[ 3D SCULPTING IN FORGER APP (iPad) ] Dr. Stone Suika mask modeling. PART 2 (NOT TUTORIAL)

hello everyone welcome to Zifeng learns to make so today I’m going to learn how to do 3d sculpting using an app called Forger on my iPad Forger. so this is basically a 3d
sculpting app from what I understand is like playing play-doh so you sculpt stuffs
using your finger okay so I’m going to sculpt a character called “Suika” from the
anime “Dr. Stone” so it’s actually a watermelon head the shape should be
manageable for me mm-hmm let’s try it so now I errm. create a new scene so I’ll
have the reference this is the reference picture basically it is watermelon okay
looks like it and then… dig a hole I’ll just make a hole manually Yikes looks good looks good I’m sure it’s not the best way to do it but that’s the only way I know for now okay
save always save your work how do I save? SUIKA can I make a separate object? I think I can right? these looks like a cylinder. Transform move up Scale done pull nice. Since the “pull” is so good I will make a smaller stalk scale is important okay! pull pull for the back one long stalk. nice K now I’ll just make is slightly uneven now a leaf how do i create a leaf? insert. object plane. transform. move up. rotate oh a plane only has one side so, nope ok a cube will do umm transform. move up. flatten oh. so what if i mask a leaf shape? why is my mask so pixelated? whatever. Leaf shape ok ummm. and then I’ll push it in I’m sure it’s not the right
way to do stuff okay although it’s ugly but more or less it’s there now I got a leaf after thirty minutes transform. move. move it down. rotate. scale OKAY more or less, nice! I am done save your work do I want to create a texture? I’ll try I’ll just make the cracks this is a really boring episode because I’ve
been recording for almost 1 hour and haven’t even talking much so yeah it’s
just me doing my stuff UMM this looks like it save! so now the question is how
do I paint it? and to answer that question I’ve made another tutorial for
it so it’s about UV like how to apply texture like this to the model so it’s
done inside blender and this is really on Instagram this video was taken
through Instagram filter if you follow me in the link in the description below
you can use this filter on your Instagram and if you open your mouth it will change and thank you very much for watching see you in the next tutorial

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