2019 iPad mini Review – The Same but new

2019 iPad mini Review – The Same but new

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
this is the 2019 iPad Mini or the 5th generation iPad Mini and it’s really
what a lot of people have been looking forward to is just an updated version of
the original now let’s talk about the price and then we’ll talk about design
display and other things and you can see all of those time codes linked in the
description so you can jump around or whatever section you’d like to take a
look at now the iPad Mini starts at 399 for 64 gigabytes of storage and then
goes up to 549 for 256 gigabytes of storage also if you’d like cellular data
you can add it for 129 dollars so the highest priced iPad Mini is 679 dollars
the memory is not expandable so you can’t update storage or anything like
that now the overall design is exactly the same as the previous generations of
iPad Mini so the bezels are huge here and for many
people that’s not a problem because the bezels are really where you can rest
your fingers and I think that was the idea so if you want to rotate it we can
rotate it here and watch a movie and our fingers will not be in the way the same
thing goes with reading it now if you do hold it this way you can keep your thumb
off to the side but you will probably overlap the screen a little bit if
you’re going to use it this way but for most people this design is something
many people like it has touch ID and it’s probably the second of the second
generation version of it they don’t really say anything about it but it
seems plenty fast and it’s actually a clickable button so it’s it’s not tacked
just they have to touch button like we had on the iPhone 7 and newer so it
actually clicks and it’s a physical click on the bottom we have two speakers
along with a Lightning port and then on one side there’s nothing at all on the
top we have a little microphone along with a headphone jack which is really
nice to see that they kept that and then we have our power sleep/wake button on
the right side we have our two volume buttons so just like we had before it it
seems to be identical as far as the physical characteristics now as far as
the display is concerned this is actually a laminated display and what
that means is the glass is attached to the LCD underneath so that it looks like
it’s right on the screen or looks like the icons are right on the glass
now this is great for viewing but it’s bad for repair ability so if you want to
repair one of these it makes it much more difficult
some people can separate it if you wanted to replace the glass from the
display but it’s so hard to do most people replace the whole thing which
makes the repair cost to go up now the display itself is very nice it’s a 7.9
inch display diagonally it’s 2048 by 1536 with 326 pixels per inch and it
looks great it’s actually got a higher pixel density than many of the other
iPads it looks great the touch responsive is great and it goes up to
500 nits of brightness so if I turn the brightness all the way up here it’s very
bright you could use this outside unless it’s super sunny but most of the time
this will work great for everyday reading or whatever you’re using it for
now as far as the internal specs we have the a12 processor with three gigabytes
of RAM so while three gigabytes may not sound like a lot it’s plenty for that
processor along with iOS and the battery inside is 19.1 watt hours it will give
you 10 hours of use it’s basically the same as any other ipad apples very good
about this if you’re watching video you’re probably gonna get about 10 hours
of constant use now the iPad Mini this time our own gains Apple pencil support
but it’s not the new Apple pencil it’s the first generation now that’s good and
bad for a couple of reasons so it’s good because it’s less expensive and comes in
to around $100 for the Apple pencil it’s bad because you still have to charge it
through this lightning connector on the top and it does work well but it’s kind
of goofy to do so if we slide over here you can see the battery status of the
pencil and the iPad there and it just gives you
62% it does charge pretty quickly no issues there and the pencil does work
well it’s still touch sensitive pressure sensitive and works fine this does not
have a hundred and twenty Hertz display like an iPad pro so let me show you just
how fast we can scribble it without it lagging this seems to keep up no problem
so I can go as fast as possible and it doesn’t really look like there’s any lag
maybe if I slowed it down you’d see a little bit of lag but just writing is
really nice like any other iPad it works really well and the pencil will
let you kind of get more precision or fine fine pinpoint accuracy compared to
using your finger and I find it helpful and things like iMovie will talk more
about that in a moment now as far as the cameras are concerned they’re pretty
typical for iPads they are not the iPad pro cameras the camera on the back is an
8 megapixel camera and that has of F 2.4 aperture and can only record in 1080p
video it’s fine for most people but it won’t do 4 K the front-facing camera is
pretty much what you’d expect on pretty much any iPad now if I turn it around
you’ll see it’s got face tracking and autofocus and everything like that and
it’s 7 megapixels it’s got an F 2.2 aperture and it records in 1080p as well
looks pretty good it’s what you would expect and it’s basically the same front
camera you get on the iPad pro now as far as the speakers are concerned the
speakers are the same that we’ve had in the iPads for a while they do go nice
and loud and they work well but they’re nothing special you don’t have that
stereo sound so when you’re using the iPad in landscape you only have them
