms, the mobile version of Bad
North was delayed some time. It’s a really beautiful
realtime tactics roguelite. You must defend an island
kingdom against Viking invaders, so you’ll command your subjects below and will have to utilize
the shape of the island to get past the battles on offer. I’ve played this game
on my iMac in early 2019 and I’m super excited to
see how they translate it to a touchscreen. I mean, I don’t think it will
be too difficult, though, but I’m still excited. Anyway, the game is coming later in 2019 as a paid experience. Number six, we have Dear Esther. The acclaimed 2012 first-person
narrative adventure is coming to iOS in 2019. The game’s mobile announcement
took me by surprise, but, damn, it’s a perfect fit for us and I think it will work
really well on iPhones and especially iPads. It’s a stunning game in terms
of not only it’s graphics, but also the immersive exploration
that you can go on here. You must explore in order to make sense of a cryptic narration that’s
going on in the background and also scribbles along the
walls, strange machine parts, and other weird sightings. This is one of the games
that I’m most excited about to be honest, just because
it’s a gorgeous game. I’d say it will also be a paid experience. Number five is Forgotten
Memories Remastered. Originally, this game
was released on iPhone and iPads back in 2015. However, in 2020, Psychose
Interactive are porting the console or remastered
version to iOS and iPadOS. This version comes with
improved graphical detail, 60-frames per second, which was actually in the original game, and we also have full Xbox
One S and PS4 gamepad support. Not much else is known apart
from what I’ve just stated. Number four, we have Minecraft Earth. First shown at WWDC 2019, Minecraft Earth is just
Minecraft in augmented reality. You can do everything
from the original game; create, explore, and survive, but all of this is
happening in the real world. It will also allow you
to play with friends in realtime, which is
really, really very cool. The game will be free to play, but Mojang have stated
in the games FAQ page that it will feature no loot
boxes, which is fantastic, but it could still have
other in-app purchases and it probably will, but apart from that, not much else is known. It’s currently in a closed beta state in a few locations around the world, but the open beta or full release have not actually been confirmed yet. It will also require
iOS 10 or later to run. Number three is Project Cars GO. Nothing is really known
about this game yet. I have no release date,
no official images, or no official gameplay footage for you. All I have is the game’s
official logo, so there it is. So why am I talking about it? Because I’m really excited about it. It’s another fantastic car
racing game, like GRID Autosport. What has been mention is that
it will feature licensed cars, many tracks to race on,
game modes to compete in, extensive customization will be here, a unique control system,
and incredible graphics. It’s unclear if the game
will be free-to-play or a paid experience. However, the developer has
stated that they don’t plan to mirror the way mobile games are typically brought to
mobile, so that’s good. Number two, we have Company of Heroes. Very recently Feral Interactive
announced that this popular World War Two realtime strategy game will be releasing on iPad later this fall. Originally, it was developed
by Relic Entertainment and published by SEGA for PC,
but Company of Heroes for iPad has been redesigned and
developed for tablet by, yeah, Feral Interactive. It has been fully tailored
to and optimized for tablet, featuring a sophisticated user interface that makes it intuitive
for players to execute realtime tactics, adapt
to shifting environments, and ultimately, overcome
ferocious opposition to secure the liberation of France. And in Feral fashion, Company of Heroes will be a premium game
with no in-app purchases. Number one, we have Oceanhorn 2. I think this game is likely
the most anticipated iOS and iPad game for 2019 right now. It’s going to be a part
of the Apple Arcade subscription service first, later releasing on other platforms. It’s a third-person action adventure RPG developed by Cornfox & Brothers. The graphical detail here
is simply outstanding and is a huge departure
from the top-down style in the previous game. You can collect powerful
items, use a caster gun, solve mysteries and puzzles,
explore and explore, and you can play with
other players online. In addition, it will support
PS4 and XBOX One S controllers across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and
Apple TV, which is incredible. Oceanhorn 2 will release in fall 2019 and as I said, it will be a
part of Apple Arcade first. Which upcoming iPhone and iPad games are you most excited about? Let me know in the comments. If you found this video useful, all you need to do is leave a like. That tells YouTube that
I’m doing a good job. And subscribe and turn on notifications to be alerted about upcoming videos. Thanks for watching.

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