2018 iPad Pro vs 2017 10.5 iPad Pro vs 2018 iPad – Which Should You Buy?

2018 iPad Pro vs 2017 10.5 iPad Pro vs 2018 iPad – Which Should You Buy?

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
these are the current offerings from Apple for iPads – the iPad Mini no I
didn’t include the iPad Mini because I personally wouldn’t get that unless you
need it for something specific because it hasn’t been updated in a very long
time and it doesn’t have any of the modern hardware that these devices do so
what we have here is the 2018 iPad the 10.5 inch iPad pro from last year and
the 2018 12.9 inch iPad pro now know that the 11 inch that’s also available
in iPad pro is the exact same just a different sized screen so let’s start
with the specs and if you want to skip ahead check in the description below for
the time code so you can skip ahead to whichever part you’re looking for so
we’ll talk about the price the specs and then we’ll do some comparisons of what’s
different between them and then some actual speed comparisons and things like
that now the 2018 iPad pro is the least
expensive here this comes in at 329 and very often you can find deals to make it
less expensive than that so it’s 329 it comes with 32 gigabytes
of storage or you can go to 128 gigabytes of storage for more but if
you’d like to get a cellular version you can do that as well so you can tell the
cellular because it will have antennas here it’ll have a little plastic cutout
and it is $130 more for that cellular option so you can go up to five hundred
and $59 with 128 gigabytes of storage that storage is not expandable now the
2018 iPad has a nine point seven inch display it comes in at 2048 by 1536 with
264 pixels per inch and then this has the A10 fusion processor with an m10
coprocessor in it it’s about 2 times faster than the previous generation and
2.7 times faster graphics than the previous generation of this iPad now it
does have cameras it has a forward facing 1.2 megapixel camera and then on
the back it has an 8 megapixel with an F 2.4 this only records 1080p video so
overall it’s a great value it’s the standard iPad but it does have an air
gap here so what that means is it’s a non laminated display there is an air
gap between the glass and the LCD underneath now this actually has a
couple advantages some people say it can go a little bit brighter however the
main advantage to this is that if you crack it it’s easier to repair at home
if you want to do that because the glass is not attached directly to the LCD
display with glue so while it’s not easy to change you can
do that it does have touch ID as well and all of these last about 10 hours now
this only has two speakers on the bottom with your lightning connector there
again it’s the classic iPad that was introduced quite some time ago if you’ve
got a microphone there and it’s a great value it does work with the Apple pencil
and it also works with the Logitech crayon we’ll talk more about those in a
moment so if we move on to the ten point five inch iPad pro this was my favorite
until the new device came out and this one is significantly more expensive it
comes in at $649 and goes all the way up to $1129 so again 130 more if you want
cellular up to $1129. 64 gigabytes of storage is the minimum 512 is the
maximum we have a 10.5 inch display on the diagonal it’s 2024 by
1668 with 264 pixels per inch now this one has a pro motion display true tone
and a p3 wide color gamut and it’s also laminated so it means the display is
attached right to the glass it feels like when you’re touching it your
fingers right on the icon now again this one has touch ID you’ll see the bezels
are a little bit smaller and then we also have an eight 10X processor in
here with a CPU that’s 2 times faster than the previous iPad pro and
4.3 faster graphics wise this one has 4 stereo speakers which are really good
along your Lightning port there again at the top and then we have a different
camera on the back which is 12 megapixels and can record in 4k so it’s
a really nice package overall and then you have some accessories because you
have a little little Pogo pin adapter here so if you want to get a keyboard or
that’s pretty much it with this but you had a keyboard that attaches it doesn’t
use batteries it just works and you get those from Apple so that
part’s really nice and again this is a significantly faster device than this
one we’ll take a look at that in a moment but this promotion display makes
the display super smooth and it’s hard to see I am recording this at 60 frames
per second to try and show you the difference and maybe you can see it
there but if there is a difference when you’re looking at it when you use one
you definitely notice it now we also have a seven megapixel camera here that
can record in 1080p and that’s true of the newest iPad pro as well now if we
take a look at this one you’ll notice there is no fingerprint
sensor you use face ID now and you can hold it in any orientation to do that
now if we’re talking about price this comes in at $799 if you have the 11
inch version and can go all the way up to $1899 for the one terabyte version so
you can get 64 gigabytes to one terabyte and then the 1TB model also has
6GB of RAM although tests show that that doesn’t
really make any difference and it’s believed to help out the storage
controller although we don’t really know for sure what they’re doing with that
now this display is 2732 by 2048 on the 12.9 inch 264 pixels per
inch again it has that p3 wide color gamut so it displays more colors
it also has true tone and internally this has the new A12x CPU that’s three
times faster than this generation of CPU it’s also eight times faster graphics
than this CPU as well so it’s an impressive jump and it’s it’s incredible
