AccessoryGeeks: iPod Touch 4th Generation Plastic Case Plaid and Flowers

AccessoryGeeks: iPod Touch 4th Generation Plastic Case Plaid and Flowers

Hey guys john here with what I’m doing today is I’m gonna show you this 2 new cases we got for the I-Pod Touch 4th gen As you remember earlier the week or earlier last week I did a video showcasing on the zebra case and the skull case… we just got this new ones in and the designs plaid and don’t really know what to call this we call it black swirls and a butterfly I think cause there’s a butterfly might as well we call stars to but I think it’s on our website is black swirl but as you can see it’s kinda like abstract design on a purple background and this one the plaid it’s a mixture of colors pink, purple and some brown in there but actually really nice. Ok so couple things, the finish is really good like I said like the last cases it’s kind of like there’s a clear coat over the design to prevent it from a scratching of from wearing it down and the inside is obviously plastic or the construction obviously plastic and you have all your cut outs and theese are again one piece case that only covers the back of the phones so i’m gonna go ahead and install this swirl and purple design butterfly star flower..just kiding. But go ahead and install this and easy install just like one slide in and clipped it in and there you go and it’s on there pretty good, good protection. Umm with the plastic cases or the silicone cases, I had a comment asking if it protected the screen if it was put face down? With the silicone cases is yes because there’s actually goes over e little bit but this plastic cases it does not so please be aware that if you do sat this on the screen it will likely touch the screen yes it will touch the screen so just kinda little disclaimer there but just want to do a quick video to show you guys this 2 new cases we got in their available at I’ll put the links down in the description, but like always if you shop with us we offer free shipping within the Us and Canada so you can save on that this is john from reminding you, you got it from a geek.

9 thoughts on “AccessoryGeeks: iPod Touch 4th Generation Plastic Case Plaid and Flowers

  1. @GAM3VIDZ The plaid or the crazy flowers? lol

  2. @GAM3VIDZ Check your inbox for OMGGam3 I sent you a message.

  3. do hard cases scratch the back?

  4. @petertheallblack no it prevents that (:

  5. @nananaNikk thanks its just it takes nothing to scratch an ipod 🙂

  6. That dident help I asked how to take the case of

  7. Because it is a back cover case, it might be more helpful if you had the use of a pry tool that we do have available on our website so that you don't break your nails or somehow scratch your phone taking it off. We do have tutorials available on our channel explaining step by step on how to take off hard back plastic cases if you would like to check that out. Hopefully this has been helpful and if you're still having problems, please don't hesitate to contact us! We'd love to hear from you!

  8. Ok thank you

  9. I have the same case but its white and says: I <3 musta hes

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