Audio tricks in iMovie for iPad

Audio tricks in iMovie for iPad

hello then this is Dave Allen today looking at iMovie on the iPad today we are looking at how to add sound when I have started off this little project I’ve put a video in there so let’s go into that there and let’s add some sounds to it where you can start off by tapping on that there to add some sounds and go into your theme music so we’ve got something music in their first thing that we are going to do is to tap on bright and it adds the theme music. It as the theme music so that it covers the whole of the track and there’s not much more that you can do with it apart from that so if you tap on it, do a double tap so you can set the level of the audio on there and you can also track the Clip out of the timeline
audio tricks in iMovie for iPad but what I wanted to do was to add other sounds into it so let’s go back into audio again and we’ve got sound effects so in the sand affects you can tap on alarm for instance put our alarm in there and that alarm will play if you could just do me the favour of clicking on the YouTube like button I would appreciate it thanks what about if you want to add some sound
effects of them are included as part of the iMovie for iPad now what I first thought was that I would have to go into this here and to apps and to drag files into here I would be to drag audio sounds into this area here. like I have done and I would be able to find those on the iPad in the iMovie application now that didn’t work, ha ha so I’m just going to select delete those documents so the way to get the files into your iPad is to go to this one here to music and what I’ve done is to put a tick into this box here sound effects since music selected playlists, artists, album and genres and select sound effects, I could have selected any of these here but I had made a specific one called sound effects and once you have done that you can sync it up and then you go into your iPad so here we are in the iPad now and I’m going to go into playlists and they get go of got my sound effects in there so these are the sounds that I’ve got on my playlist on my Mac and I’ve got them available to use here. the first thing to note is with this video is that the video track is 46 seconds long that is how long the video is so if i’m going to take his bus interior and add it it’s to the whole of the thing they and I can’t really do much else with it so if I tap on that it doesn’t give me any way to extend or decrease the length of that track so let’s just backspace that and get it out of the way let’s go for something shorter
you see this one here is thirty seven seconds so let’s just tap on them on there and as you can see it starts from the point where the play head is so that’s pretty good but what if I want to make it shorter tap on it and you can see that we’ve got some yellow dots there drag it in and we’ve got it shorter so that’s how you can’t tracks in there
and you can make them so that they get what you want them to go let’s just do it again Oink! Tap on that one there audio tricks in iMovie for iPad little piggy in there so as you can see how was able to take that and put it where exactly where I wanted it to go to and I can put it in a place where there is no specific sound in that portion so it’s in between where I’m talking and if you can’t see the waveform obviously you need to press that button there and then you can see more of what is going on so let’s go and grab something else to put in there this one is steam released as you say it is possible to have audio
on top of the other one there if you’re looking for specific effect made up of more than one sound then you can do that so we get an alarm sound with the sound of steam let’s put the metallic one in there and now we’ve got three in there. how about that so? So there you go that is how you can add sounds and how to position them and change the length of them if you want to in iMovie for iPad audio tricks thanks for watching the video and why don’t you check out the other videos is one of them here is one much you can click, and the other one that you can click on and have a look at now and don’t forget that you can also
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12 thoughts on “Audio tricks in iMovie for iPad

  1. Audio tricks for iMovie and iPad. In this video I show you how to get extra sound effects into your iMovie for iPad from iTunes. I also you how you can add audio effects and move them along the timeline. Here is  how to trim audio in the iMovie for iPad

  2. But

  3. So all I want to do is to have a mic hidden on me, record whatever is around me and what I'm saying, and then somehow upload it to iMovie app. So…. I got lost somewhere :0

  4. So do you plan to put the sounds you capture together with some video you will be shooting too?

    Or will you be connecting your mic to a video camera and have it synced that way.
    In Final Cut Pro on the Mac there is a super synchronisation tool to sync up video and separate audio tracks.

    Give me some more clues on what you are planning to do.

  5. It is easy enough to get the extra audio on to the iPad but getting the synchronisation is going to be tricky as you don't have the facilities that you have available on the FCP X on the Mac.
    If you have a clapperboard to make a sound at the beginning so that you can sync up two sounds you might get it close enough.

  6. I want to know if you can trim music in anyway pls reply ASAP

  7. Watch the video and you have your answer at 2:55. Trimming audio in iMovie for iPad.

  8. Apple need to make this software slightly more sophisticated.

  9. How do i remove noise in IMovie for iPad ?

  10. U can get a ton of sound affects for free wacth my video on my channel how to get more sound affects for imovies ipad

  11. This video is pretty helpful but do you know how to put theme music feom kevin macleod?

  12. so helpful thank you so much love

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