Beat Slice DJ App for iPhone/iPad Review [EN CC] / DJリミックスアプリBeat Sliceレビュー

Good morning everybody! OHAYO GOZAIMSAU! This is singer, composer and the chief of “RED EYE LOVERS” ITSUKA. Thanks for watching! Last week, I did a DJ performance at Tokyo Motorcycle show 2016 It was a exhibition of motorcycle. There’s a brand called “Ducati” and their new series “Scrambler” is really popular these days and I was doing DJ at the Scrambler booth. Today, I will introduce an iPhone / iPad App that you can remix your own song. Today’s guest is iPhone / iPad App “Beat Slice” Not many App allows you to import your own song from your iTunes list but this one does. Everything happens on this one screen so it7s very easy to use Let’s play with this! I’ve already imported my new single “SAKURA … LaLaLa” You can see the numbers “2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 12, 6” in this area Right now, I’m selecting “4” so the ecreen is divided into 4 When I press “play” button, it will goes like “1,2,3,4” Try to follow the blinking. Here you go Now you know what Imeant Now I will choose “8” and the screen is divided into 8 now It goes “1214, 1234” Let’s listen to it See it’s divided into smaller parts You can pick from 2-16 IF you choose 16, the screen will be divided into even smaller parts Take a listen The blinking is changing really quickly. Now check out this colorful buttons The top button is “Reverser” “If you play naturally … Let’s add some “reverser” That was the “Reverser” effects The pink button is “Low n High” effect You can change the pitch with this If you touch the higher part of the button, the pitch will go higher, and lower part makes the sounds lower. The green CD mark here is “Slicer” You can divide the sounds Orange button is “Lo-fi” button that makes your sound kinda cloudy, add distortion The last one, maybe you can tell what this button means, It has X on the sound button It is “Mute” button, You can mute the sound These button that says “A B C D E F G H” are the stock buttons You can save your effects pattern up to eight channels. And recall them anytime. Alright, let me play with this Thank you for watching “ITSUKA morning TV” Today, I introduced the remixing App “Beat Slice” Allright, good luck for everything today, I’ll see you tomorrow!

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