Apple iPad Air 2 vs Google Nexus 9: Full Comparison!

Apple iPad Air 2 vs Google Nexus 9: Full Comparison!

55 thoughts on “Apple iPad Air 2 vs Google Nexus 9: Full Comparison!

  1. First

  2. Great vid as always! 😀

  3. Nexus 9 would be my personal preference but iPad Air is still nice.

  4. Really nice video, Austin! On point, Nexus 9 is a bit of a compromise device. I'd rather go for a Nvidia Shield tablet, and yes, for the avg. consumer, iPad is the better option.

  5. Another great comparison there +Austin Nwachukwu. Keep it up man

  6. Nice comparison.

  7. Great comparison! Ha i saw you watch the legend of korra?

  8. Great comparison as always !! 🙂

  9. "OK now" haha

  10. Can I suggest you get a pop filter for your mic, it will stop all of them poppy air sounds:) nice video though, think I'm gonna go for the iPad.

  11. Great video as always! Saw you had snapchat on there, is it personal or can you tell me what your username is? 

  12. Awesome bro I have the original iPad air

  13. Being made of metal does not always give it the advantage. I don't really know why everyone thinks that.

  14. Da nexus looks better, feels better and its just better period. Ipad air just sucks , same old boring tablet. I can do more on da nexus 9 than on da ipad garbage.

  15. You said the nexus 9 wasn't a great hardware device.. it runs the tegra k1! That is a really fast chip isn't it? @Austin Nwachukwu

  16. Great comparison video Austin!

  17. Awesomely objective comparison Austin. Great work.

  18. I would actually go with the Nvidia Shield tablet rather than the nexus 9 because it has just been upgraded to lollipop and its pretty much stock. Also its much cheaper and doesn't have a 4:3 aspect ratio that the nexus 9 has. You can even use it to play PC games. You should go pick one up and do a comparison of the two 🙂

  19. Love the Intro Music! 😀 great work!

  20. Does anyone know why that serial number's at the back?

  21. I prefer a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 or 3

  22. Excellent comparison! You justifiably prove that the iPad stands heads and shoulders above any other tablet as of now. Something the iphone was during 2007-10. Let's hope true excellence in android tablets isn't too distant an affair.

  23. Ha that ending doe

  24. As usual, Apple does it better

  25. Great review! I really like your videos! 🙂

  26. You make really quality videos! I feel like you don't get enough recognition…

  27. Nice work! Glad I found your channel.

  28. My conclusion.
    ipad wins but if you want android go for Nexus 9.
    But my last ape product is a iPhone 3GS. I use a android phone as daily driver. And I don't now if I want the ipad because I haven't used a ipad ever.

    What do you think? Ipad or wait for the next Nexus tablet?

  29. i agree, I have an iphone and am switching over to android because of all the benefits but I would never consider switching from my ipad. For what you want out of it the apple ipad is really perfect

  30. No Yosemite yet?

  31. Great comparison buddy! Keep it up!

  32. Nice video man! Keep up the strong work

  33. Awesome coverage of both man. Well done!

  34. you're rocks dude!!!!

  35. LOL dat mustache…

  36.  A very good comparison !!! It's objective the and the quality is good . You're one of my favourite tech reviewers !!!! 

  37. You need more subscribers, your videos are excellent!

  38. Suscribed! Love the videos and love dat MKBHD style!

  39. Hey Austin! I have a iPad 4 and i live in a very cold country. My iPad sometimes gets really cold and i think that is the reason why it's battery life is really bad now, often a year of having it. Do you think that the nexus 9 would be better here then a iPad air? Sometimes metal is not a better option.

  40. "dat mustache." I died. X3
    Good review though. ♥

  41. What's with the grid sizing on the iPad? There is a ridiculous amount of space between the rows of icons. So much wasted screen real estate

  42. Nice work Austin! Keep it up!

  43. iPad premium feel,until it bends

  44. Nice video bro , keep it 

  45. LOL  great video  i liked the part from jonathon with the moustache that part was funny !!!

  46. Thinner made of metal and just really feels better in the hand he says about the iPad that is until you drop it!

  47. I wanna go with iPad Air 2 cuz I like apple.

  48. I like how you gave your opinion, most tech channels don't do that anymore, it's fun hearing what other people think

  49. What editor do you use

  50. Is it just me or does this look just like mkbhd

  51. Great work. Just quick critique though: you need a new mic/ need more feed to it. Great work doe (y)

  52. Nice video…

  53. Great video! I'm sensing a bit of MKBHD influence 😉

  54. Nice video. IPad Air 1 user. Couldn't agree more with your thoughts!

  55. this video is ridiculous

    every video I've seen favors the nexus speakers

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