$2 iPhone Destroyer

$2 iPhone Destroyer

100 thoughts on “$2 iPhone Destroyer

  1. Hes the worst best guy ever

  2. Elekelskelel

  3. What's with the fake gun

  4. h-u-h

  5. To get rid of the glitch you need to power it off and power it on again

  6. I know the best phone destroyer! And it only costs… 0 dollars! All you have to do is throw your phone onto the concrete outside you house until your phone is destroyed! As simple as that!

  7. And just imagine it went into safari and we saw his latest searches….

  8. It doesn't work immediately on some devices, I found that out the hard way. It caused my iPad Air 2 ( btw it wasn't this product, it was from maplin)
    and it hasn't killed my iPhone 5 yet but I noticed my iPad stopped powering the fan one morning and the battery started rapidly draining even when on charge but I use. My device hen ran out of battery still draining, it powered up but couldn't power on fully and shut down complaining about ale battery and now it doesn't do anything anymore now that it's totally flat

  9. test

  10. RIP $2

  11. I bought one of those in Las Vegas (it was a different brand) but it worked totally fine

  12. I'd do that to a friend and get them the new version as a present for a VERY ESPECIAL OCASSION.

  13. Lol cool intro I should do that type of intro

  14. stick a toothpick in the port

  15. Can I have your broken iPhone

  16. "Im not even gonna ask you to like it"

    "If you want to, please do "

  17. you got scammed

  18. That gun was deadly…

  19. what-the-heck

  20. You have slide to unlock wow

  21. this-is-cool

  22. Got one in Hawaii destroyed my iPhone 6s

  23. On my Xiaomi Working

  24. Destroyed also my iPhone -.-

  25. Virus in the fan?

  26. *hi-i-love-you

  27. I have one and it does move on it's own except it doesn't get hot or charge slow.

  28. Hmmm
    The problem is that its best use if its Android because mine
    When i bought that im on Android
    Oppo F1 i had a warranty which allows u to return it back and refund it mine was told to Turn on the OTG Connection
    It allows your device to connect from your phone

  29. Also it only last 5 Minutes
    Because you need to cool off it because its very hot if you use it in a long period of time

  30. Mine didn’t fry my iPhone ?
    The iPhone fried my fan because the fan doesn’t work

  31. Confirm it killed my android

  32. But what happens if you plug it into BeatsX?

  33. What was the point of the knife and gun in this video lol?

  34. I have the second generation one and nothing other than overheating

  35. I have a phone destroyer its called plainrock124 like of u agreeeeeeee

  36. Im a fan of iphones ?

  37. like-if-you-now-how-to-do-this

  38. i have one tha has a Robert half logo on my android and it works fine

  39. ok_-im_-in

  40. iphone hacker

  41. ree-stupid

  42. Huh never killed my phone

  43. hey

  44. Just for fun I bought one too at a local shop to tear it down(I don't even have an iphone to test it with). The lightning connector is wired totally wierd, YES it works in one way, but if you plug it in in the other way….well, that WILL cause some short circuit(of course it should't do it!) On the other hand, I don't know why this short circuit is fatal to the phones internal electronics. Phones that are using micro usb just send you a message saying: Too much power drow on otg, and it cuts immedately to protect itself. Even some laptop has this self-protect feature on its usb power rails(don't ask how I know it…)

  45. Someone hacked into your phone ? man

  46. I’m watching this with one in my phone.

  47. Tried this on my phone but it keeps working.

  48. I own one of these fans the same as the one in the vid and my phone is completely fine

  49. hey-its-me

  50. I got the fan from Dave and buster and it works amazing

  51. lol-im-doing-crazy-stuff

  52. 2 fans 1phone

  53. techrax

  54. They have ones for samsung and it works at least for me

  55. One day a friend gave me this cute iPhone fan gift. I’ve been playing here & there. Today I’m TrAsHiNG that thing.

  56. Lol 3:00

  57. ThAT'S HoT

  58. Its called the ifan

  59. Love the intro ???

  60. 3:00 Bang we are…


  62. Thats a USB Killer skinned as a fan for iPhone.

  63. I’m using the fan right now

  64. I bout one of those too my iPhone X died in a hour

  65. i got that exact same withe fane from movie park gernany

  66. Give me that phone

  67. Does anyone know how I can fix my phone because now it won’t charge

  68. Send it to bigclive

  69. My fan has no plastic not aluminum does that make a difference?

  70. What if I have an iPhone 7+, and I bought this fan yesterday not knowing? Because it works perfectly fine(for now…) and never overheated my USB port.

  71. Who else is watching this with a fan in there phone?

  72. this is where i live whit. A glitching iphone 6. I dont have monney to buy a new one or a other phone and my parents are poor (i dont have anything 🙁 (i type this on my glitching phone)

  73. Well I’m fucked if this one motor fucks up an iPhone how can it withstand 3? I ordered one with 3 motors

  74. Lol a he has a free hookup on his phone

  75. Will it destroy Android?

  76. I’ve seen these at my dollar tree and I was going to buy one… but now I think I shouldn’t

  77. I have one of them from Clares

  78. RIP $2

  79. 4:33: DanTDM Confirmed

  80. Rip iPhone 6 2014-2016

  81. Does this ruin android phones ?

  82. How many voice cracks can you get in one video

  83. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  84. Keaton: what you're about to see was shot on Monday

    Me: looks at table at 0:39 and See's gun

    Me: —-$hOt Is RiGhT

  85. But are the two piece fans meant for apple and android safe for my phone?

  86. How did he do that???

  87. Phone got overheated. That’s it man….

  88. When you watch this video with the fan plugged in ?

  89. ??? who happy to break a phone

  90. I feel like Apple secretly built the fan so that it destroys the phones so that people will need to buy new phones… lol

  91. Is anybody going to say something about the ?

  92. Who’s watching this in 2019… ?

  93. That’s so cool?

  94. Reason why it did that because you flipped the fan upside down

  95. bruh i kill my phone for free by putting my chager wires on my outlet and my iphone6 dead

  96. The reason it was not working after some time, it’s because the IPhone’s port is meant to GET POWER, not to GIVE POWER and thus breaking the charging port!

  97. No I don't want to open music stop!!!
    (Siri) yes you did
    I didn't say anything!!!!!
    (Siri) opening mail

  98. Btw I love the space balls reference

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