5 Handstand Variations You Really Need

5 Handstand Variations You Really Need

100 thoughts on “5 Handstand Variations You Really Need

  1. Chris you were gonna tell us about how to make saute spinach and more about nutrition

  2. Chris your channel is so awesome! You deserve all the views you get and more! Keep crushing it bro!

  3. How to unlock the straddle and full Planche please

  4. Is app free?

  5. Man, i LOVE the concept of muscle memory.

  6. Ño nadie escribe en español

  7. Please make a video on how to fix scapula winging .

  8. Thanks Chris, I learn so much each time😎


  10. Thanks @chrish this is very helpful for us to hold the hand stand

  11. Chris eres el mejor bro 😎✌🏼🔥

  12. What part of the shoulder is targeted when doing handstand pushup? (Front,middle,back)

  13. Anybody from india 😁

  14. Beauty Bro

  15. Please do a video on teenage Calisthenics progress and diet


  17. "Everyone is copiyng me, Austin Dunham's taking my videos" hmm, i wonder where u got that idea from? Lemme check out Dominic Sky's channel for 1 sec. Oh yeah, but don't worry, you can still make cardio videos in witch you explain how 1 mile running burns more than 1 mile walking

  18. Chris please show your metal side instead of those romantic songs. Just one song at least…
    I don't beg for likes usually but if you also agree with me like so chris can see

  19. Iam 17 dose handstand results to decrease in growing height..?

  20. Chris I don't have the courage to go this much up the wall cuz I've fallen more than once to the front and its scary as hell

  21. Chris that progression cost me a lot to get it out, I'm giving it but I think it's a difficult progression for me, but I still will be able to get it clean for the moment,thanks Chirs you knowledge value gold

  22. Epic Video chris ❤️👑

  23. Hey Chris I want to buy the app but wich is better for personal trainig? Heria pro or Thenx app?

  24. Been trying to unsubscribe from the heriapro app, can't do it manually as there is no facility in the app and your support email hasn't responded to two requests now. Please help Chris

  25. What is the difference between Heria Pro and THENX mob apps?

  26. This made me realised how weak my shoulders have become, Gonna get back into working out. Thanks Chris
    To anyone: Also should I get the pro version of the app, are there any beginnerish workouts? Can do all of the basic things from the how to start working out video by Chris. Thanks in advance

  27. Am trying to do 3 of ur exercises per day, the fat burning workout of the morning , one of ur abs workouts mid day and another fat burning workout u said to do evrynight, am asking if doing all 3 hurts my body or benefits me, so far i dnt feel like its hurting me. i hope someone sees this

  28. 👨Love‍❤‍❤️‍from nepal 😊😊

  29. please leave Turkish subtitles on your videos please

  30. please leave Turkish subtitles on your videos please

  31. For my cautious reason i took on this exercise with exact fresh haircut i feel lighter on my hands now.

  32. Привет Крис 😉

  33. Very helpful video!!!

  34. Breathing is such an important aspect of training many beginners neglect. Please teach us how to breath, Chris. We all will be thankful.

  35. I could do reverse handstand

  36. He attac
    He protecc
    But most importantly, HE USE HIS HAND AS A LEG

  37. Am I the only one slightly triggered by him walking up a clean window with shoes?

  38. I already know handstand why im watching this 😂

  39. Please make a video on how to do explosive exercises (especially explosive pull ups)

  40. The music is 😤👌

  41. 2:18 hurt

  42. Me: can't do a handstand
    Chris:5 handstand variation you need 😭

  43. Chris, can you make a video about your workout program:
    1.What muscle group you train for the day?
    2.How many hours you train in one day?
    3.How many rest days you have?
    4.Can you share some tips for muscle growth?

    P.S.-The Story why I am asking you to do this:

    I started calisthenics one year ago by using a 30 day workout apps(nothing serious just 40 min workout in a day).I started eating healthy as well.After 2 months I lose a lot of weight and gained some muscle and that motivated me to train harder!At the end of the 30 day workout app I started watching youtube workout videos and I find your channel.I started doing some of your 6 pack abs workouts and the results were incredible.I gained muscles and I got a 6 pack abs.This motivated me to train more and more harder!
    I was combining youtube videos to make my workouts.That's were the nightmare started….
    I became a real maniac with this workouts.I trained at least 5 hours in a day every day with no rest! I stopped hanging out with my friends because of the workouts.I was late for school because of the workouts.Every morning my first thought was ,,Which workouts should I do today?"
    I started visiting physiologist and I calmed down a little bit and I started working out for 4 hours per day.But after I started working out less than 5 hours I had three problems:
    1.I always thought I am not training enough.
    2.I started losing motivation.
    3.(The biggest one)-Before and after I calm down I didn't have any progress!
    That's why I decided to make myself a program and ask you for the video.

    Sorry if my spelling is wrong I am from Bulgaria.

  44. Thanks Chris for the video

  45. Chris, you are promoting your App in every single video, but it has worst ever support service I've ever seen! I've asked to cancel PRO-membership (just because it useless for me) but there was NO answers from support service. And finnaly, just several minutes ago an app charged me another $12. What the hell? THAT IS NOT PRO-LEVEL!!!

  46. assisted handstand!

