2018 iPad Pro – 1 Year Later

2018 iPad Pro – 1 Year Later

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech
and this is the twelve point nine inch 2018 iPad pro and have been using this
every single day since it came out for the past year this is my main device
that I use when I’m not editing videos and so you’ll see I have the keyboard
case on it and we’ll talk about a few different things but the time codes for
all the different sections of this video are linked in the description below if
you’d like to take a look at those now the first thing is the keyboard cover I
use it on the iPad pro all the time you can see it has some marks on it and if I
flip it over here it’s it does pick up fingerprints and things pretty easily
and it hasn’t really frayed or anything like that now as far as this keyboard
goes it’s not amazing or anything but it hasn’t ripped or torn like the first
generation iPad pro keyboards now the only complaint I really have about the
keyboard well I guess there’s two complaints really is one is you’ve only
got two adjustments and the other is because it doesn’t have a microfiber
cloth up against the display of the iPad pro what happens is is your fingers
while you’re typing leave oil residue on the keyboards themselves or on the keys
themselves and then when you fold it down on to the iPad pro it ends up
leaving little key marks behind and then you have to wipe the display more often
so you’ll see there’s a bunch of little finger prints on it and I just don’t
find it to be as oleophobic as the previous generation
it’s not a huge deal but definitely something I notice now let me set this
aside and I haven’t had any issues with the iPad pro bending as far as
durability I know some people have had this issue but with it being in this
keyboard case this is pretty rigid so this adds a bunch of stability and
rigidity to the overall design so this helps a lot so if you don’t have a case
on your iPad pro you may have some bending issues but I really have had no
issues with it whatsoever now the overall durability other than the
bending no issues you see you’ve seen it’s been in a case so there’s not
really much use on the back or anything like that there’s a couple marks where
the pogo pins from the case are but it’s held up well now if we take a look at
the Apple pencil let me take it off of the iPad the pencil is held up well and
you’ll see there’s a couple marks on it and that’s from it touching the iPad all
the time and charging it’s not really too much of an issue but it’s just
something I noticed it keeps this little permanent
mark there it’s from the iPad itself and so you’ll see here you’ve got the iPads
charge port there and it somehow marks it up but let’s unlock the iPad and face
idea and this works really well in all of these different orientations
so when i unlock it no issue there it doesn’t matter which way it is it it
will even unlock flat on the table like this many times when I look at it so if
I lock it here and it’s not unlocked yet but if I tilt it up and that’s it at
about a 30-degree angle towards my face and unlocked so it works really well
there now as far as the overall use of this well I didn’t really enjoy using
this and it was great with iOS 12 it’s not as great with iPad OS 13 because
it’s just far more buggy in fact I had a lot of touch responsiveness issues with
it after upgrading to that but prior to upgrading to that it was solid no issues
whatsoever but then occasionally I’ll just lose lose the touch ability it just
won’t scroll or something along those lines I’ll have to lock it unlock it and
then it will work and then worst case scenario is I have to reboot it and this
is not on a beta this is on the public release version so occasionally it gives
me an issue and it’s a pain but most of the time it’s great to use now this
display is a phenomenal display it has great brightness it goes really bright
and then it’s dim as you want really and this 120 Hertz promotion display is
something they need to put on the iPhone because this display when you’re just
scrolling it’s super smooth all of the time and then when you want to just
leave it like this it’s fine and you can see what you’re looking at but anytime
you scroll what it does is it just ramps that speed up so that the scrolling is
faster and it’s something that I would love to see on the iPhone they added to
