Apple Store @ CentralWorld สร้างเร็วมาก / iPad (2019) จอ 9.7 หรือ 10.5 นิ้วกันแน่ | kangg

Apple Store @ CentralWorld สร้างเร็วมาก / iPad (2019) จอ 9.7 หรือ 10.5 นิ้วกันแน่ | kangg

Hello, everyone! As I just reported the updated process of Apple Store in front of CentralWorld last week. And also about the the circular shapes they drilled that supposed to be a glass cylinder as the one in Shanghai, China. Just on 9th this month, I could see lots of improvement of the project compared with the photo taken on 1st, or 2nd of March. On 9th of March, they’ve already built the structure for attaching the glass mirror. I’m not sure, from what I saw, that is the real height they plan for the tube. I think the height is approximate 10-12 meters, or even reaches 15 meters. Maybe 1-2 weeks from now on, we will see a lot of improvement of the project. We still don’t know the exact opening date of the store as I mentioned in the last video. We can only see from the construction sign that the project will be finished by May or June. We will have to wait for the news on that! Next, many reporters have claimed that, in 2020, Apple may create AR Glasses, or
Augmented Reality Glasses. At first, I was not really surprised. Because in the recent WWDC events, Apple tended to mention about AR. I always imagined about Apple cooperates with specialised companies to create applications associated with AR. That would be nice. For example, as the Olympic will be held in Japan in 2020. If Apple or any developers create the AR application around that time, And also if I am in Japan at that time and
use the AR application, It can be used to search all the information about places there e.g. the restaurants. That would be great. So with the rumour about Apple will create AR Glasses,
I still has a doubt on that. Compared with VR Glasses as seen for being used in playing games Like, the headset from PlayStation 4 / PS4 which is huge. And It almost covers all of your heads. It’s not very practical. And it needs to be connected with the PS4 by the cable. The question is what kind of AR products Apple will create? A headset, or glasses Where the battery will be hidden in the their legs along with a camera. Is that possible? I’m personally okay with the glasses idea. If so, we probably think of Google Glass. Their legs are quite wide. But Google hasn’t manufactured Google Glass for sale, only sent them to the developers to try them out. Let’s see how Apple will manage to create these
AR Glasses. How is it going to work? How long is the battery life? Now, let’s talk about iPad (2019). Last time we talked about the news from foreign websites, In this year, Apple may launch the new iPad with
10.5-inch screen instead of 9.7-inch screen. Everyone totally agrees with that choice. But now, everything has turned to just a rumour. As iPad (2019) still remains with the 9.7-inch screen. With the same design, TouchID, The Headphone Jack, and Lightning Port remain pretty much the same. Still doesn’t change to USB-C. However, the specs will be upgraded. For iPad mini 5, again, remains the same as the previous version, Only upgrade the specs to be more up-to-date. People guess that iPad mini 5 may possibly be launched at the end of this month. On to iPod touch! After I has uploaded a clip chatting about iPod touch last month. There are so many opinions. Personally, what I think about the new iPod touch is that it should be an entertainment device. Games run smoothly, and better specs. Many viewers from that clip commenting about iPod touch that Since iPod touch is made, especially, for music, they would like for Apple to develop a higher, and better specs for listening to music. So many opinions out there, Or, many people also want iPod touch to have higher specs but with lower price. At the end of the week, there were news released that excited many people. The content shows the icon representing the new iPod touch. and can be found in iOS 12.2 (beta 4) I was so stunned that all the things I expected were wrong. I expected that iPod touch would be affordable, and Apple wouldn’t add FaceID in to this. As the initial icon released looks completely empty from those functions, from the rumour, e.g. Notch, or TouchID. When I saw the first icon, I was like “That’s cool! It is like a mini version of iPad Pro.” But it turns out that the rumour is fake! The new icon mentioned in the news is never found in iOS 12.2 (beta 4). Whoever read the news and are happy about that, sorry for telling the bad news. Thank you all sponsors: Mahajak, KOAN, RTB, and Generation-S That’s all for you guys. See you in the next video, Bye!

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