3D Touch – Fix it Like This or Bring it back

3D Touch – Fix it Like This or Bring it back

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
I want to talk a little bit about 3d touch now we know that it’s sort of went
away with the iPhone 11 Pro the iPhone 11 pro max and the iPhone 11 where Apple
actually physically removed the pressure-sensitive layer under the
display so that 3d touch is no longer pressure sensitive and they’ve replaced
it with the word haptic touch and what that means is you just long press on an
icon and you get a little menu from that and so it’s sort of like a right-click
on a computer but with their previous phones if you’re not familiar with it or
maybe you haven’t used one of the older phones it actually has a
pressure-sensitive layer under it so you would just push down and push a little
bit harder in order to get that menu to pop up and it’s a lot faster than the
press and hold so if I show you this side by side you’ll see I can do it at
the exact same time and it’s just much faster on the iPhone 8 plus for example
that actually has the 3d touch built in but Apple actually changed the way it
behaves with iOS 13 so that it was less noticeable on the newer devices and what
that means is when you used to press a little bit on an icon it would sort of
fan out and then if you let go it would come back and you can see this a little
bit if you go into the menus for 3d touch on an iPhone 8 plus or something
else below that that has 3d touch or even a XS or a XS Max or an iPhone X
so if we go into settings and then we’ll go to our touch settings now in the 3d
touch menu used to be able to see this if you pushed a little bit and then it
would pop out a little bit and then go back but now you can’t really do it you
can just do it ever so slightly but they’ve basically removed 3d touch
altogether now also 3d touch is more convenient when you’re typing so if
you’re on a website for example and you want to type another web address or you
want to move the cursor all you need to do is push a little pressure in the
middle of the keyboard and you can move your cursor around on a non 3d touch
device it doesn’t work like that so if we go to Apple the same thing here and
we want to move our cursor around if I put my finger down in the middle of the
keyboard it doesn’t do anything but if I put my finger down on space and hold it
then I can move the cursor around so it’s not that difficult but it’s
something that’s chain and it was a feature that a lot of
people really liked that they removed and so the reason I want to talk about
this is because there has been a recent development in the world of Android
where Google did the March pixel update and brought a very similar 3d touch like
feature to the phone using just software so they use their AI or their learning
algorithms to actually understand how your finger spreads out as it presses
the display so if you 3d press or just press quickly on on say Twitter here it
just pops up very quickly and to show you a comparison for speed now they did
have a long press before but now it’s about the same speed so I think Apple
can actually improve this over time with the same sort of learning and it feels
the exact same as 3d touch so if you’re familiar with that it would be great to
have them do something like that if we could have the ability to have them use
maybe their neural engine to understand how your finger fans out as it pushes on
the display harder so it would be great to have something like that back and
then have that brought over to an iPad as well where the glass is so big that
you can’t really press on it the same way and those pressure-sensitive layers
don’t work well so it would be great to see them bring it back based on
something like we had with the pixel software but instead do it on the Apple
side where it’s nice and safe and secure and works like 3d touch now I don’t know
if they could bring the keyboard feature back but I would love to see them bring
everything else back since it’s so helpful
now some apps still allow you to do the pressure-sensitive 3d touch moves but
for the most part it’s gone all throughout the OS it’s more of just a
press and hold and that’s fairly unfortunate but hopefully they can fix
this and bring it back but I would love to hear what you have to say about it
with iPhone 12 I don’t know that they’ll bring it back but they could do it with
an OLED display or they could do it on an LCD display they have the option to
do that and with the iPhone 9 or se 2 they most certainly could do it if it’s
like an iPhone 8 because it’ll be an LCD and so if we have that sort of set up
that’s the same there’s no reason they couldn’t bring it back with iOS 14 or
iPhone 12 and I think a lot of people would really appreciate that and whether
it’s a supply issue a manufacturing issue or something
they have planned in the future to get rid of it I think it would be great to
bring it back and I think it’s a great feature that I missed quite a lot so I
wanted to hear what you had to say about this and if you’re still watching at
this point I really appreciate it but I wanted to get your feedback as far as
follow-ups now I talked about this on Monday where I do sort of news reviews
over the past weekend and the week but I thought maybe we could talk about issues
like this on Friday but let me know what you think about it in the comments below
it kind of breaks up talking about iOS updates and things like that but let me
know your thoughts in the comments below if you’d like to get your hands on this
wallpaper of course I’ll link it in the description as I always do if you
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please give it a like as always thanks for watching this is Erin I’ll see you
next time

