Apple – Introducing iPad Air

Apple – Introducing iPad Air

♪ We’re often faced with
a paradox when we design, to make products
smaller and lighter, while at the same
time more powerful. The more we reduce a
product’s physical volume, the more difficult it becomes
to increase its power and maintain
its battery life. But if we can overcome
these challenges, we can make something
without compromises. iPad Air is just
7.5 millimeters thin and weighs only 1 pound. We actually started work
on this product years ago, designing and engineering
the primary technologies that would be necessary
to make it. The new A7 chip is
incredibly powerful and also very power efficient. Because of this efficiency,
the battery could get smaller, yet critically without
any loss in battery life. And of course by reducing
the battery size, the product became
significantly lighter. We reduced the
dimensions of the bezel. With less mass, the iPad Air still retains
its structural rigidity. There’s a simplicity to it, but there’s nothing
precious about it. This integrity,
this durability inspires confidence
in a product that’s meant to be
taken places, handled, and really used. With the iPad we set out to
redefine mobile computing. Up until now
64-bit architecture was something
you’d normally only find in desktop computers. The new Apple-
designed A7 chip brings 64-bit technology- all of its advanced
computing graphics- to this ultra-portable,
1-pound device. Even with all of this
added processing power, iPad Air still has an impressive
10-hour battery life. iPad Air is the first
iOS device to support MIMO, or Multiple In, Multiple Out. It actually delivers
twice the data transfer rate as the previous generation, and the support
for more LTE bands than on any other tablet. Because with a device
this thin and powerful, you’ll want to
take it anywhere and always stay connected. We’ve also improved the
FaceTime and iSight cameras, adding new processors
and sensors so you get much clearer,
sharper images and video. iOS 7 is essential
to the iPad experience. It’s at the core of everything
you do with iPad Air. And we’re now making
iMovie, iPhoto, GarageBand, Keynote, Pages, and Numbers
available for free, because we believe that with these amazing apps
on this amazing device, the possibilities of what
you can create are limitless. The iPad has
always been a tool defined by the ways
people actually use it. The iPad Air is so
capable and powerful, and yet with its
breakthrough size and weight, it’s the thinnest, lightest, and also the most advanced
iPad we’ve ever built. ♪

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