  47. Americans see ya as a normal person
    Here in Africa u are our legend me and my fellows ❤

  48. Good Video Chris, as always. I have an idea for your next Video : „How to master Archer push ups“ ?

  49. Si regreso el subtítulo ❤️

  50. God job Chris 👏👏

  51. Bro how do you breath while doing a handstand?

  52. Dada nice gim ilik you

  53. I already download thenx apps but some exercises locked and need to pay. I can't pay because my economy if you make thenx apps for free events it difrent then thenx apps I'm sure all your subscriber will download it and use everyday. I'll only use your training by watching your youtube. thanks thenx for lot of information.

  54. Como hacer parado de manos a una mano

  55. Bro I am your biggest fan

  56. Great instruction. Loved the different variations you showed! And enjoyed your explanation on muscles used.

  57. Hey Chris and thenx team. Please take care of yourselves against this coronavirus. It would not do my heart any good if any of you guys have it. Fans too. Please take care. We need you all elite thenx athletes healthy.

  58. Can u do Bruce Lee workout routine

  59. 5:45 song name pls

  60. Why don't you upload the songs from your videos on YouTube???

  61. I like your exercises very much, it is very effective and helps me improve muscles
    I hope your channel will continue to be more successful
    Thank you

  62. Hi! Thank you for the video!
    I just wanted to ask you for some advice about posture, how to keep it straight and strong. Imho it's a keen problem today because of a huge amount of computer work.

  63. Love you from India bro

  64. I will become stronger than Chris
    God:wait ,that's illegal!

  65. HEY CHRIS for you’re next video can we get a bodyweight leg workout that doesn’t involve alot of jumping because i have neighbors downstairs and i don’t think they wanna hear a fat out of shape mofo jumping around and i don’t feel like falling threw the floor and killing everybody ps my floor sqeaks alot even when i tip toe THANKYOU sensei

  66. Soy tu fan

  67. Waht about pull up

  68. youre just sexiest men ive ever seen 🤤

  69. Just would like to say Thank you Chris ✌🏽

  70. Now is this bad for your wrist??!! My friend said he got tendinitis from doing too many handstands

  71. why does his pecs look fake

  72. This is best to perfect my Handstand Chris.

  73. Thanks you verry much👍💪💪👍

  74. my first main goal!! never give up!!

  75. Best guy out there 🔥🔥

  76. And the best team 🔥

  77. Man too good. I have been following your posts and now my abs are showing, thanks man

  78. im 8 yrs old and i can already do 1 hand L-sit and 1 hand handstand.

  79. I just saw a video by Greg Doucette totally ripping on you and one of your videos. The guy sounds like Gilbert Godfried except more annoying if thats possible. Dont let him mess with you Chris! He's just trying to start poop to increase his following.

  80. My left and right hand strength and size is not balanced. My right is stronger than my left. I request you to make a video to maintain balance in strength.

  81. Chris we want more challenges

  82. Ты очень классный! You are very cool, thank you so much!

  83. Come to Morocco bro we need you here legend 👍

  84. Chris, why don't you post a serratus workout?? It would be amazing!!

  85. Jo thank you😁

  86. you look like Crypto from Apex

  87. dayum chris you are looking bigger 🙂

  88. can you make more arm workout videos please?

  89. I gotta say man you are such a cool dude. You inspired/taught me to do all my workouts and it works so great. I find that you are good at making everything simple enough for even a beginner like me. You’re a huge idol keep it up 💪💪👊

  90. Saludos desde malaga,españa …eres el puto amo

  91. You're such a genuine person Chris i am so glad I found both your channel and Thenx because you have motivated me to switch to primarily bodyweight workouts and it is much more fun than standard weights and I can feel the gains coming. I bought some parallette bars and a dip station and im learning all the exercises from you so thanks man 💪🏻💪🏻

  92. My first challenge is handstand.!!!😤

  93. Thanks heria …. yo tutorials are the best fr me especially when you make us understand also the physics behind 👏🏻

  94. Can i have tutorial frWorkouts to master 1 arm handstand emphasizing on mistakes we might be doing for it to be difficult…..

  95. Heya Chris new subscriber..um would you have any easy exercises for above the knee amputee😁..problem.wif all these chair exercises its hard ta keep the limp.down😏

  96. So, Chris… I am 16 about to turn 17, and I started watching your videos a month ago. I have limited access to anything, including a pull up bar until summer hits. Even so, I'm already changing my entire lifestyle because of the insight you give. Thank you for having me reach my perfect self. I've already lost 5 lbs even without working out often.

  97. Remember this movie called "-Helping Donald Trump Retire-"

    And in the movie is a election campaign where Adam Sandler says "I want to be the furrst stuttering president of America" because he allwase stutters and says "I I I I just waahhh Wah waaaant pee pur pa Pe Pi people thuiaa tah to I juuurrr I just want people to be naa na naice to each other"

    Then he goes against missy Elliott who also stutters AND missy wins .but missy stutters REALLY hard.

  98. Come on man!!! you got to pass the playlist 😩😩😩

  99. What is your job please tell me ?

  100. i have lil fracture in my left palm so it's impossible for me ryt now, i can't even do push ups, have to use fingers because when my palm come in contact of weight it hurts badly ☹️

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