100 thoughts on “3D Touch – Fix it Like This or Bring it back

  1. I miss 3D Touch

  2. What are the options you use the most with haptic/3d touch? I literally never uses it.

  3. I really miss 3D Touch, this is the only feature that Apple has removed and I think it’s a step backwards.

  4. I bought the XS just because it is the latest iPhone with 3D Touch. I use it all the time, I’ve been using since the 6S where I literally used to play with it on the home screen. It’s also very useful for controlling effects with keyboard in GarageBand

  5. Haptic Touch just doesn’t feel right. It feels slow. Annoyingly slow.

  6. When the first iPhone came out that removes 3D Touch, (the iPhone XR) I just thought that the Haptic Touch would be just as fine as 3D Touch. With iOS 13 particularly they made it much more like 3D Touch on all devices (whether they had the pressure sensitive display or not). Up until the beginning of this year I’ve always used a 3D Touch device (iPhone X) so I haven’t been able to make a real opinion. HOWEVER I have now been using an iPhone 11 Pro Max for 2 months and I have to admit, I really miss the original experience of 3D Touch :/

  7. One of the few reasons why for the first year since buying my first iPhone, a 3GS, I will not be upgrading my iPhone.

  8. I really miss 3D Touch. Apple took a huge step backwards when they nixed it.

  9. I got the xs max and missed the 3d touch ! I like to see it back !

  10. Happy for me stil on iPhone 7

  11. Apple: discontinued 3D touch to make more space and since people didn't use it much.

    Google: releases an update to make the Pixel 4 have 3D Touch using software algorithms and tricks

  12. I miss 3D touch and manual transmissions. Problem is that few used them in the case of touch and nobody (nearly) buys manuals so fewer manuals and it is cheaper to remove the 3 d layer.

  13. I can easily point to the removal of 3D Touch as one of the worst things Apple has done in the past few years. 3D Touch should have been brought to iPad and doubled down on iPhone.

  14. Still staying on iOS 12.4.1 on my Xs, 8, 7

  15. I miss 3D Touch! 3D Touch is an awesome feature and in my opinion a big factor for going with the plus or pro options when buying my phone.

  16. Apple won’t bring anything back that they removed. Sadly

  17. I really do miss the keyboard 3D Touch feature, I didn’t know it will be gone when I purchased my 11 Pro Max, I knew about 3D Touch going away, but that feature, I thought Apple would do something to keep it. It was so convenient to have it. ☹️ and yes this haptic feedback it’s way too slow.

  18. Why the hell did they remove pressure sensitive screen, bring it back this year please

  19. I generally love my XS, great phone. I like and use the 3D Touch extensively. Use haptic on iPad, it works, but not as nice as 3D. I think if you asked 100 iPhone users on the street most would have no idea what it was or what has changed. You do a great podcast that I enjoy, but I doubt your audience represents the average user – people here are geeks like myself on the bleeding edge 😂😂

  20. It’s probably the only thing that makes my 11 pro max feels a little backwards compared to my Xs.

  21. I like either one❗️It just doesn’t seem to make me any difference, I use my iPad much more than my iPhone and I always use my Apple Pencil ✏️ so that might be the reason it make no difference to me so I just use both❓🤔👍✅🤗

  22. Apple should bring 3D Touch back; I do feel, however, that it was never fully implemented properly

  23. It doesn’t matter for me!

  24. I really miss the 3D touch future on my Pro

  25. Was really cool with games like AG Drive for turning on the boost by pressing harder on the 3D- touch screen. You can’t do this on a Haptic Touch screen. If Apple can do what Google did then this could be possible again.

  26. That’s why I don’t change xs to 11pro. I love real 3d touch. It make my using exprience totally difference with others device. I really dissapointed when apple lost their different. the android phone changed 3 home button in the screen to the swipe bar like apple. the android phone has haptic touch like apple, etc so now what will interest user when diciding to buy a new phone? hardware? ios with appstore? 😞 i really miss appleeeeeeeee 😩

  27. I’m one of those few who miss 3D touch

  28. Who uses 3D Touch anyway

  29. Suddenly everybody miss 3D touch😅😅

  30. i used 3D touch all the time. That's one thing I miss since i got the 11 Pro Max. I still have my XS but now the screen seems super small compared to the 11PM

  31. In 2020 we wish Apple to follow Android, not for it to innovate,sad

  32. I don’t have an iPhone 11 Pro Max but I think Haptic Touch is a small but major downgrade to 3D Touch to me. 3D Touch is so much more faster and speedy than Haptic Touch. How do you have a phone a year newer and still feel like an older model. 3D Touch is the reason why I’ve never upgraded to the iPhone 11 Pro Max and kept my iPhone XS Max.

