Apple’s New iPad Pro and MacBook Air: First Look

Apple’s New iPad Pro and MacBook Air: First Look

Hey, it’s Todd Hazleton from CNBC. I’m here in Brooklyn, where Apple just announced a bunch of new products including a new
MacBook Air, a new Mac Mini computer and two new iPad Pro models. This is the 11
inch iPad Pro. There’s also a new 12.9 inch model and the biggest
changes there’s no more home button. It just relies on face ID. So you just look
at it and unlocks just like you would on a new iPhone or the iPhone 10. Because
there’s no home button, you have a larger screen and about the same size form
factor as older iPad. So here you have the 11 inch model. You can see there’s no
bezel down below or a very slim bezel down below. Still the camera on the back
and surround sound speakers on all sides. Couple of new changes though there’s USB-C charging instead of lightning, which is a big change. And then you also have a
magnetic Apple Pencil. It’s a new Apple Pencil. It sticks to the side and while
it’s attached to the side, it also charges. This is the 11 inch model that
starts at $799 with 64 gigs of storage. There’s also a 12 point 9 inch model it
starts at $999 with 64 gigabytes of storage. The brand new MacBook Air, it
finally has a sharper display. If you’ve been following the MacBook Air, you know that Apple hasn’t updated it with anything except for new processors over
the past several years. It now starts at $1,199, which is more expensive than the
$999 starting price of the older MacBook Air, but you get a lot more. It has two
Thunderbolt 3 ports on the side as opposed to one on the regular MacBook.
It’s a Retina display measures 13.3 inches so nice and big. And it has touch
ID up here. A lot of features that were never available on the MacBook Air that
Apple has added to its newer computers including the MacBook Pro and the Mac
books. it’s really nice and light. It’s actually thinner and lighter than the
regular MacBook Air but again it’s a little bit more expensive.

25 thoughts on “Apple’s New iPad Pro and MacBook Air: First Look


  2. I’m sure the Left will rig this to show Fake News about Our great Donald

  3. Wheres the notch?

  4. Apple: NEW APPLE PEN 2 JUST 129$
    World: But what's new?

  5. MKBHD sighting in the background

  6. should I get the new mac book air or the recent mac book pro?

  7. I fell in love with Apple again. The iPad is amazing. 👍👍

  8. I own an iPad Pro (10.5'') and use it for school, and it is completely and utterly useless.

  9. Milk the cow , till it die. This is how apple works nowadays.

  10. Bezels still too thick.

  11. Headphone jack?

  12. Apple bad apple

  13. So.. basically the Samsung Galaxy Tab s4

  14. Idk why people hype up apple so much you can get way better laptops that have better specs and other superior features for probably less than what apple costs
    It's hyped up for no reason

  15. Huh thank you 👋

  16. Lay it flat in front of you (with the Pop Out Camera 👌🏻) and then show me Face ID

  17. Apple is good making people want new things. I bought a MacBook Air in August, and my father is still paying it. Maybe another day.

  18. the wallpaper looks like a guy got his head blown off

  19. Look at my video too! 😊

  20. Pfft really there's nothing new

  21. MKBHD spotted !😁😄

  22. Again…You're Paying for the brand

  23. I can live without it.

  24. lol Mkbhd in the back

  25. YouTube: show me more like this!
    I like the surround speakers, better display and face unlock.

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