coming out of the right side or the left side depending on which orientation
you’re holding it in and so it’s okay it’s not great I would recommend
headphones or air pod something like that that would really help now let’s
talk about the apps and then we’ll look at the benchmarks so the apps are what
you’re going to see on any other iPad but because you have that a 12 processor
it’s very very fast it’s faster than the 2018 version for the most part no issues
here and if you want a multitask you can do that of course just slide in another
window pull down we can rotate you’ll see it just keeps up fine no issues here
if we want to move everything over and it’s very very fast I I really
appreciate that Apple is putting this same processor in pretty much every
device there’s not much lag anything like that if you want to open the camera
quickly you’ll get right in there’s not any issues so you can kind of set aside
the a 12 processor and the RAM it’s going to perform as good as pretty much
any iPhone or iPad out there except for maybe the pro since that has a little
bit more power on the graphics side now speaking of the graphic side
games like minecraft I know I’ve used this quite a bit but it’s kind of a
benchmark I’ve been using just to see how quickly things load you’ll see it’s
loading here it doesn’t take that long of course because it is newer you’ll see
we can just zip right along here and create a world and of course it’s not
the most intensive game but you’ll see it loads pretty quickly so there’s no
issues and this is actually just a world being generated with nothing in it but
it does work fine no issues here and it’s nice and fast and fluid so that
part’s nice now if you want to do something like 4k video editing you can
do that no problem go into iMovie go into my movie I’ll rotate it to
landscape here go into edit you’ll see how fast it is everything I do it
doesn’t seem to slow down this was an iOS update video I did and so if you
want to just zip through it no problem whatsoever you’ll see it’s it’s in 4k as
well so there’s no slowdown whatsoever it’s just zipping right along and if I
wanted to export this you can hit done export save 4k and it will export and it
was that fast so it may have already been done at some point I don’t know but
that was incredibly fast so maybe it was just pre-rendered and that was amazing
actually so let’s check photos and see if it’s really there and you’ll see it’s
actually there exported that was pretty incredible I don’t know if it
pre-rendered it in the background or what but wow that was impressive
maybe because it didn’t have to make any changes I don’t know so let’s go into
Geekbench and see what the benchmarks are like quite a few people asked for
this so we’ll go into Geekbench you’ll see there’s the version number
there’s the OS the processor and about three he delights of ram will go into
cpu will run the benchmark and all apps have been closed in the background so
there’s nothing running and we’ll just let it run and see what it does the
Geekbench has completed and we have four thousand seven hundred and seventy nine
for single core and eleven thousand two hundred and sixty-one for multi-core so
i think that’s going to be plenty fast for most people it’s right along the
lines of the latest iPhones and we shouldn’t have any issues there so the
iPad Mini is for people that really miss this
all tablet form factor personally it’s a little bit too small for me I prefer the
large 12.9 app iPad pro so it’s all about what one works for you best so
whichever size works for you there’s quite a few options now there’s the new
iPad air with the same exact specs as this for the most part it’s just a
larger display and then also you’ve got the pros with the better speakers and
things like that and I’ll have comparisons in the future but there is
enough iPads now that fit pretty much everyone’s needs everything from regular
use to pro use so if the 7.9 inch display is great for you then I would
highly recommend this device also you can get it pretty inexpensively compared
to Apple charges many times at different local electronics stores when they have
them on sale so while it’s 399 to start you may be able to find it for a better
price especially in a few months so let me know what you think about it in the
comments below are you picking up an iPad Mini or do you prefer a larger size
iPad or maybe even an older iPad let me know what you think in the comments
below of course I’ll link this wallpaper in
the description as I always do if you haven’t subscribed already please
subscribe and if you enjoyed the video please give it a like if not the other
ones okay – as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next

58 thoughts on “2019 iPad mini Review – The Same but new

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    This machine is a monster. With pencil support then Im able to do portable video editing places where I usually wouldnt bring my iPad Pro 11 or MacBook. Its just been so fun… BUT… that clicky home button. Those sub-par cameras. Those giant bezels. Those TWO lousy speakers.

    Its just such a shame that Apple didnt give this a better upgrade. Im not even saying to go full on USB-C, FaceID, ProMotion. Just a "modern" home button, 4 speakers and less screen waste wouldve been great. But I guess thats all in the 2023 upgrade…. 😀

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  41. Thank you for your review. I believe this a good move for apple. My mom who is in her 70’s and has done well over the years in keeping up some technology has reached her upper end. She has had a mini many years and needs to replace her current device soon. This will be the perfect upgrade for her. Thanks for the review.

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