Google’s pixel and oneplus has it so I’d love to see it on not just the iPad but
also the iPhone but it’s great on the iPad as far as using this it’s my main
device when I’m not editing videos so I can even edit video on here using things
like luma fusion and I play around with this but because there’s not some
plugins that Final Cut Pro has I find that it doesn’t work well for me but
it’s more than powerful enough this is a 4k video and
you’ll see it scrubs through it without any hiccup whatsoever and it’s amazing
this will handle four streams of 4k no problem and then I can edit photos with
Pixelmator photo or affinity photo that I just started using and it’s just an
amazing device to use it’s amazing that it really never gets hot and I can edit
video and export video faster than I can on my iMac Pro so I would love to use
this on the go full-time maybe I’ll get used to that and be able to do it but if
I’m not using it for consuming videos on YouTube or checking email I’m using it
for video games and things like that but most of the time I’m using it as
consumption and an email and web browser and then occasionally some editing photo
editing and things like that but I love this device the speakers are amazing I
still am amazed that that much sound and that quality of sound comes out of these
speakers every time I use it so I often don’t find myself using headphones with
this because the speakers are great so they have great base and great range
especially for something this small now battery life of course is a very
important thing and this when it was new easily got ten hours of battery now it’s
been questionable with iPad OS again so if I go back to battery let me bring
this down I’ll turn on dark mode it’s a little easier to see but battery here
you’ll see well let’s go to the last ten days and yesterday I only used it for an
hour and 34 minutes and then had five hours and thirty minutes of screen off
time apparently YouTube was using it and I didn’t know it but if you look at some
of the usage it’s great five hours and 42 minutes with 50% usage for the most
part but then some days it’s just not so good so an hour and a half and it was
only used for about a quarter of its battery so it goes back and forth I
would say that when it does ten hours that’s what you expect but depending on
which version of iOS it’s on really makes a difference as far as that goes
and that is really it for this iPad this is like I said my favorite Apple device
I’ve used in a very long time some people say that it’s kind of soulless
because it doesn’t have a direct form but I like it because it’s a sheet of
glass I love the curved corners you may or may
not like that on the display but I like that a lot and it just looks great it
doesn’t have P double um so it’s not flickering the display so
it doesn’t bother my eyes and I don’t really use the camera I know some people
love that but I don’t really use it but this really could be my main computing
device and I could definitely recommend this to someone if they don’t want to
use a regular computer or anything like that because this is all the computer
you really need unless there’s a specific task you want to do you have
everything from pages to numbers to Word or Excel whatever you want and it works
well on this device so most tasks can be easily done on this if the display is
large enough for you so maybe one day Apple will bring Final Cut Pro and I can
use this on that go a hundred percent but for now I’ll continue to use my
macbook but I love this device and until Apple comes out with a new one
which we thought they would already I’ll be using this one but let me know your
thoughts of the iPad pro in the comments below it’s definitely my favorite device
I bring it with me everywhere all the time and I charge it through USB C all
the time maybe if I had a complaint about it it would be that I would like
more ports and a headphone jack otherwise it’s a great device but let me
know your thoughts in the comments below I’ll link this wallpaper in the
description as I always do and if you haven’t subscribed already please
subscribe and hit that notification bell if you’d like to see more of these
videos as soon as they’re released if you enjoyed the video please give it a
like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next time

