2019 Apple Event: iPhone 11 Pro, Apple Watch 5, iOS 13. iPad OS & more!

2019 Apple Event: iPhone 11 Pro, Apple Watch 5, iOS 13. iPad OS & more!

The lights dim Tim
takes the stage and What is going on guys. It’s Mike and
this is my favorite time of the year because it is iPhone announcement season.
It is hard to believe that’s almost been a year since the
last iPhone been where Apple announced that iPhone XS, XS Max and iPhone XR.
But here we are yet again. Now the event is around 90 minutes long an apple
is a lot of talk about this year between updates of the iPhone Apple Watch and
Iow 13. Let’s get started Apple recently sent out press invites
for September 10th event that’s gonna be held at the Steve Jobs
theater in Cupertino California. The event which is titled “by innovation only” which
is a play on words by invitation only now not to get too deep
here into the indecipherable meaning of what the event in might mean, To me it looks
like we’re going to get a new iPhone in at least five different colors which
are going to be yellow blue green red and orange. Who knows what they
can do with white and black but maybe those throw those inside. Now these
colors line up with the colors on the screen savers that we find
in the wallpaper app. In addition to shades of colors they
are seeing in the new activity trends section of the Apple Watch app now.
Note to Apple PR and Tim you must’ve got my wrong e-mail because I have
yet to find my invite. Drop me a line to me I’m can’t wait for it either
way make sure you subscribe to tech 24/7 TV with notifications to get the
latest on iPhone and iOS 13 updates. Now let’s unpack the rumors to see
what we can expect from the event this year’s iPhones is going to follow the
same path as the previous years with two different models that are delineated
by capabilities and colors. Now it’s rumored that the iPhone 10
hour will change or become just the iPhone and that the iPhone XS and iPhone
XS Max will be replaced with the name iPhone Pro and iPhone pro Max.
I don’t know where they get these naming conventions. It’s confusing but it’s better than
it was before. If Apple does follow through with renaming the iPhone XR to the
iPhone, this is the first will give Apple a starting point of 749 assuming that
they keep the same pricing point into the market for the first time
in several years. Now the iPhone is expected to retain much of the design
styling that it has this year including the six point one inch display. But this year it’s going to upgrade
to an OLED panel now that in addition to the iPhone beginning access to a
second camera on the back for optical zoom as well as better performance
in portrait mode. Now unfortunately I’m in the camp of users
who really prefer portrait mode images coming out of the iPhone XR in comparison
with that other iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Just because the perspective it looks
different and you really don’t see it all the time. Now the big questions
here in my mind are is Apple and we’ll keep the $749 price point now that the
device is rumored to get an OLED display. Will the iPhone get the ability to
go and do portrait mode of non-human you know your furry friends. Can you do that now. And what colors
can we expect from the iPhone. Last but not least will the base configuration
going to stay at 64 gigs, or are we going to move the change 128 gigs
now? I really hope Apple does the right thing here and at least gives
us 128 GB because we deserve it. As for the iPhone XS and iPhone
XS Max, these two devices will be superseded by the iPhone Pro and the
iPhone Pro Max retaining their original screen size of point and six point
five inches respectively. Now the new devices are expected to focus on better camera
functionality and low lighting conditions and they’re going to close the gap
in video quality of what you see something more of a professional camera. I just did there. They’re going to
focus on bad pun. Now we had just a taste of this last year when Apple
added the new camera modules that support more dynamic range and better color
reproduction for photos and videos. Now the phone will be capable of capturing
more data in between the standard, telephoto, and the brand new wide angle
lens on the back of the phone. I don’t know how I feel about
the square camera bump. I mean I totally get the reason why the cameras need
to be equal distance from part. But I hope somehow the phones look better
than the render show because they’re kind of ugly. Now, I don’t know how many of
you remember this but Apple hired several engineers that previously worked on
the Nokia’s defunct high end camera phones which recall the Lumia. Now these engineers specialize in taking
very high quality mobile sensors that were upwards of 40 megapixels
and down sampling those photos into a smaller image resulting in a higher
quality photo. Now this would allow the iPhone to use data captured from
all the lenses and integrate them into a single higher resolution photo. This would allow these are to move
or change the framing for the photo or video. Now that or we could see
something like what was rumored a few years ago where you’re capturing multiple
streams of video one from each camera. Let me just pray to the photography guys
that this is the case because I for one have not been impressed with the
quality of images coming out of my iPhone XSA Max. But I know it’s not just me.
There’s money belt people out there. Let me know if you’re one of them.
Now it’s rumored that there’s additional photo data would not live on the phone for
a long period of time but I’m not too sure about that. Now today.
All photo edits are non-destructive since maybe 2012 mean that you should be
able to pull up any photo that you’ve taken since owning an iPhone 5 choose
the edit and or be able to revert the image to its original version. Rounding out the feature set on the
back of the phone is the ability to reverse wireless charging accessory
with inductive charging. Now similar to what we see on Android flagship
devices this is cool in concept but it’s really lacking its current implementation. I think Apple’s really to do something
different here. Now moving to the front the device it’s rumored that
the face time cameras will see a bumping camera performance allowing for users
to capture higher quality images in low light. In addition be able to
capture slow motion video. Now I don’t know about you but I can’t think of
the last time that I needed to go out and take a slow motion video using