that it has that and then on top of that it has a neural engine that has to do
with AI so it’s really impressive what it’s got now if we take a look around
this again this is that seven megapixel camera it’s also got true depth sensors
for face ID and then if we look at the bottom they’ve replaced the lightning
connector with the USB see we also have four speakers but this time around they
have woofer and tweeter ‘s then on this side again two more speakers two
microphones and then on the back we have a 12 megapixel camera with an f/1.8 and
this one also does 4k video but this device does not have a headphone jack
where these do now we also have the pogo pins on the back
time for our accessories and then a little charging spot here for the Apple
pencil if you pick that up your volume buttons are here your power sleep/wake
button is up here so that’s it as far as what they look like now if we put them
side-by-side there’s an obvious difference I definitely like the newer
one better it it feels better in the hand to me as far as that comparison
goes the squared off corners make a big difference if you look at it here they
do make a difference and it’s hard to appreciate unless you hold it however
there have been some durability concerns lately about this design
I wouldn’t put this in a backpack with a lot of heavy things on it this one
either this one does flex quite a bit if you just twist it a very little bit I’m
very careful with my devices I’m applying very little pressure you can
see it twist on the older iPads this one is even worse so let me show you here I
never recommend doing this but just push lightly and it can twist it actually
feels like this one twists more easily to me but I’m not going to do any damage
test and again this one this one actually feels a little more solid and
that’s probably why they kept this form factor instead of the iPad air 2 when
they went to this because it’s more rigid now let’s talk about what they all
can do and then we’ll move on to what they all cannot do between all three of
them so all of them run iOS 12, 12.1 in all the latest versions and will
probably be updated for quite some time they all have about 10 hours of battery
life they all play the same games the same apps the same utilities I haven’t
found anything that doesn’t run on any of these now there may be some that
don’t run on the original iPad when Photoshop comes out later in 2019 or
earlier in 2019 it’s hard to say but right now I haven’t found anything that
doesn’t run okay on all of them they all work with an Apple pencil and we’ll talk
about that in a moment and then they also all have Siri and also the keywords
so you can say hey and then that name and it’ll wake up any of these and you
can ask the assistant questions they all work with Apple pay they all have a
three axis gyro and accelerometer ambient light sensors for the display
and a barometer and I’m not exactly sure what they’re using that for now if you
get the cell model they all have GPS as well now
let’s talk about what they don’t have the iPad does not have a laminated
display like I mentioned before it also doesn’t have an anti-reflective coating
on the display so it is more reflective it doesn’t have that promotion for the
speed of the display which for some people they’ll care or won’t it doesn’t
have true tone artists generally don’t care about that because true tone makes
whites look like paper and not necessarily what their color accuracy is
or what white really is now what iPad does have though is that cheaper price
it plays all the same games like I said it does have a headphone jack still
which the newest iPad pro does not have it also has the cheaper Apple pencil
support so this Apple pencil works with this iPad and the 10.5 inch iPad pro but
it does not work with the newest one you have to have a new pencil for the 11 and
12 point 9 inch iPad pro so these are $99 and then you can also get that
Logitech crayon which is inexpensive even more so at about $70 now it also
has a touch ID which some people really like still I still do I think touch ID
and face ID works well on both devices equally when it comes to iPads more so
it’s different on iPhones and then that’s it as far as what the iPad has or
doesn’t have over the others now if we move on to what the iPad pro has the
iPad pro 10.5 is a little bit cheaper than the new one it still has those four
speakers this one has a headphone jack so you can get this in 12 point 9 inches
as well but we still have that headphone jack here we also have that promotion
display touch ID and again that cheaper Apple pencil support the 2018 iPad
however has amazing speakers these speakers are definitely better than any
other iPad I’ve ever heard you can see my iPad pro review for that on the
latest one but the speaker’s sound incredible and it’s hard to convey
through a microphone you know just not going to hear it but when you’re
listening to it it’s almost like it’s coming directly at you somehow and that
makes a big difference I think at least for watching video so even if you don’t
have a headphone jack if you don’t need headphones all the time this is an
amazing device for the now as far as what this one has it has
USBC which i think is going to be the port of the future but you still have to
use things like dongles with it so it is nice but it’s also a pain at the same
time and it also has thinner bezels so if you don’t like the thicker bezels you
get fainter bezels on the new one and again face ID so now what we’ll do is
we’re going to open a few apps and just see what they look like and how quickly
they load so let me close all the apps on all of these and we’ll check that out
next so I have all of the apps closed you’ll see here if I double tap or slide
up there’s no apps that are currently open so let’s go into we’re gonna go
