Apple 11″ iPad Pro, 64GB, Space Grey, 2018 model | Unboxing

Apple 11″ iPad Pro, 64GB, Space Grey, 2018 model | Unboxing

Hello everybody I’m CarlRyds and welcome to this unboxing video of the brand new iPad Pro. The iPad pro has been completely redesigned with an edge-to-edge Liquid Retina display with Pro Motion and True Tone technology. It also has Face ID on an iPad for the
very first time, a powerful a 12 X chip and support for the brand new Apple
Pencil. Let’s take a look what’s in the box. First, we need to remove the pull tab,
then we can pull off the cellophane wrapping and lift off the top of the box.
The first thing we are greeted by is the iPad Pro itself which we will put to one
side for now. Under it is a packet which includes a get started guide, warranty
and legal information, Apple stickers, an 18 watt USB C power adapter and finally
a USB C to USB C charger cable. The device is just 5.9 millimeters thin
and comes in a new boxier design, includes four speakers,
five microphones, a 12 megapixel rear camera with 4K video recording and a
True Tone flash, a 7 megapixel true depth camera system on the front and weighs
just 468 grams. I’ll leave a link in the video description below
to Apple’s websites you can find out more about the brand new iPad Pro.
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  1. Do you think 64gb is enough ?

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