Apple iPhone 12 – Most Impressive Design Update?

Apple iPhone 12 – Most Impressive Design Update?

iPhone 12 will be Apple’s most impressive
design update in ten years. After the release of iPhone 4. 2020 Apple smartphones will be the largest
iPhone design update in recent years. This was reported by the PhoneArena resource. The
source also published conceptual images of the iPhone 12, based on preliminary unofficial
information about the device. The final design by the time of release may
change. It is noted that the iPhone X with its frameless
screen and a characteristic cutout for the front camera was still not a cardinal design
change. Moreover, all the latest iPhones have left
the impression of being made in the same pattern as the iPhone 6, which debuted in 2014. Apple may reverse this trend in the 2020 lineup,
for the first time since the iPhone 4 was launched in 2010. The case will again become angular, as it
was with the iconic iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. In fact, Apple has already begun to prepare
us for this – in the new iPad Pro. In the new MacBook, too, there is a transition
to such a design. Earlier it was reported that an image of a
drawing fragment of the new iPhone smartphone appeared on the network. and the image shows a drawing of the side
of the smartphone, where the antenna strip will be located. According to insider information, in the prototype
of the new iPhone, this element will be wider than usual, i.e. more than 1 mm. Also, the strip itself will not be made of
plastic. That’s it for now, for more updates please
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  5. Bogus

  6. Like we didnt see 4 cameras rlyy iphone? They are so bad and so expensive.

  7. lmao are y freaking kidding me apple you guys been doing the same lame oh bs phone design for like the past 3 years like all you guys did was add an extra camera lmao

  8. Hermoso apple iPhone 📱❤

  9. The who idea of iPhone makes it worth holding.

  10. I like your review 😊👍

  11. Уже умер айфон 😄😄😄👎

  12. Waiting for iPhone 12 is good looking performance

  13. You call that a new design?.. lol what a joke for apple, why get a new phone when you look at your new phone it's like you haven't changed it in like forever

  14. When apple does go back to the box design for the 12. By 2030 our screens will be all the way around the phone with built in Touch ID sensor , Face ID & more

  15. Despite of notch I gonna switch from Samsung ( S9) to IPhone 11 Pro. 😅

  16. Show!!! iPhone e iPhone!!! Top!!!

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