Apple iPad Air Review (White Silver, 16GB Wi-Fi)

Apple iPad Air Review (White Silver, 16GB Wi-Fi)

What’s up everybody Muwen360 is here again
with a Apple iPad Air review and this video review of the Apple iPad Air, we’re going
to talk about everything about the tablet from the exterior design, from the apps, from
the specs, and just about everything about the Apple iPad Air in this full review of
the tablet. I’m Muwen360 and let’s take a look at the
Apple iPad Air in this review which starts right now. The iPad Air is available in two colors: the
Silver model which is this one I have right here and also the Space Gray color which is
kind of a black color. Pricing, as far as pricing goes, it starts
at $499 U.S. Dollars and it goes up $100 each time when you go from there. There is also a cellular version available
and it supports 4G LTE but you will have to have contract with Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T,
and Sprint to do that. Size and weight. It has a height of 9.4 inches, a width of
6.6 inches, it’s only 0.29 inches thick. Weighs only 1 pound. Display. Retina display of course. 9.7 inches diagonal LED back-lit Multi-touch
display with IPS technology. It has a resolution of 2048×1536 at 264 pixels
per inch. It also features a fingerprint-resistant oleophobic
coating for the screen.It’s an Apple A7 chip 64-bit architecture and M7 motion co-processor
which is supposedly to help to the work of the main processor and save power in the process. 1.4 GHz it’s clocked at and it’s also a dual-core
as well. It features dual-band WiFi and MIMO technology. Multiple input multiple output technology
which means faster Wi-Fi connection overall. Camera-wise. FaceTime HD video camera on the front here. 1.2 Megapixel photos. 720p HD video recording and on the back 5
Megapixel iSight camera supports autofocus and also 1080p HD video recording. External buttons. On the top here we have the on/off/sleep/and
wake button. The switch right here is the silent and screen
rotation lock switch. Also volume up and down buttons and also the
two stereo speakers at the bottom and the Lightning connector as well. On the top we also have the 3.5 millimeter
headphone jack and also the two dual-microphones as well. Battery wise. It’s a built-in 32.4 watt hour rechargeable
lithium polymer battery. Up to ten hours of surfing the web on Wi-Fi
and watching videos or listening to music. Sensors wise. It’s a three-axis gyroscope, accelerometer,
ambient light sensor and it also supports Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

26 thoughts on “Apple iPad Air Review (White Silver, 16GB Wi-Fi)

  1. Amazing review
    There was a mistake: ipad air is clocked at 1.3 dual core

  2. is the battery life of ipad air better than ipad 4

  3. How have you got everything apple

  4. 1.3 ghz is pretty much since my parents laptop is only 1.5ghz(dual core)

  5. if that 16gb how much left for your available storage since it is retina display?

  6. Excellent review, BUT! is it honestly worth the money Not that I can afford one? mind you if I won it then I would not say NO! lol. ATB Russ

  7. Just bought one, it's so much lighter than previous iPads.

  8. Very good for Deepak and other students.

  9. how much storage i've got by the 16 gb left

  10. is 16GB enough????? plz tell me what all u use in an iPad and how much space does those consume?

  11. I've only ever owned a 16gb version. My ipad and my air are both 16gb. I paid extra for the 4g version. I still have 4gb left on my ipad 2 and 9gb on my air. If I play a game I delete it. I use my ipad for films and internet. Great video.

  12. I meant ipad 2*

  13. so how does the wifi work??? built in wifi, so then you dont need a data plan right?? so if there isnt any internet connection, your ipad air already has wifi in it already?? 
    sry just trying to make sure right now, cause as i read, people tells me that you need the cellular plan to get the built in wifi to work

  14. On the ipad air you got not get Verizon prepaid internet.

  15. Dude! or muwen360, great info but you have got to relax a bit!  I understand that there was some pressure but no one could see you.  With that said it started off pretty good but got a little less desirable toward the end…..  Anyway "don't forget to breath" and loosen up bro…… 

  16. Is there any way that my I Pad Air (no built in WiFi) can connect to the internet through my Verizon cell phone or any other way as I travel? 

  17. Hi. can I buy books and read book with iPad and can I Microsoft word with this?

  18. Hi I forgot to ask you one more thing. Can I use drangan software (voice-recognition software) with Macbook Air and I'm going to buy the iPad before the summer. Thanks and take care.

  19. I'm watching on the SAME EXACT one 😂

  20. hey you do good video but you talk and go through thing to fast for me to keep up thank you

  21. I'll Buy That SD..

  22. God do I miss ios 7 on the iPad Air iOS 11 sucks

  23. I just ordered this from After watching the video I'm more excited about getting this. I had ipad 1 and it was awful.

  24. I have one problem with this I don't see you tube I know you can download it but that's a little too much money for this we need to download YouTube

  25. is it support Facebook messenger and voot, hotstar app ??

  26. Can I play pubg without lag

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