Hello everyone, welcome to Keplerians news We’re going to start today’s video with a new audio track for Ice Scream 3. The developers are still working on the online multiplayer game. As you can see, we are also going to do slightly different areas within the Evil nun scenario, I hope you like it. As you know, the third part of Ice Scream is released the following Friday 13. Not much is missing, so I’m going to give you the last clues about the game. Stay tuned! The game will be longer than a normal Ice Scream There will be many cinematic sequences (+8) You will meet a very special member of Rod’s family I hope you like the video. If so, click the like button and subscribe to the channel. Bye bye and see you soon!


  1. Can't wait can we get a release date?

  2. Yahoo 😊😊😊

  3. Is that the new chase music when rod sees you and starts chasing you

  4. EvilNun2 💕💕❤️❤️🤩🤩👍😍😍

  5. lce Scream3 👍👍💕💕💕👍🤩🤩🤩😍😍

  6. Cuado sale el juego

  7. Ice Scream 3 will be released in this friday

  8. Cuando sale el Ice Scream 3?

  9. Kleperians mom Rod

  10. kiedy wyjdzie ice scream 3 bo kocham tom gre dajcie like bo nie moge sie docekac ice scream 3

  11. Keplerians are the best Horror adventure games in the social media! Im so excited to the release is ice scream 3!!!

  12. Разработчики игры skyrim завтра сделать четвёртую часть ну вот хсделайте ещё четвёртую части скрипки мы всех победим мороженщик колода Ивдель

  13. I love ice scream1-2-3

  14. just l wont to know what engine used to make the game

  15. Qué tiene que ser punta Lara ice cream 3

  16. Vietnam's

  17. O per dios para cuando sale ice scream 3

  18. YEYY!!! Keplerians is awesome

  19. I can’t wait on the 14th of March

  20. Like crack espero que salga el juego 😎👍

  21. Waiting for the game

  22. Do you mean the game is coming out tomarow

  23. Viernes 13

  24. thanks pro xd i love this as more characters

  25. Hey man I love your videos. Which oil videos? And I follow you.

  26. Games are the best games iPad?

  27. Your games

  28. Yo ur games are amazing!! Legit

  29. Oh my gosh ice scream 3 is super coming soon

  30. will the game be multiplayer?

  31. ya lo quiero jugar esta bien padre

  32. 😃😂😂😂😍😍😍😍😗😘😘😘😚😚😚

  33. Keleprains I love your games please release ice cream 3 soon

  34. I love keplerians

  35. 😎 0:33

  36. ponganlo gratis al ice scream

  37. release date

  38. Keplarian: I hope you like the vid…
    Me: I LIKE IT!!!

  39. Yay!!

  40. Kenapa Ada Game Sumua Ice Scream 1,Ice Scream 2 Dan Ice Scream 3 pun Ada Semua Masuk dalam Keptatelies Team

  41. How come Donald 3 chest!!!!!!

  42. 😧😧😧😧😧😧🍫

  43. El viernes

  44. Какда 3 часть будед

  45. This is cool because its mashed up up with ice scream 1 and 2 and evil nun and mr. Meat and secret neighbor

  46. Ну я думаю что можно сначала проходить одиночные игру , а потом можно уже проходить мультиплеер

  47. pull out your game quickly, on March 12 wi-fi will end

  48. end es change rod 🙏

  49. Прикольный музыка

  50. Thank you kelepirians horror games to ice cream 3 release for friday

  51. 1:30 I guess there realising is3 on a Jason day (yay)

  52. 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  53. Em 2020 qual o site para fazer teste ainda não baixou para mim preciso ver todas as cenas do assassin's Creed

  54. love Keplerians Team

  55. De marzo o mayo

  56. I subscribed

  57. The date of ice scream 3 have option of install

  58. Mami a zis că poate îți aranjează și screen 4

  59. Keplerians are the BEST . They should get 100m million subscribers

  60. Hello

  61. We want evil nun 2

  62. Ччтоооооо пятница 13.😱😫

  63. I think we will save not only Mike but also Lis👍😏

  64. I like it i will always play ice scream 1,2,3

  65. So good ! Super games !

  66. Can You Make The Game On Friday Pls

  67. Or In Next Week

  68. Keplerians Horror Games:Evil Nun, Mr.Meat,
    Ice Scream, Ice Scream 2, Ice Scream 3.

  69. Please make evil nun 2 and add multiplayer mode in please….😣😣

  70. Hame to kelperians Team he acchi lagte he aur kise ke Nahi kelte he

  71. Just a little more and we can play Ice Scream 3:)

  72. All of keplerians horror games are the best so scary I always get shocked

  73. Evilnun2

  74. Wait so you mean we will meet Rod's Mother?

  75. Ice scream 3
    Evil nun 2

  76. When evil nun 2 is coming

  77. I want to see defeat rod

  78. Even if I didn’t even play it, I know it’s gonna be popular!

  79. Idk how multiplayer. One Ice Scream, second guy just boy?

  80. Yay!!!!

  81. Guys ice scream 3 is here go to the app store

  82. Пятница 13? Не хрена как долго

  83. I scream 3 i can wait to play i want go to mall how to mall is 😉😉😉

  84. Se fizerem evil nun 2 criem um caminho para nós podermos entrar e descobrir o q tá por trás da porta no topo do quarto da personagem principal de evil nun
    This is portuguese

  85. Фу

  86. Hey YouTuber I don't know what's your name but these guys are keep making fake videos of ice cream 3

  87. When is it coming out

  88. Excited about the game.

  89. pls ice scream 4

  90. Please ice cream 4¿

  91. Please ice cream 4¿

  92. What a nice day

  93. I love it

  94. прошу пажалуйста быстрее

  95. Ice scream 4 you

  96. I want that game

  97. Is great

  98. Yay it's almost done

  99. your update the in game and map??

  100. Faltam 4 Dias!! #icescream3 #icescream4dias

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