BelayCords – Reversible USB Charging Cords (iPhone Lightning & More)

BelayCords – Reversible USB Charging Cords (iPhone Lightning & More)

This is Matt And if you’re like matt, you spend a lot
of time on your phone But when it’s running low on juice there’s
one part of the phone that sucks. That’s the charger So much time and energy went into creating
such a great phone, but it seems like the charging cord hasn’t caught up. The white rubber gets dirty. It breaks And is really picky about it’s * pause *orientation. A wise man once said, anytime you have a 50-50
chance of getting something right. You’ll end up getting it wrong 90% of the time. *Change music * That’s why we created BelayCords. It “goes both ways”. Which means that
every time you try to plug it in, it just works. You get it right 100% of the time. And we love it. Along with the NASA Space Program, We’ve
partnered with the sole patent holder for reversible USBs. That means in addition to
being the only way you’re going to get a reversible lightning cable, we’re also the
first. Teaming up with lead designers, we created
Belaycords in a variety of colors that “pop”. Inspired by climbing rope, belaycords has
a rugged fabric exterior, protecting the charging components from wear and helping to keep them
tangle free. That means no more on-again off-again charging! But we’re tackling one of the biggest problem
head on. The absolute worst part of charging cords
is they break. That’s why we’re only using high quality materials and are reinforcing
BelayCords from the ground up. To prove it, we’re standing behind them with a life time
guarantee. That means BelayCords will be the LAST cable you will have to buy. Pledge today and make BelayCords be THE LAST
cable you will have to buy.

4 thoughts on “BelayCords – Reversible USB Charging Cords (iPhone Lightning & More)

  1. Hi where can i buy this ? please ? 🙂

  2. very nice  i am willing to fund

  3. Funded. Hopefully you will keep your word

  4. I funded this today for 4 cables! Awesome product!

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