into minecraft on all of these and just see what the comparison is opening them
up and loading something so we’ll go here we’ll open these up and this is the
first time they’ve been opened on this one there we go we’ll skip this here let
continue and what we’ll do is we’ll hit play and then we’re going to create new
on all of them create new again and let’s see how fast it takes to get into
the game or how long it takes and I hit this one a little bit longer later we’re
already in on this iPad pro this one’s still loading for some reason we’re in
here and now we’re in here so there’s definitely something different going on
there but you saw how fast this one is so that was pretty impressive as far as
that goes and of course we could run the test again but they’re so close and this
one’s impressively fast as well that I don’t think many people are going to
have an issue with that there we go now the next thing let’s open up a different
app we’ll open up the App Store just to see what it’s like to scroll we’ll go
here App Store I have a bunch to update apparently here but if we go to the
today view you’ll see they’re scrolling they’re all going to be super fast there
and then all of them have the multitasking go there it’s just a little
bit different here and maybe we want to go into here go
back they’ll resume nice and quick and we’re all back in at the same speed so
for most people that’s going to be super fast now if we want to do something like
open a web browser and then bring in another window we can do that on all of
these as well we’re at my website and again it Scrolls nice and smooth now if
we want to bring in something else we can do that so if we go here we swipe up
a little bit maybe we want to bring in the App Store you just bring it in over
like this and this is on the cheapest iPad so you can do this on the cheapest
iPad the more expensive iPads it doesn’t matter
this processor can handle the exact same thing and you can do that on all of them
like I said so again it’s that swipe gesture up drag this over here and
you’ve got the same thing and they all respond about the same as far as the
speed goes there this one is a little bit harder to do that with with it’s
gestures though so if we swipe up a little bit you really have to learn how
to do it to get that to work well but you get the idea that works really well
now if we go into something else maybe you just want to browse some music same
thing everything loads nice and fast and it’s again hard to convey you saw it
hiccup there a little bit it’s hard to convey that smoothness unless you didn’t
see it in the 60 frames per second of this video it’s just so smooth on these
newer iPads now if we run Geekbench let’s close all of these just so you can
get an actual numerical value now this isn’t necessarily a pure representation
of how much faster everything is let’s go into Geekbench and see what we get
and here you can see all of the different processors represented if we
go to CPU go to CPU on all of them and we’ll hit run benchmark and I’ll speed
this up so you don’t have to wait for it so they all completed and you’ll see the
scores are significantly different especially on the newest iPad so we have
single pore for the 2018 iPad at three thousand five hundred and twenty one
where it’s multi-core is six thousand twenty on the ten point five inch iPad
we have three thousand nine hundred and seventy six for single core nine
thousand five hundred and seventeen for multi-core on the 2018 iPad we have five
thousand 22 for single core and eighteen thousand one hundred and eleven from
multi-core that’s pretty crazy when you compare that to even a later MacBook Pro
2017 that’s pretty close so those are some pretty impressive numbers
especially from the newer iPad pro whether or not they make a difference in
something that’s very intensive though is hard to say unless we try something
like iMovie and exporting the 4k video so let’s check that out now so here you
can see we have the same exact movie that I recorded off a Panasonic GH5
that I’m using to record this. It’s 7 minutes and 17 seconds long it’s the same exact movie
on all of them and all I did was drop in all the footage and this is for an
upcoming review but I dropped in all the footage and I thought we’d try and
export it 7 minutes should be a long enough time to actually heat these up
and see if they get warm and see how they perform over time so let’s get a
stopwatch and see what this takes now I had to plug in the 2018 iPad as it
was getting low on battery went to nineteen percent so in order to give it
a fair chance I thought I’d plug it in so that it has full power so let me go
ahead and share this so they’re all going to be shared in 4k will export and
see if we can hit these all at the same time and there we go they’re all going
to export I’ll speed this up so you don’t have to wait so let me unplug this so that export
time is actually pretty impressive given that it’s 4k footage now let me check
quickly to see if these are warm and it’s a little bit warm down here just
mildly warm though which is pretty impressive for what it just did if you
just did that on an iMac or a MacBook it would have spun up the fans most likely
it’s not warm at all on the 10.5 and on this one I don’t feel a thing there’s
not any difference in temperature so the 2018 iPad got a little bit warm but
that’s it you’ll see the spin or here the fans spin up on any MacBook if
you’re doing 4k exporting so that part is really impressive we were about nine
minutes for the slowest one which is really fast even for a MacBook now the
last thing to compare between all of this are the pencils or styli or
whatever you’d like to call them so we have the logitech crayon here this works
