2005-2009 Mustang iPad Mini Dash Mount Kit Review & Install

2005-2009 Mustang iPad Mini Dash Mount Kit Review & Install

The iPad mini dash mount kit will be for any
’05 to ’09 mustang owner who find themselves constantly using their iPad mini for things
like music, navigation and different apps on their car ride to make it more enjoyable. Now if you are anything like me you constantly
have that thing sliding everywhere down the seats, falling on the floor and having nowhere
to actually mount the thing very safely, securely and conveniently. Now, all that changes with this iPad mount
system here that actually attaches on to the front end of your dashboard. It’s a kinda replace the area in the trim
around your factory radio to easily mount it up you are using magnets. AM is giving it two out of three wrenches
on a difficulty meter because there is quite a few steps involved since you will have to
disconnect the factory radio. After everything is set and done is it shouldn’t
take longer than thirty minutes to an hour in a driveway at home. This one actually work with an iPad mini one
through four so it’s a huge plus for the guys with a different generations of iPad, it will
still work with the same template. There is nothing else you have to buy extra
to get it to work it’ll snap right in a place just like any other one. So, you’re actually gonna use this faceplate
instead of the factory one and way this works is obviously it maintains all the holes necessary
for your knobs and gadgets and what not that come from the factory. On the other hand, right here in the center
there is actually going to be a magnet that holds the iPad mini into place. Whenever you wanna remove it you can just
pop it off and you have access to the factory radio underneath. Definitely something that is extremally easy
to navigate, extremally easy to use and doesn’t require any drilling or cutting to get this
thing installed. Since this does use the neodymium magnets
that I did just mentioned, that is gonna bump up the price tag since it doesn’t really interfere
with the factory radio. So, it does bump up the price to about $350
mark. But some people, you might look at this and
think that’s a lot of money for just this little mount thing. But if you are looking for some convenient
way to mount your iPad mini and of course having it out of the way, convenient, able
to be seen very easily, like the factory navigation would, than this is gonna be a great option
for guys that don’t want it to stick out like a sore thumb at the same time. This installation is a little bit involved. It will require just a few simple hand tools
like a ratchet and simple socket set, and a screwdriver as well for some of the faceplates
stuff. What you’ll need to do to start this one off
is start pulling some of the trim out of the interior. Your shift knob now comes first than pop off
this inner console trim, then this side panels in the foot wells, which connect to the sides
of the radio area. Than you can use a screwdriver to remove a
few screws on each side to pull off the entire faceplate. Than unscrew the radio head unit itself and
drop it at the place. With the faceplate removed you’ll have all
the buttons and charger ports connected as well, which you’ll need to remove and transfer
over to the iPad faceplate with just a couple of bolts. With everything installed on that you can
put it into place around the factory radio head unit, which you can bolt back into the
factory location. From here you can tighten down the faceplate,
replace all the side panels and center console trim as well as the shift knob. Put the iPad in to the place and you’re good
to go. Just to wrap it up here. If you’re the owner of the ’05 to ’09 mustang
you might be looking for a way to conveniently mount your iPad mini safely to the dashboard
and actually have it look like it came there from a factory. If that sound like something you’re looking
for. The iPad mini dash mount kit will be a great
alternative and it’s available right here at the americanmuscle.com.

18 thoughts on “2005-2009 Mustang iPad Mini Dash Mount Kit Review & Install

  1. its extremly over priced ! is just a piece of plastic easily home made if you work good on it

  2. I like the concept, but the price is ridiculously high. Sounds like a money grubbing attempt to take advantage of Mustang owners.

  3. Pinche pedaso de mierda

    Translation: Fucking Piece Of Shit

  4. That is cool! Nice review!

  5. This is a cool product to have in your vehicle, great review.


  7. 99 buck price point is where it should be fucking magnets are a few bucks so how can that raise the price that much

  8. Cool idea. But over priced. I wouldn't pay more than 100 for it.

  9. Over 300 hundred bucks. Naw you won’t get me. I really like it but wow.

  10. $300 (price of iPad) for piece of plastic is ridiculous.

  11. FUCK YOU $300😡

  12. Rape price omg

  13. Overpriced!! Lmao. I bet the iPad flys off the mount/magnet when you put the pedal to the floor

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  15. I buy a ton of stuff from American Muscle
    But this is definitely not an item I would purchase
    Should definitely bring down the price to $50 lol

  16. More than the freakin iPad itself… time to get a 3D printer and do it my self. Thanks 😅

  17. Does it work for the car speacker like can I lisent to music

  18. You can’t blame the magnet for being 350$

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