Android Developer Story: Peak Games’s popular ‘Spades’ earns majority of revenue on Android

Android Developer Story: Peak Games’s popular ‘Spades’ earns majority of revenue on Android

31 thoughts on “Android Developer Story: Peak Games’s popular ‘Spades’ earns majority of revenue on Android

  1. way to go Alican (y)

  2. Why do you guys develop on macs if you're android-centric? Just curious…

  3. @Sean LeRoy less hanging and other things that happen on windows.. But now there is a competition from Microsoft the surface book which is in my opinion better than apple macbook

  4. The sound editing in this video is really unprofessional. It really seems fake when you can hear the stutter between sentences being cut together.

  5. Конечно интересная профессия дизайнер, но она требует особенное умение, которое не у всех есть. К сожалению.

  6. Хуйня.

  7. Tebrikler Peak Games bu kanalda daha fazla Türk şirketi görmek ümidiyle.

  8. What is the IDE for develop that kind of game? are they using Android Studio?

  9. Good job and proud of that Peak Games is a Turkish company. Usability is very important for mobile games especially analyzing all the part of the screen, eye tracking and so on. And see that Peak games is aware of this. Congrats.

  10. Mükemmel bir şirketsiniz Peak Games. Tebrik ediyor ve gururla takip ediyorum. Başarılarınızın artarak devamını dilerim. 😉

  11. How come I can't get gin rummy plus on my ipad ,but I get rummy plus and spades plus

  12. bizim yasini banlamissiniz

  13. 1) Backgammon's rolls are so rigged it's getting ridiculous.
    2) Out of curiosity i used a Kurdish flag and without saying/replying a single word in all turkish insults i received… i got banned "because of swearing" … hahahahah
    Not to mention that after a few days my win ratio went <30%
    Tip for success : Choose an avatar with Kemal's face or a turkish flag

  14. asın bayrakları

  15. Hi my name is Leon
    i play toy blast.
    And i was over charged.
    i paid 99 cent for the coins then i played for 16 minutes and placed the same order again but peak took dollars instead of 99 cent. .
    i need help please i have a bill that must be paid.
    Please help me ASAP.

  16. hay man can you talk to who Drake he's developing a game that you might want to help I was texting through YouTube or find him on his website bluedrake42

  17. what device is used in thumbnail? is that cintiq?

  18. I can give an best idea for games a reality Based game like Pokémon go

  19. Great going! 65k installs per day is for the Spades app alone or all the apps together by yours?

  20. Edureka’s Android development online course

  21. gin rummy plus want start its says my account has been permanently suspended ..don't know why please help..

  22. I do love the Spades Plus app and I play it a lot, though the cards don't feel very random as the hands can be consistently lopsided. Also, users need more control over the chat in the mobile versions. Observers can sit at a table and harass players and there is nothing we can do. You can only block players and that doesn't stop them from continuing verbally harass in the chat.

  23. go ahead , i hope i can work with you

  24. Helal Olsun

  25. what do you think about this new game project

  26. Great video

  27. Which will be a good company to create a game for me so i can put it on sale on google play.?

  28. Love you so much It hurts USA

  29. 1:31 this guy hurt his head while coding app?

  30. you should try out Red Birds Adventures it's a simple fun hand eye wack a mole style game, very addictive!

  31. How can they make revenue when they make such 'ordinary' games like spade

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