100 thoughts on “2018 iPad Pro – 1 Year Later

  1. Second gen 12.9 is my one and only computer, since I got it in summer 2017. I can do everything I need which includes photo processing, video editing, web browsing, mail, and art production (Procreate, ArtRage, Art Studio Pro, and Sketches). My future desire is the developers make apps that equal the power of desktop programs. I hope to hold onto this until 5G becomes available (cutting the cable cord). I’m also running out of onboard memory – next time 1TB.

  2. Bought mine in this summer to replace my mbp 13" 2011 and i have to say that i don't really need to use any laptop whatsoever. I have 12,9" model and doing some text Processing and vectorial drawing it's perfect!

  3. I just.want that Apple gives some more laptop class features, like disk utility and plug an iPhone and manage via iTunes like we do on desktop class equipments

  4. I upgraded from the iPad Pro 12.9 Inch (2nd gen) to the 2018 iPad Pro 12.9 Inch (3rd gen) just a little over one year ago. I use this iPad daily and have been extremely pleased with its performance since day one… And iPad OS has made it even better!

  5. Great review❗️I just ordered an 11” 256 iPad Pro, Best Buy put it on Black Friday sale for$799.??‍?✅

  6. What makes you buy an 2018 iPad Pro instead of an iPad Air or 2017 iPad Pro? I am still thinking about which to get. I don't do photo, video editing nor do I draw. So I feel like the iPad Air might be a better choice. But then the new design, USB-C, thinner bezels, everything is just so attracting…

  7. Only reason I want this is for sketching and rendering. Unfortunately it’s too much expensive for me!

  8. I also have those touch responds issues and it really sucks, because i use that in school and suddenly i can’t write no more with my apple pencil.

  9. I bought my 11 in iPad Pro for 650 slightly bent but worth it *256gb and cellular

  10. I’m using a 11 inch iPad Pro for college ,lovin it and great video as always.

  11. No issues on mine, use it more than any other device I own and I love it.

  12. Aaron when you talk about battery you use battery on time which I understand but you also say battery off time if it is off how is the battery draining. When I am not using my iPad I turn it off am I doing something wrong like turning off the iPad? Thanks love your videos.

  13. This guy's thumb is smaller than my future ?

  14. ive been serching for info about the next ipad pro. there have been rumors abour a late 2019 release, and other rumors about a eary 2020. the point is, i want to buy a new ipad, but i dont wish to pay full price for a devise that will be replaced 1-2 mounths later for a newer one.
    does anyone know something about the release date for the next ipad pro?

  15. Thank you for the video. I am thinking of getting my son an iPad for Christmas and was looking for your recommendation.

  16. I have the 10.5 iPad Pro and love it … still have a headphone jack (lol) … I use mine similar to how you use yours. IT is my ALL in one device … I will pick up the 12.9 after watching your videos. Great content as always. Keep up the great job … YOU are definitely where I go for any technology question (s)

  17. I am writing to say I totally understand the battery comment. On my iPad mini 5 after going to iPad is 13 it hasn’t been the same. Running 13.2.3 now. Still issues.

  18. Since getting my 2017 iPad Pro I barely touch my Mac. I’ve been using an iPad of some variety as my main portable computer since 2013, and boy have we come a long way. The iPad Pro does everything that I used my 15” MacBook Pro for but it’s half the weight, Apple Pencil support is amazingly useful when marking up PDFs, taking notes, or using Lightroom, and it’s LTE enabled so I no longer have to worry about crappy public wifi connections. It’s also nice being able to use the device in portrait mode for certain things. Oh and the battery life is always enough to get me through a full day of use without charging. I don’t even use my MacBook Pro at home anymore.

    My only complaints would be that touch responsiveness has been an issue for me since iOS12 came out and I don’t know why Apple’s not fixing it; that being said, it’s also improved for me since iPadOS13 if not completely eliminated. Also I recently learned the hard way that although we now have external storage, I can only use USB A flash drives through a powered adapter; YMMV and I suspect having a more recent USB C iPad Pro may help out there.

    App developers also need to step it up a little and get past the “let’s make a watered down version of our app because it’s for a ‘mobile’ platform” mindset. Again, this problem is way less of an issue than it used to be and a lot of popular pro apps are either full-featured or close enough not to cause too much frustration, but there’s room for improvement still. This has already improved to the point where I don’t feel like I need to run to a desktop to get something done basically ever, it’s just worth pointing out.

  19. This iPad will be good for 2 more years, that thing is powerful. Apple should bring some Mac apps to iPad Pro 2018

  20. I’m using the 10.5 pro still, I wish they’d make an iPad Pro Mini, I would instantly buy that regardless of price

  21. I do hope they add another usb c port. Also make it thinker (and more solidly built) and just increase the battery life.

  22. I have my 12.9 iPad Pro after watching your video, I love it.

  23. Bought mine about 5 months ago and it still works like the day I got it, no complaints.

  24. ????

  25. Hey! Amazing vid, I want a new iPad Pro for nursing school which starts in February. Do you recommend me to buy the 11” or wait for the new one in March ?? Greets !

