Apple iPod Nano 4GB 4gen reset

Apple iPod Nano 4GB 4gen reset

ipod nano of the fourth generation as if to reset what to do when the battery is already on long is not enough or just we have proteins we have blocked water we connect wearing headphones and we have a white screen Well, not too much do it if we unlock it the screen is still a white relationship with what you need to reset it, press the middle one the button and menu are held around 6 seconds after which our ipod happened it will turn off and it will appear in a moment white apple signaling that it’s up it resets, you have to wait a few seconds and we are ready to use the oldschool player is now listening more to smartphones, but this one is very pleasant and if it has a strong battery then it is delicate subtle and not such the blocks really weigh very little because only microgram and more specifically 37 g thin dragon elegant but with age its battery is certainly slim elegant at least my model loses strength unloads within an hour in Therefore, I have with me powerbank if I go for longer unfortunately, powerbank trips for 47 g as it is a powerful battery of 7 and a half milli-hour and such a travel set can be take with you and go for a long trip and on a smartphone he does something different and not be afraid it’s already the set it’s already 180 grams so freeze, we drive somewhere we can put well and for forgetful yet once how to reset the supply curve middle button and me a few seconds and then our hands come to ours devices and we can in a moment either two moments already enjoy ours h & m the most mixing for us is losing battery but you are the coolest because always something new thanks for watching fooled and invite you to subscribe to mine ipod nano channel

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