Apple Lightning Adapter for Audio & Video – MFi Certified for iPhones, iPods, and iPads

Apple Lightning Adapter for Audio & Video – MFi Certified for iPhones, iPods, and iPads

Are you always glued to your iPhone and feel
like you’re limited to charging your phone, playing music, or taking a phone call? Hi, it’s Zach again with
and today I’m going to show you our new Apple Lightning headset that will serve every multi-tasker
needs and will make great stocking stuffers this holiday season. Our Apple Lightning to 3.5mm headset for iPhone
is MFi certified. MFi stands for Made for iPod, iPhone, and/or
iPad. It also means it is certified and licensed
by Apple as an authorized accessory. This lightning headset supports pass-through
charging, is compatible with wired headphones/headsets using a 3.5mm audio jack, has an on board
volume control for audio, and a phone button to answer and hang up calls. Now let’s take a look how one can use this
magical thing. You get to the gym, pull out your phone, and
realize you only have 10% battery life left. Not only is your phone going to die 5 minutes
into your workout, but you brought those new headphones with you that you just bought and
now you just look stupid. Good thing you remembered that gift your bestie
gave you for Christmas! Plug that dongle into the USB-C port on your
phone; plug in your power bank, and those new headphones. And if the music is too loud or too soft? Just press either the minus or plus button
to control the volume. Now you’re rocking! Now that you’re looking smart and feeling
extra great, you want to extend your workout, but you’re expecting an important call soon. Don’t feel like you have to cut your workout
short. Just keep everything plugged in and simply
press that button with the phone icon when that phone call comes and hang up when you’re
done. Now, nothing’s stopping you! Our Apple Lightning headset is a great inexpensive
accessory to have or to give to anyone this holiday season. Be sure to check out our entire line of Apple
products we carry here at and if you have any questions, our tech support
is here to help Monday through Friday, 8am eastern to 5pm pacific, by phone and live
chat. Send us your questions or any suggestions
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3 thoughts on “Apple Lightning Adapter for Audio & Video – MFi Certified for iPhones, iPods, and iPads

  1. If I buy two and connect them together will it result in an infinite supply of power? Asking for the Universe.

  2. And if I do not have anything Apple?

  3. What kind of sound quality could I expect from this? The lightning to headphone adapter I have now is noisy and seems to lack dynamic range.

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