with the 2018 and pretty much only the 2018 this is the first generation Apple
pencil and the second generation Apple pencil you can tell that basically
because this one’s shiny this one’s matte and then has a flat side to it
this one also charges wirelessly on the side this one charges through the bottom
of the iPad which is kind of ridiculous but that’s what they went with so this
one is paired here this one is here this does feel better in the hand for the
newer generation but this won’t work with the previous ones and this won’t
work with the new ones so you need to get the current one for the current IP
so if you want to talk about accuracy let’s go into notes now if we bring this
up here you’ll see here’s the Quran and the crayon is lacking some of the
sensitivity of the first-generation Apple pencil but you can go right up to
the edge here and it’s pretty fast there isn’t really a whole lot of lag if I
draw solo tech it’s like an A but solo tech you’ll get the idea it’s pretty
quick there’s not really any lag there if I move over to the 10.5 and notice
true tone is not on on this display but the display definitely looks a little
bit different you’ll see here again now this one feels a little bit faster and I
think it’s because of that pro motion display so again it’s quick you can go
right up to the edges here it’s pretty close to the edge detection but I think
the ad detection on the newer one is a little bit better so let’s try it on the
new one so if I set this down we’ll go over here again let’s change the pencil
outs or even here I can go right up to the edge even more
so right up to the edge on this one so I think you get the idea it’s nice and
fast this one feels a little bit better or less slippery in the hands and it
seems to go up to the edge a little bit more right up to that edge so that’s the
difference between these now this one charges on the side just like that
you’ll see it says Apple pencil again to charge this one you’ve got to plug it
into the bottom which is kind of a goofy design and then this one this one
actually just charges via lightning cable again all of these are extra
accessories so now that we’ve talked about all of the different things what
they can do and the differences between them the real question is which one
should you get now it depends really what you’re going to be doing with it if
you’re actually going to edit video or music with it get the pros you’re going
to enjoy the speaker’s you’re going to enjoy the display more but if you’re a
casual user that just wants to read some books occasionally and use it more for
maybe Netflix or something like that YouTube just keep in mind you could buy
two of these before you get one of these and you could buy four or more of these
before you can get one of these depending on which one you want to
choose so it’s really up to you which one you think is worth it but the
speaker’s definitely are better in the display is way better if you’re going to
use the camera these are better but if you want something that you don’t have
to worry about you can usually get deals on these it’s a little bit smaller but
at $329 when it’s not on sale it’s a great Buy
now I personally use this as my main computer when I’m not editing video so I
really value the higher-end one it’s something I like to use a lot I look
forward to using it because of that promotion display but this is not for
everyone you don’t need an iPad Pro unless you want it for specific things
you want the better speakers or the better display when you’re reading a
book they pretty much look the same so you’re not really going to notice a
difference unless you want true tone but I personally don’t use true tone a whole
lot that changes the look of the display when you’re in display turn on true tone
it makes it look more like paper on the whites
and some people like it some don’t but it’s not worth the double the price
entry level just for an iPad pro compared to an iPad so I would say if
you can get an iPad pro for a big discount I would get one but if you’ve
got one of these for a couple hundred dollars it’s worth picking up if you
don’t have a current iPad because you can play everything you can use all the
elementadd reality games the camera is good on all of them you can FaceTime
with all of them they all do the same thing currently that may change next
year but currently they’re pretty much the same as far as the user experience
because nothing’s different across the actual platform other than the face ID
and the better cameras and specs so you saw that export time with a 4k video
that’s about as hard as you’re going to push an iPad and it exports very closely
to what the newest one does but hopefully that helps you decide a little
bit better which one works best for you of course with the new one i forgot to
mention you’ve got an emoji and me emoji and all of those things with the face ID
camera if you want to use true depth in portrait mode and all that that’s all
here on the new one but again you’ll have to determine whether or not it’s
for you so let me know what you think in the comments below which one would you
pick or did you pick and why I’d love to hear what you have to say if you haven’t
subscribed already please subscribe and like as always thanks for watching this
is Aaron I’ll see you next time

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  66. Man, I don't own any apple products, but still I watch all of your videos for some reason! ?

  67. ? Thanks for the post. iPhone 6s and shopping… maybe the 7 refurbished ??‍♂️ it’s just such an expensive device – mine get beat up a lot being in the constitution business.

  68. A hug for Brazil. The best video i had seen!

  69. I got a nice used deal for $290 for the iPad Pro 10.5 no joke

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