2019 iPad Air Review

2019 iPad Air Review

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
this is the third generation iPad air and this has been out for almost two
weeks at this point and I’ve been using it on and off and I think it’s a really
great iPad and this sort of places itself in between the mini the regular
iPad and the iPad pro in fact it’s the same size as the iPad pro 10.5 that they
don’t sell anymore now this comes in at $4.99 that’ll get
you 64 gigabytes of storage or 6:49 will get you 256 gigabytes of storage it’s
not expandable and if you’d like to add cellular data so you can use this
without a cell phone or a hotspot or Wi-Fi it costs 129 additional dollars so
you could top this out at seven hundred and seventy nine dollars now it comes in
three different colors this is silver you can also get Space Gray and gold the
design is pretty classic for the iPad air at this point although it is a
little bit bigger but if we look at the back you’ll see we just have a camera
and I’ll talk more about that in a moment we have a microphone on the back
and then your traditional Apple and everything else that looks familiar if
we take a look at the front of course we have touch ID and this looks to be the
second-generation touch ID they don’t really say anymore but it’s fast enough
that I think it is second-generation and it works just fine it is a physical
clicky button though and actually clicks down it’s not like the iPhone 7 or newer
with the home button so it is physical now on the bottom we have two speakers
and our lightning cable connector in the middle and then on the right side we
have two volume buttons on the top we have a power sleep/wake button and we
also have a microphone in the middle as well as a headphone jack on the other
side now on the left side we have a smart connector and these three Pogo pin
adapters will allow you to connect things like a keyboard and there’s not
many other accessories than that but it will allow you to use a keyboard with it
the same one that works with the iPad pro now on the front the display looks
fantastic it’s a laminated display so that means that right up on the edge
there is no air gap so that means there’s no gap between the glass and the
LCD display underneath it so it looks like the icons are sitting right on the
display and Apple has done this in all of their pro products
for quite some time and some other products such as the new iPad Mini and
the touch responsiveness is quite good I’ve had no issues there and I’ve never
had an issue with that with iPads at all but this display is 10.5 inches
corner-to-corner the resolution is 20 to 24 by 16 68 with 264 pixels per inch
it’s got the p3 wide color gamut true tone and it’s oleophobic so it shouldn’t
show too many fingerprints and it’s got an anti-reflective coating on it it does
go up to 500 nits so that’s its brightness level and it’s quite bright
you’ll be able to see it in most situations if you’re in a very sunny day
outside you may have some trouble looking at it it just may not be bright
enough for that but for the most part it’s going to be fine now this one also
supports Apple pencil so not only does it support the keyboard it supports
Apple pencil but it only supports the first-generation Apple pencil so you’ll
still have to use the kind of goofy lightning connector at the top where you
want to plug it in and then sync it so we’ll plug it in here we’ll wait for it
to pair it does take a moment here there we go we’ll pair it to the device and
unplug it and it should work I’ll put the cap back on and now it works with an
iPad and this is a great pencil it is a little bit less expensive than the new
second-generation pencil but you do have to charge it with that lightning port
and its responsiveness is quite good now this display is not a 120 Hertz display
like the pro version is so you don’t get promotion but for most people it’s going
to be okay if we go into notes I’ll open a new note and the actual speed and
responsiveness is quite good it will keep up pretty much as fast as
you can draw if you had 120 Hertz display you may notice a difference but
there’s really no issue unless I show this in slow motion going back and forth
you’re not going to see any lag not with the human eye normally you normally so it’s pretty good that way I
have no issues with the pencil and it’s very nice because it’s pressure
sensitive so if you want to shade and things like that if you’re into drawing
it’s great for that it’s also great for a precision when it comes to things like
iMovie and iMovie is one of the apps that works really well on here this is a
4k video that I showed I showed this in my iPad Mini review but here I’ve made
some edits because in that video it was very fast to export and I think that’s
because I didn’t change anything so let’s see how quickly it exports now so
we’ll go ahead and hit done and then we’ll hit the button down here and then
we’ll save the video and then we’ll save it in 4k and let me just put a timer
next to it so we can see how quickly it saves so here is the stopwatch we’ll hit
go and we’ll see how quick it takes to export a 4k video that I’ve modified
slightly so that took about 4 minutes and 39 seconds and that’s pretty
impressive considering the movie is 3 minutes and 47 seconds so much faster
than any Mac I’ve actually used when doing the same sorts of things now the
iPad air comes with the a12 processor so it’s got the latest processor it just
doesn’t have the extra graphics power that the iPad pro does it does use three
gigabytes of RAM and that seems to be fine for iOS it’s plenty fast we’ll talk
about the benchmarks in a moment but before we do that let’s talk about the
