Apple iPad 5th Gen and the iOgrapher for iPad Pro and 5th Gen

Apple iPad 5th Gen and the iOgrapher for iPad Pro and 5th Gen

– [Presenter] Okay, in this video, we’re gonna take a look at
Apple’s new iPad fifth generation and how it works with the
iOgrapher for iPad Pro. Now Apple’s new iPad
is the same size around as the iPad Pro 9.7 inch. The new model is a little
bit thicker though, and, of course, Apple
has moved the lens on us just a little tiny bit, and
I’ll show you that in a second. So we’re gonna use the iPad, the iOgrapher for iPad Pro 9.7. We’re gonna flip it over. I’ll move the box out of the way. Here’s my camera. Now we wanna make sure that this goes inside of that left tab, because you might miss it. Just kinda angle it in a little bit, and push it with your thumbs. And then push down. And it snaps in. And now, you can tell this is in securely. It’s not going anywhere. So that works great. Now, on the lens area, it’s moved oh so slightly
to this side a little bit, and I’m gonna show you some lens tests with the wide-angle and
telephoto lens in a second. Now when you’re taking this out, it is a little tight, so put it like this, upside down, pull up on the tab right here. Just pull up slightly, pull out the case, and there’s your iPad and your iOgrapher. No damage, no scratches, anything. It’s not gonna hurt it. So now, let’s take a look
at how our lenses work with the iPad fifth generation
and the iOgrapher 9.7. (soft music) Okay, this is the only place
you may see some challenges with the fifth generation iPad and the iOgrapher 9.7 inch Pro case. So you can see we’ve got the
two times telephoto lens, and everything looks great, except on the bottom right corner, where you’ve got this dark edge. And that has to do with the
fact that they moved the lens over on this a little bit. So in Filming Pro or other apps, you can absolutely zoom in just a tad bit, and I’m gonna do that right now. Just even that’s probably too much. We can come back a little bit. So now I’ve zoomed in a little bit. I’m gonna refocus. And there we go. And now we’ve got a nice, clean shot with the 2X lens. Perfect for sports and other events.

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  1. Hi This model includes the lenses and if that is not how I love from them on your page thank you

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