my front facing camera. maybe something like tic tac. I don’t know. Some of
the kids are doing these days. As for selfies that pixel is the current
king when it comes to selfies and Apple really need to step up its
game to impress me. Here there is no indication that Face ID is going
to be going away this year. But word on the street is that Face
ID will get updated to work in multiple orientations and angles such as when
the device is laying flat on the table powering both the iPhone and the iPhone
Pro is going to be the A13 the updated series processor that’s internally
being referenced as the matrix. Now the question is Is it the one? The new A13 is expected to perform
even more kind of related tasks including computational photography more studio
lighting modes and real time scene detection in similar to what is found
in the Apple clips app. Rounding out the rumors on the iPhone pro and
the iPhone pro Max will retain the same colors but they’re going to gain
a frost or maybe even a textured finish to differentiate that from the
iPhone XS Max and maybe just maybe we can get a matte black iPhone pro. For me the biggest questions I have
is how is Apple going to differentiate the iPhone pro outside of the cameras.
That’s a highly relevant question because most people equate pro to professional
when it really could mean prosumer. Now last year we watched
Apple introduce a more robust iPad Pro that had USB-C, 2 terabytes of fast
storage and reverse wired charging which could make sense at this point
if the iPhone pros and me position towards someone who is into photography
and videographer. You’d also need to have higher store configurations
bigger than 512 and the inclusion of a high speed source controller similar
to what is found on the iPad Pro. Who knows maybe we could even see Apple
use a similar strategy with the iPhone retaining access to the lightning
port while the iPhone pro devices get the USB-C. which might necessarily
be a bad thought process. You’re in a bad deal because people are pro
users might already be into the USB-C ecosystem for other a computer and
other peripherals that they have. What do you think about Apple using the
pro moniker on the iPhone. Is it really kind of just overused or is it justified
based on what we know today. Let me know in the comments below. As for availability history is going
to tell us that if Apple’s having the event on September 10th they’re
probably going to start preorders on the 13th. Hopefully nothing bad happens on that day.
They’re going to release Iowa 13 to the public on September 16th
and you can buy the iPhone and the iPhone pro in stores on September 20th.
Who knows we could even see Apple push that release date to the twenty seventh
based on how the iOS 13 bid has been going. Now it is quite strange that up until
this point we’ve heard almost zero rumors about that Apple Watch which
signals either A – Apple is getting better at managing their leaks or “B”
– there might not be significant changes coming to this year’s Apple Watch.
Given that we haven’t heard any significant rumors at this point
B makes a little bit more sense that this year will be more of an S year
cycle update to the Apple Watch possibly even introducing updated internals
that are going to further militarize kind of a component level. Continued focus on health and fitness
that materializes some way maybe even sleep tracking or blood glucose
monitoring and new finishes including titanium and ceramic. Now what we do
know is that Apple is planning to make apple watch less reliant on the
iPhone by enabling native apps that run right on the Apple Watch with the
ability to go ahead and purchase apps from the App Store. Now that means
no more companion apps. And that really could be the grand vision here.
Apple’s going to get more people into the Iowa ecosystem by getting
the best fitness tracker on the market today which is the Apple Watch to work
on Android the same way that Apple got iPod to work on Windows
which opened up many people to Mac. Now that in addition to new watch band
colors for the fall has me excited because I’m a collector of things.
My question here is really are they going to be new partnerships similar
to what we’ve seen with Nike and Hermes in the past. Outside of the iPhone iPhone pro and
the Apple Watch being the main attraction at the September 10th event, there are
rumors that we could see new hardware including a new set of AirPods that
are more water resistant, an updated iPad Pro with new camera modules a 10.
2 iPad. The new Mac Pro and even the Pro Display which we saw WWDC in
addition to a redesigned 16 inch Mac Pro. But to me this doesn’t make that much
sense at this junction. That’s because these are significant enough to warrant
their own onstage demos during the presentation and really at the
iOS event on September 10th, timing is of the essence and Apple wants to
devote as much time as they can to the iPhone. I would expect to see you know new
iPads and new Macs at the event in October which is gonna give Apple ample time
to demonstrate these products onstage. Now for software Apple should devote
plenty of time to go in talking through iOS 13 Mac OS Catalina iPadOS now that
the iPad has its own software version and tvOS with the
expansion of the TV strategy. That in addition to seeing demonstrations
of advanced photo and video editing on iOS because of all the new hardware capabilities
found in the iPhone now from a software perspective I am probably
the most excited for learning more about secure HomeKit cameras because
there’s nothing more that I want to do than as ditch Nest for
Logitech cameras. that followed by the introduction of video editing on the iPad and I
want to know what Apple has up its sleeve for file management now. All that said the next two
weeks have me literally giddy with excitement. I cannot wait to learn more about the
new products and that’s really the most exciting thing about this.
I’m excited you’re excited. It’s like we’re excited together. Let me know in the
comments below what has you most excited. What’s going on everyone. It is Mike.
Thanks very much for watching my video on the iPhone
Pro event rumor round up. Now the next few months are to be content
have including my iOS 13 am iPadOS guides as well as hands-on reviews
as as much hardware then get my hands on make sure your subscribed with notifications
to be one of the first to watch when my new content drops. hit like hit subscribe and I
will talk to the next one.

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