cameras and then we’ll see what kind of speed the apps have as well so the
front-facing camera is basically the same as all the other higher and iPads
it’s a 7 megapixel camera with an F 2.2 aperture now this particular camera is
not anything phenomenal but it works great if you want to record yourself
you’re on a FaceTime call things like that and it works fine it does not have
the true depth sensor that the iPad pro does like the iPhone 10s 10s max and
those things so you’re not going to get the an emoji or I’m emoji but you’ll be
able to use it for a camera now if I go back into this and flip it around the
rear camera is okay it still only records in 1080p but it has an 8
megapixel camera and it’s an F 2.4 so it’s the same as the iPad Mini but you
won’t get the nicer camera that you get on the iPad pro now the actual speakers
on the device there’s only two on the bottom they are technically stereo
speakers so if you’re in portrait they will sound sort of in stereo but most
people watch content in landscape and you’ll only have the speakers on one
side depending on which orientation you’re holding the iPad in so you leave
there have them on the left or the right and whatever works for you will work
just fine and then also this one is very fast when it comes to things like
multitasking so if we have the app store open maybe we bring in music pull down
here we can resize you’ll see it keeps up just fine there’s no issues here
maybe the occasional stutter but that seems to be related to that a 12
processor but it’s plenty fast you can multitask
all and no issue you can go right back into
multitasking or back out and things just seem fast and fluid all of the time now
when it comes to things like games well let me open minecraft because I tend to
do that on every video so you can kind of get an idea but we’ll take a look at
something else as well so let me open this up we’ll wait for it to load it is
the first time I’ve opened it on this device and you’ll see it opened nice and
fast create new great new world create and we’ll get in pretty quickly usually
so we’ll wait for it it kind of just zips along when we’re using it and it
doesn’t seem to be taking too long to load and we’re in so if you want to play
Minecraft you can no issues here the frame rates look pretty good I don’t see
any issues here and you’ll be able to play that all you want now other apps
such as arc survival this is a little bit more intensive and this should
handle it no problem you’ll see I haven’t opened it on this iPad before so
it’s more graphic intensive you’ll see it looks ok and I know we swipe up to
jump things like that but you’ll see there was a hiccup there so it will run
these apps no problem but you’re really not going to see much difference between
this and any of the other iPads maybe the pro will be a little bit better but
this was ported from a gaming computer so it seems to be ok things like the
room load fine as well the room is a game I’ve played through probably a
couple times at this point at least all of the room games I’ve gone through and
you’ll see this one has not been loaded on this one either but it says welcome
back so we’ll continue the game and this is a fairly graphic intensive game and
you’ll see it loaded pretty quickly and it’s an interesting game so it’s a nice
puzzle game if you’re into that you’ll see that it seems to be just fine and
fast and if we want to go back and forth between this and say minecraft takes a
second to resume there we go we’re back in then maybe we go back to arc and it
loads pretty quickly so there’s not really any issues as far as speed it’s
going to do whatever you need it to do the back of this is not warm at all so
let’s run the benchmark so just once so that we can get a basic benchmark score
and it should be pretty quick let me close all the other apps now all the
apps are closed let’s go ahead and run this see what we get the benchmark
completed and it’s scored pretty well at four thousand seven hundred and seventy
two for single core eleven thousand three hundred and eighty five for
multi-core and really what I look for in these benchmarks is that it stays close
to forty eight hundred and eleven thousand for a multi-core score if it’s
in that range it’s going to perform just fine like the other iPads as well so
this is a great iPad if you’d like to see a comparison between this and the
pro I could do that in a different video if you’d like let me know in the
comments below I think it’s a good I pad to pick up especially when you can get a
deal on it which there’s usually deals these days at local electronic stores
this one or the mini depending on what size you want they’re pretty much
identical when it comes to specs so it’s more about what screen size works for
you so if you wanted this or the mini either one is a great Buy check out the
iPad Mini review it’s very similar to this this particular iPad and let me
know which one is your favorite in the comments below
personally I prefer the twelve point nine inch iPad pro I just like that
larger screen size and it’s what I use most of the time when I’m not editing
these videos so I do use an iPad all the time and I think this is a great option
the pro is great and this is basically the same thing without the hundred and
twenty Hertz display or speakers but let me know your thoughts in the comments
below of course I’ll link this wallpaper in
the description as I always do if you have any other questions or comments I’d
love to hear from you if you haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and
if you enjoyed this video please give it a like if not the other ones okay – as
always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next time

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