  26. Hi Zollotech, fully agree with you. iOS 13 is terrible. Too many hangs, crashes and freezes. What’s going on with Apple? It’s performance is worst than Windows

  27. my iPad air uses iPadOS 13.3 public beta 3 and that's really stable

  28. battery life is not great on my ipad pro 11. I notice that the battery percentage drops like 4% in less than a few minutes. and thats not with heavy use

  29. Very nice

  30. Love my 11” iPad Pro. No issues. Except for the video overlay popping up sometimes by itself. How can I fix tat?
    Other then that, everything’s good.

  31. One year later,I didn’t use Apple Pencil to draw anything or write any word…

  32. This power is achieved on the thinnest device Apple ever made, imagine if they implement their own ARM structure in their macs

  33. Picked up an refurbished iPad Pro 12.9 2018 from the Apple store about a month or so ago. Main use is for music with the forScore app – crazy good and cool. I’ll be able to put all my sheet music in it so I don’t have to carry clumsy large binders around. Been watching YouTube vids on how to use it as a ‘laptop’ style computer.

  34. Just place an order on the Black Friday deal.

  35. In my opinion, this is Apple's best device. In fact, this is the first Apple device I really want to buy. But it would be a luxury for me since I don't need it. So I'm holding off for now.

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  37. Very unlikely but I'd love to see an even bigger iPad. Maybe like a 16 inch one. That'd be amazing.

    and expensive ?

  38. Love my iPad Pro, but iPad OS 13 is garbage

  39. Good video as always, but the repetitive assertion that the iPhone needs 120Hz refresh rate is highly questionable. What exactly do people expect to see differently? If the answer is “it’s faster to swipe left and right (which is what is implied in this video) then that’s not why Apple put it on the 2017 iPad Pro. They put it on the iPad Pro because of the vastly greater screen size (compared to an iPhone) and the time it takes to load pages (i.e. the pixels) so you don’t see lag that you did with earlier versions of the iPad. Put simply, its not really needed on a screen the size of the iPhone

  40. The screen on time day that showed lots of battery usage was also the day you played minecraft earth

  41. I just picked up an 11inch iPad Pro and it’s fantastic. Really enjoy it, love the display size, and the audio on this thing is ?. Face ID on the iPad for me though, I always seem to cover the sensor but other than that, I love it

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  44. The battery only lasts like 7hrs if you use it as your main service like you said.

    It also gets hot when you use it while it's charging.
    Also.. Twitter is awful on it still. It keeps bugging and going blank it's so stupid.

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  55. Ipad pro 11 2018 , getting 18-20 hour of back up with almost 5% battery left, although i never completely run out of battery.
    In battery department 11 inch is better tha. 12.9. and carrying is also easy and less bending issue due to its small size.

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  57. My 2nd Gen is practically glued to me at all times. Unfortunately a lot of school work is on Excel and Word and formatting reports is not so fun on the iPad so I've been using it for mostly email, calendar, textbooks, and lecture notes. Still need Windows for every every other software for engineering.

  58. I love that wallpaper! How can I get that one?

  59. 2:25 Make sure you have both of the Face ID attention toggles on because if you don’t then its easy for someone to put your iPad or iPhone near your face and unlock it while your asleep or not looking at it because the attention settings are off.

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    I always feel like the iPad Pro 9.7 is super underrated, and almost nobody knows it exists

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    Can u help me please

  68. I’m getting the 12.9 for Christmas

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  72. I love my 2018 iPhone Pro 12.9” – it is my favourite computer device ever – but also have occasional freezing problems with iPadOS – had just today in the Settings app. Wish Apple would get these software bugs sorted!

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  86. Hey amigo. Thanks for the video and details. Always a pleasure to watch your review. I have bought the iPad Pro 10.5 from Apple UK as a refurbished item from their website directly, the 256GB and it is a great deal at £579.00 GBP and if people are not able to afford or accommodate their budget for the new iPad Pro, then the refurbished is a good open and still getting most of the features. Screen and Speakers are great. Cheers all.

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