  33. they should bring another option like "fast" which is really fast…so there should be 3 options like , slow, normal, fast….

  34. 3D touch functionality on my XS max was the sole reason why I haven't upgraded to ios 13 since. I was absolutely ready to upgrade but then when the beta's and reviews came out I just thought, there isn't any point in losing one of my most beloved and most used feature since owning IP 7 Plus.

    They should just revert it all back to how it was on ios 12.

  35. 3D Touch for gaming is incredible. I used it as my trigger in PUBG Mobile so when I upgraded to the 11 pro max I kept my 8 plus as a dedicated gaming phone.

  36. 3D Touch sucks!

  37. I am also so missing the 3D touch on my 11 pro max. I came from a 6S and used 3d tough all the time, New tabs, New email, tap and hold for the favorite list, new snap, new tweet. I just used it on app icons all the time. I am using it less and less because you can open the app faster then jacking with Haptic. This is my #1 problem with IOS 13. I would also like more mouse support on the iPad.

  38. Hell yeah. That's crazy that google was able to implement that on a phone without a special sensor. I really hope apple can figure out how to implement it on the iPhone 11! I miss 3D touch so much. It was such a cool feature. I was so disappointed when they took it away. I almost want to switch to a XS Max just for the 3D touch.

  39. In my iPhone 11 Wifi slow what to do ?

  40. Apple shouldn't remove the feature from the phone which still have 3D Touch layer, it's not fare for people who bought the phone for the feature.

  41. There is even FULL 3D Touch support on the iPad with the Apple Pencil. Doing a 3D Touch with the Apple Pencil is way faster than just doing a Haptic Touch. Same as on the iPhone.

  42. I dunno, I rarely use the "3D touch" and the current iteration, when I do use it, it's fine for me.
    Thanks, Aaron, always love the vids! 🙂

  43. Apple should have never taken 3D Touch out of the phones in the first place.

  44. 3D (Force) Touch is going to the most missed feature whenever I upgrade my iPhone.
    They should at least bring back original like behavior to the phones which has 3D Touch built in.

  45. As much as I love iOS, Android is miles ahead in AI. That’s not even a debate at this point.

  46. I barely use Haptic Touch or 3D Touch

  47. i got an xs max and I don’t want to upgrade due to Haptic Touch 🤢

  48. Just saying I always enjoy a new vid from Zollo

  49. I prefer having better battery life over 3D Touch.

  50. That wallpaper is unbelievable dude

  51. I didnt upgrade my Xs because of 3d touch and don't plan to upgrade as long as they didnt comes with something better

  52. I bought xs max 256gb gold🥰

  53. You forgot about the XR

  54. Thanks man, the space thing is what I need

  55. I have a CS Max & I REALLY miss 3D Touch

  56. Thanks for talking about 3D touch aron. I am holding on to my 8plus only because i dnt want to let go of 3D touch. Haptic simulation is just crap but sadly there is hardly anyone talking about it. I have spoken to a lot of youtubers about this but everyone says 3D touch isnt coming back.. I use this feature for my music apps which is why its quite important. I was hoping that one day ipad'd get 3D surface.. Instead of that they removed it from everywhere 🙁

  57. Unfortunately, apple never really put their best foot forward when promoting 3D Touch! I think the move towards improving battery life killed the future of 3D Touch! I liked the feature and I wouldn’t mind seeing it come back but living with my 11 promax without 3D Touch has been just as glorious!

  58. 3D Touch was one of Apple’s most underrated features, it was sooo good. I still hv 3D Touch cos I use a XS, but it’s not the same like before. All it does is activate Haptic Touch quicker.

  59. Really excited iPhone 12

  60. its been removed in instagram I was so mad but I have no choice no more animated stories for me -_-

  61. So is it not safe and secure on the Pixel it’s a gesture based event how can it be anything other than that(bring it back on the Apple side where it’s nice and safe and secure)

  62. I have an iPhone X and I’m still running iOS 12 if I upgrade to 13 will I lose true 3D Touch?

  63. I don't understand why they ever took it away. Use this shit every day

  64. 3D touch on bluetooth togle is very annoying. when pressing bluetooth menu, it should be go to blouetooth setting but it turn off, and ihave to press again

  65. I really miss 3D Touch!. But it’s sad we can’t have it back because 11 pro series doesn’t have a pressure sensitive screen. Hope Apple fixes this feature with iOS 14

