Apple iPad TearDown & Take Apart Repair Directions by

direct fixed stock on presents the iPad take apart and screen
replacement directions morning this cutting is intended to be
used for informational and entertainment purposes only you
using these video directions and its content at your own risk X Mac solution
Inc makes no representations warranties or conditions of any kind express or
implied following these directions on this video will void your warranty
you’re performing this repair your own risk be sure to business on the web that
direct fix dot com prior parts and accessory needs at checkout use coupon code YouTube for
five percent off your first order using a case opener tool available from
direct fix dot com slide the case opener tool between the
screen have the iPad in the aluminum metal
frame using a case opener tool screwdriver pry up the screen on each
side this law release the tabs that hold the
screen in place if some other tabs break you will need to replace them as you open the case you’ll need to
release wanna the ribbon cables that is
connected to the board using a case opener tool you must flip up both locks that hold
the ribbon in place before you’re able to slide the ribbon out this connector you’ll just be able to
pull up an of the motherboard it’s like a
plug in a pop right off while lifting the screen up from the
back case there is still another connector that is
attached they’ll need to be removed this final connector all hands that you must pull up and then
it stays with the ribbon when you pull it out to remove the LCD you’ll need a lift up
the ribbon cable that’s held on with the peace a tape
this ribbon cable will come out with the LCD using at t4 torques you’re going to
remove eight screws that are holding their LCD
to the touch panel frame start removing the a torque screws with
34 turks driver before you separate the LCD from the touch panel assembly there is a
piece a tape on the side that didn’t have screws the
need to lift up slightly in order to remove the LCD from the touch panel assembly you are now able to gently pry up the LCD from the touch panel
assembly sometimes using a small flat blade
screwdriver 8 each at the screw locations will help pry it
up please be sure to click the link on the
right side of the screen to take you to our website DirectX dot com for all your parts and
accessory needs

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