Apple introduces the iPadOS, brings many new features for the ipad

Apple today announced the new iPadOS at
its annual WWDC event the new operating system comes with a plethora of updates
over iOS that bring the company’s popular slab almost on part with laptops
first up the iPad will get a new split-screen apps feature that brings
side-by-side launching of apps including duplicate apps Apple promises this will
work with third-party apps as well the new OS will also include drag-and-drop
support between open apps the new OS also introduces the ability for iPad
users to pin widgets directly to their home screen and several other quality of
life upgrades including the ability to fan out apps at the bottom of the screen
and easily scroll through by swiping along the bottom of the screen it seems
like a small thing but it appears to work very intuitively
which should result in less time spent navigating through screens for those who
work with multiple apps at once apple also announced that iPad OS would bring
USB support to the iPad this knocks down one of the last barriers to adoption for
many holdouts musicians come to mind finally iPad OS will also be getting
dark mode just like iOS a streamlined new file manager including folder
sharing and smoother Apple pencil integration making it simple to mark up
entire screens with simple new gestures iPad OS is available for developers in
beta starting now the public version drops in July

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