Best Alternative to an iPod Touch

Best Alternative to an iPod Touch

What do you think is the best alternative
to an iPod touch? My kid wants one, but I need to get something else. I can see why. The cheapest version is $200,
but it can reach up to $400. And that’s on top of the proprietary software,
accessories and songs. The Samsung Galaxy Player was a good rival.
If you’re willing to get a discontinued device, you can get one for about a hundred
dollars. Like the walkman? Sony still makes a walkman. Their newest one
is about $200. And I thought the Walkman was extinct! What
does it run on, Windows Millennium? Actually, the Sony Walkman Mobile runs Google
Android. You’d probably like the Walkman Z. Sounds like World War Z. Does Android have
a good alternative to the iPod touch? You might like the GoGear Connect 3 by Phillips.
It’s cheaper than the iPod, and while it has a mediocre screen, it has really great
sound. If I’m going to pay for an MP3 player, I
want something that’s quality. Buy a used iPod or iPod touch. You’ll spend
less than new, and your kid should still be happy with it. I’d rather get an off-off-brand than join
the cult of Apple. A Cowon X9 has 100 hours of battery life.
And it costs less than a new iPod. Too far off-brand. Never heard of it. The Astel and Kern AK 100 is expensive, but
it has amazing sound quality and two Micro-SD card slots. This is for my teenager who wants to listen
to music without eating up data plan minutes and with good sound quality. He’d love it,
but my wallet won’t. Get an Archos tablet. It’s a tablet and
it plays music. And my kid could play games on it. Or watch TV in the car. And it’s cheap enough that we could both
live with it until the next generation of cell phones has great sound quality. Though
they’ll probably microwave your food, too, by then.

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  3. Here is a EXTREMELY CHEAP android player. Its like an android ipod. Dont worry its not a phone and its not a tablet. Its like an android ipod

  4. This is stupid

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