  66. Yes, I love the idea of having days for certain topics of videos. Great idea!

  67. Can you do the video for macOS also? It would be great

  68. Never used 3D Touch all that much so I really don’t miss it.

  69. I miss peek and pop

  70. I don’t use it a lot I mean it’s not in my favorites so I don’t care at all if it is fixed or it has returned

  71. Why I could use 3D Touch on my iPhone XR? Because of the system changing?

  72. Long live the iPhone 10s max & iPhone 6s+

  73. They should give complete support for iOS devices that supports 3D Touch. We need feature what we Paid for.

  74. Yes they need to bring it back!! It was crazy to do away with it… I also miss the highlighted bubble that you could see what you were highlighting, if you want to copy and paste something…

  75. Sir sometimes my iphone xr doesn't change battery percentage while using. Is this a bug ???

  76. Sure the feeling of 3d touch was great on my iPhone 8 but i am happy it's gone i will take a bigger battery any day a Lil bit of thick phone is always on the good side to hold, someone like me who uses super bulky Spigen cases i think i can live with a thick phone if they introduced 3d touch again with the same size of batteries inside.

  77. “They’ve basically removed 3D Touch all together.” Will you stop saying that? Again, it made people avoid updating to iOS 13 after watching your videos. Not true. Just because that satisfying light press and back out is gone doesn’t mean it’s gone. SMFH.

  78. My favourite tooo 3d touch

  79. It’s a layer to the display. It can be added or removed just as easily on an LCD or OLED panel, the “iPhone 9” having an LCD display doesn’t make it any more reasonable for the layer to return.

  80. I miss having peak and pop throughout every app. I can still do it on a couple of apps, but for the most part, they killed it!! I miss 3D Touch so bad!!

  81. After updating the whatsapp to get the darkmode…..the 3D touch preview is not there..when we 3D touch a file…pdf or jpg file…what can be the reason?

  82. I have the 7plus and I always use the 3D Touch. Not a fan of Haptic Touch on my iPad 6th gen.

  83. Anytime Mysore

  84. Well….u DONT remove what is already there
    You can add stuff,but you dont remove what people are used to.
    I dont use 3D touch,and i dont understand why is 1 nanosecond longer if thats what it takes to perform something??
    For thoose of you who use 3D touch,well,hope apple brings it back for you in their future devices
    Btw,it will still look like the X but with 12 cameras on the back🙄💨👈

  85. 3D touch is really convenient for me, you can slide on your virtual keyboard as a cursor…now its hectic..

  86. 3d touch is the HEART of iphones and that’s why it’s different then others

  87. Yeah i miss that 3d touch feature where you can easily move the cursor around. Now its a bit difficult to select a word from a text. I really hope apple bring back this features.

  88. The sacrificed our headphone jack for this 😕

  89. I'm an Android user until this year. I love using 3D Touch especially in gaming.

  90. I am a bit confuse. I thought, synaptic software can already sense whether your finger press the touchpad lightly or firmly by calculating the area of your finger tip (at least since 10 years ago). Since touchpad and touchscreen display basically use the same capacitive sensor(if not better), naturally it is doable to sense a firmer touch on any smartphone screen

  91. I love 3d touch

  92. It does not matter for me! I do not see it useful every time I use my iphone 11. In some cases only. So not really a great feature

  93. I did not update my xs max running on ios 12
    cause I know it will mess up my phone to worst

  94. 11 pro is my first iphone so i dont miss it😅 it works fine how it is but i understand that people got used to 3d touch and suddenly it was gone with an update.

  95. I honestly never really cared for 3D Touch and don’t use Haptic Touch much either. But ever since I got my 11 I’ve been using Haptic Touch sparingly and since I never used 3D Touch all that often it doesn’t feel very slow to me. That Android trick is genius though, I think Apple could definitely implement it but I also feel like they won’t just because they already overhauled 3D Touch so aggressively. Haptic Touch does however make rearranging apps require an extra step, but that’s only relevant for me now since I’m still adding apps to the phone. Anyway, I watch a lot of your videos and I really like the format! Straight to the point not too flashy but still made with care. Keep giving us great content man

  96. Honestly I miss 3D Touch . I’ve been using my iPhone 8 Plus for a while now and have used Haptic Touch . It just doesn’t feel right tbh !

  97. My suggestion: try to release your finger earlier, as soon as the icon (link, etc.) starts to flinch. Do not wait until the context menu pops up under your finger. I got used to it and can assure that if you release your finger earlier, the context menu will pop up no less than twice as fast as if you hold your finger until the context menu appears.

  98. I think you’re right. You know one ☝🏻 of the reasons that I recently bought iPhone 📱 Xs and not the 11 Pro is because of the features that I used too. This phone 📱 has the last features of it’s kind.

  99. Love you follow up and information videos! Often helps me understand the new features better (especially as Google give you like zero explanation about anything on an update!)

  100. I got iphone 6

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