3D Touch is not fixed in iOS 13…Yet

3D Touch is not fixed in iOS 13…Yet

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech &
iOS 13 beta 2 did not seemingly fix 3d touch like many people thought it would
in fact it seems to have spread haptic touch across all of the devices that
even had 3d touch now some people said no that’s 3d touch and it’s pressure
sensitive and I wanted to show you exactly the difference between real 3d
touch and haptic touch so here I have an iPhone XS Max and an iPhone XR that
are running iOS 13 beta 2 and then I have an iPhone X that’s running iOS 12
beta 4 or 12.4 beta 4 and I’ll show you 3d touch on this verse the other devices
now many people were saying that this is a bug and this is due to an article that
has an email that was supposedly sent from Craig federighi who’s the head of
Apple software and that email has not been confirmed as 100% true so it may be
true it may not be true we don’t know but even in that article it says it
could be fake so as of right now they haven’t fixed it and I wanted to show
you so on the iPhone XS Max you can see we have all my normal icons that we
have everywhere else and if I go to something like the control center and
press on brightness it’s tap you tap and it pops open now this is pressure
sensitive on iOS 12 but not on iOS their teen so far so if you push a little bit
push a little bit less it pops open every time and now if I switch to iOS 12
on the iPhone X and do the same thing you can push a little and let go and it
will pop back so if I push a little bit look there it’s based on pressure not
based on you’ll see I can push it a little bit more it’s based on pressure
not based on how long I hold my fit my finger there or my thumb so if I push
here like this again you’ll see it does the same thing and pops open if I go
back to the iPhone XS Max and do the same thing no matter what it will not
react to actual pressure on the display regardless of it being a pressure
sensitive display now I’ve gone into settings here and under accessibility
turned on and off 3d touch I’ve adjusted this and you can see you can test the
pressure-sensitive sensitivity here you can see it just like
if I push a little bit more reacts a little bit differently and you can do
medium or firm or whatever you’d like let me show you on the iPhone XR how
it’s exactly the same so if we go to the same thing in control center we’ll press
on the brightness it pops open the same if I just hold my thumb there push down
it pops open the same maybe slightly slower but it pops open now if I do the
same thing on an ab now if you pressure press lightly on an app you’ll get the
same sort of response in iOS 12 but on iOS 13 it’s the same thing it pops open
you’ve got haptic touch basically on both it just says 3d touch so I don’t
know if they’re going to change this in the future or not but if I do the same
thing on iOS 12 here with an iPhone X I can push a little bit and let go let me
show you this a little bit closer so if we go in a little bit closer here I can
push and let go push a little bit more and then it kind of does the little
jiggly thing there press harder and it pops out so it’s a different type of
pressure it’s actually pressure sensitive you can see that little ring
there you can play around with it and again this works on all 3d touch
elements push a little bit more and that’s all based on pressure not based
on how long you hold your thumb there you can do the exact same thing on a XS
Max with iOS 13 beta 2 and no matter what you do you can do this same thing
but it does not respond to pressure on the iPhone XR I’ll do the same thing and it’s all based on how long you hold
your thumb they’re not based on pressure so I don’t know if Apple is going to
bring true 3d touch back or not but this does make all the features basically the
same across all devices this works the same on an iPad now as well so you’ve
got the haptic touch on all devices even if you don’t feel the little jiggle from
the taptic engine when you press it so it’s there but of course some people are
going to be upset with 3d touch being gone now let me know what you think in
the comments below do you think this is a bug or do you think they’re just
trying to make everything Universal across
all the different devices I tend to think it’s supposed to be universal
across the devices but if they bring 3d touch back based on pressure I’d be very
happy to see that let me know in the comments below what you’ve found with
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2 thoughts on “3D Touch is not fixed in iOS 13…Yet

  1. have updated to ios 13.1.2 on my iPhone xr and notice that now I can set a live photo as my lock screen and it will work with haptic touch.  however apple still does not include the stock live wallpapers that they do with the 11 and xs series phones?  why not?  the functionality is there with haptic touch now.  also on the ipad pro 2018 I can set a live photo as a wall paper however it will only act as a still photo if you touch it with the new haptic type touch(understand there is no touch feedback) but again wonder why its not enabled.  is this a hardware or software limitation on xr/ipad pro?

  2. Apple abandoned 3D Touch… want proof their new iPhone 11 doesn’t have 3D Touch 🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. 3D Touch in iPhone XR or no?

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