Apple’s First Phone Sucked

Apple’s First Phone Sucked

Today, we’re introducing three revolutionary
products in this class. The first one is a widescreen iPod with touch
controls. The seconds is a revolutionary mobile phone. And the third is a breakthrough internet communicator. An iPod, a phone, and an internet communicator. An iPod, a phone… are you getting it? These are not three separate devices; this
is one device. The reveal of the original iPhone at Macworld
2007 has already gone down in history as one of the greatest product announcements
of all time and it’s used as an example to
teach intel property strategy, marketing, and public speaking classes in universities
around the world. The fruits of that first iPhone’s existence
are obvious—and even if you hate Apple—you have to give them credit
for forming the principles of what the modern smartphone would become. Look no further than the smartphones that
existed before the iPhone and the smartphones after the iPhone. Look no further than the 2007
Android prototype contrasted to the HTC Dream on which Android debuted… nearly two
years after the announcement of the original iPhone. But the 2007 iPhone wasn’t
technically Apple’s first phone announcement. There’s one more thing about iTunes that we’re
announcing today. You’ve probably heard about this. Today, we’re introducing the iTunes phone. Weird, right? Well, not really. The iTunes Phone became known as the ROKR…
and Steve Jobs announced the ROKR at a time when
the iPod made up 45% of Apple’s revenue. For a company that just a few years prior
had been on the verge of bankruptcy, the iPod was Apple’s much­needed
saving grace and it’s market dominance was irrefutable. But Apple knew that the market segment they
triumphed was not long for the world as multipurpose
devices from Blackberry, Palm, and others began integrating competent music playback
capabilities—not to mention the bevy of other features that the single­purpose iPod
simply couldn’t match. So Apple began working on their own multipurpose
device in summer of 2004. You may
remember this little clip from the 2007 iPhone reveal…. What’s truly funny about that is
Apple had indeed designed and tested a number of cellular­capable iPods (click­wheel
and all) as early as summer 2004. But rather than expand on Tony Fadell’s
iPod team, Jobs decided to work with Scott Forstall’s
Macintosh team in shrinking down OS X to a touch­screen based smartphone. Thanks to the 2012 Apple vs. Samsung trial,
we ended up seeing nearly 40 different completed,
industrial templates Apple had considered for the original iPhone. But look, it’s 2005 and the iPhone is still
years away from a public unveiling. So what
does Apple do to make sure the iPod functionality isn’t replaced by new phones? They
partner with one of the biggest names in phones, of course. Well actually, that isn’t
really an “of course” at all as it was very un­Jobsian to partner with other companies,
but Motorola was absolutely killing it in the
mid­2000s with hits like the RAZR of which Jobs
was famously a fan. But this hopeful partnership ended in ruins
despite a massive marketing campaign with dozens of famous artists endorsing the device. Why? Well, I bought one to find out and
boy… is it bad. I wish I still had my Moto RAZR (which was
my first phone ever) to compare to this thing because they don’t
even look like they’re from the same decade and yet, the RAZR was 18 months older than
the ROKR. The design of the ROKR looks
pretty bad—it was a rebranded low­end candybar phone Motorola had already been
selling for about 2 years without music functionality. It feels cheap and plasticy in general, the
T9 keys are extremely wobbly, and the display is pretty dismal and small
even for the era. The 0.3 megapixel camera produces some of
the worst digital images I’ve ever seen (and that’s even comparing
it to other phones on the market at the time), and the software is bad. And no… I’m not really even talking about Motorola’s
software as that was pretty similar to all of Motorola’s
phones at the time. I’m talking about
iTunes. Or so they called it. When you hit the dedicated iTunes button on
the front of the phone, a very familiar UI comes up. It looks like an iPod not iTunes. And similar to an
iPod, you couldn’t purchase, download, or manage songs on the device itself so that’s
definitely closer to an iPod than iTunes. But boy… it sure isn’t an iPod either. Music was
stored on a microSD card that hid itself along with the full­sized SIM card underneath
the removable battery at the back of the device. Most variants of the phone shipped with
a 512MB microSD card with support for up to a 1GB card but the storage capacity was
nearly irrelevant because the device had a software­limited 100 song cap. While I
couldn’t find definitive proof, it seems that certain regions outside the US may have
even had a 50 song cap. The reasons for doing this seem pretty obvious
to me… Apple
didn’t want people buying the ROKR over an iPod. The song cap could entice those
who didn’t have an iPod to get the real thing and for those that did, the ROKR would
act as an iPod to­go when they didn’t have
their full­size music player on hand. But the convenience of the iPod software decreased
significantly with such a limited library size, the 4­way toggle was vastly
inferior to the scroll wheel making navigating the UI a pretty poor experience, and syncing
songs to iTunes was painful with only USB 1 support making it slower than competing
iPods at transferring music. The DAC and
headphone amp inside is a lot worse than iPods of the era and it sounds pretty poor—
even on easy­to­drive headphones—and given that this thing was announced the same
day as iPod nano, it was doomed from the start. The nano was at the time impossibly
small, inexpensive, and competent—none of which could be said about the ROKR. Jobs
himself had some trouble with the software during the demo and he was less than
pleased… “Yeah, I’ll talk to you later, thanks bye.” So, I go there and I jus… resume my music
back to where it was… well I was supposed to resume my music right back to where it
was… Steve’s face says it all and the relationship
soured pretty quickly. Moto
blamed Apple. Vice versa. Apple even went so far as to remove support
for the ROKR after iTunes 7—just one full version later—and
I needed to pull out my old PowerBook G4 running Tiger to set this thing up. That’s a stark contrast from the iPod. Every iPod
ever made remains supported in the latest version of iTunes. Including the iPod mini
which I unboxed with Austin Evans. You should definitely check that out if you
haven’t seen it. The ROKR was a weird little hiccup in Apple’s
otherwise excellent track­record during the first decade of the new millennium
and look, I’m no expert, but I think they turned out okay. Apple, that is. Goodbye Moto. And goodbye to you! Please subscribe if
you enjoyed this video and share it with your friends. Thanks for watching, and as
always, stay snazzy!

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