Best Apple Black Friday Deals of 2017 (Macbook, iPhone, iPad’s)

Best Apple Black Friday Deals of 2017 (Macbook, iPhone, iPad’s)

What are the best Apple
deals this Black Friday 2017? I have your answers plus your
access to a big giveaway. (optimistic music) Hi, I’m the YouTube deal guy, Matt Granite and I have your key to the biggest savings and deals this Black
Friday and, of course, while I am profiling all sorts
of door busters and deals, many of your questions tied to Apple so as bitter as I am
being an Android user, I will tell you that, yes,
I do use a MacBook Pro which is one of the big
deals this holiday season and also for those of you
looking for iPads and iPhones, I’m gonna explain to you right now exactly how to score those, plus, a big giveaway. If you want a free iPhone which I will tell you about
at the end of this video. Okay, first things first, Apple generally doesn’t do much
as a store on Black Friday. In fact, if you’re lining up outside an Apple store on Black
Friday, that’s a terrible idea. Apple celebrates all sorts of Asian festivals all over the world. They very rarely acknowledge Black Friday and if they do, it’s usually a lame sale on accessories and a few other things. In addition to the deals which I’ve listed right under this video screen, I wanna tell you the stores and the items where you can find the deals and then also a few other
really cool peripherals that have dropped as well. First things first, if you are looking for
a deal on the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, whatever, okay, great. You will see some gift
card bundles tied to those. If you’re looking for a deal
on the iPhone 10, the iPhone X, this is not really an
item I would consider buying right now if you
need that huge discount. Stores like,
Target, and Best Buy are most aggressive with the offerings which include some really
good deals on the iPad. If you’re looking for MacBook Pro deals, you will see some discounts on that in addition to the MacBook
and the MacBook Air which, it’s not my favorite computer by any means but yes, that is heavily reduced. If you are looking for some
great accessory deals like iPhone 8 cases that we’ve
had a chance to use and test, those are massive discounts
which I, of course, have a link to right
under this video screen. If you’re getting a new
iPhone this holiday season, the top cases are not only at
their lowest recorded prices but they have features like a stand, and I have to apologize,
I am an Android guy, I don’t have an iPhone but
these are not only incredibly durable and well rated
but you can see very, very difficult to do anything with. I’m bending this with all my might and it keeps snapping back into place. You get the leather folio cases. We’re talking the iPhone
8, the 8 Plus, the 7. Really, really nice leather cases to sort of act as a credit card and put all of your cash and
your personal information in and then on the inside,
you also get a really nice rubberized exterior that
detaches as it’s own case and then, through the power of magnets, goes right back into place. If you’re looking for the
ultimate iPad, iPhone, Android stand, yes, this is a really cool foldable iPhone stand, aluminum, 270 degree multi-angle
viewing which is great. You can prop up a device. My wife watches content in the bath. This is a great way to avoid the phone dropping in with her again. 14 bucks, one of the best rated stands. 72% off for Black Friday. If you’re looking for deals on the Aglove, these are these really cool texting gloves that we’ve tested that work with both Apple and Android touch
screens, they’re phenomenal. At under 20 bucks with
prices lower than that, depending on how many you buy, this is my favorite texting gloves. Yes, they’re warm but the
entire glove is conductive in that you do not just have these stupid little
things on your fingertips. You know where you have to press through a very specific spot? The whole phone, the whole finger, look at that, everything works. Works with Apple, works
with Android, look at this. You can touch perfectly. I can easily compose a message with these and I love how they feel. These have actually stood up
well in the Toronto, Ohio, and New York state winters
that I’ve experienced. THey’re great for iPads,
they’re great for iPhones, Android, whatever it is. There is not a better pair of
texting gloves on the market. And if you’re looking to win
any of the big Apple products from an iPad to an iPhone, if you are subscribed to this channel, I’m gonna have several draws on the days that follow
Black Friday on Cyber Monday. Current subscribers, you’re eligible. New subscribers, welcome,
you want a free iPhone, I will be the one to hook you up. I will be doing all the
live draws right here. (claps) Okay! I would love to know before we say goodbye and to make sure that
you do get hooked up. What other Apple products do
you wanna see a discount on? Is there something I’m missing? Are you craving a deal on the Apple TV or some other product
that I have not mentioned? Let me know and I’ll include
that in a future deal list coming right around the corner. All right, with Black Friday
right around the corner, if you’re not yet
subscribed to this channel, click on my head right here. That will subscribe you to this channel. If you need help turning
on your notifications or leaving a comment to
make sure you are eligible for a free iPhone or
those future giveaways, just click here and the last
big round of deals I did which has nothing to do
with Apple right over here. (claps) Happy savings.

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