– [Carl] Ah, look! They got these weird things
that absorb water and grow. And they have a snake, and
alligators and crocodiles. Should we put ’em in the
swimming pool and see how huge they get?
– Yeah! – [Carl] What if they get life size? – That would be awesome! – [Carl] That would be way cool, right? – Yeah. – Let’s go fill this up
and see what happens! – (whispers) Get her, Gage, get her. (clapping) – Oh my gosh.
(laughs) That is bad
(clapping) when you don’t know what it is. That sounds really creepy. – [Carl] Weird stuff you
find at the dollar store. (laughing) Let’s get these out of the packaging. We need to come up with a
way to put ’em in a container full of water that’s
big enough for them to– Oh, I know what to do! This is a container of water
that’s the right temperature, that’s large enough of a
container of water for these to swell up 600 times the size. (laughs) This is going to be a really
interesting experiment. Tell us what we should name these down in the comments below. Heyah! Goodbye! Uh oh, he’s upside down. Here’s the crocodile. What should we name the
crocodile goin’ in the pool? There he goes. Oh, he’s right side up. Boy, they do sink down to the bottom. And here is the snake. I wonder if this thing’s gonna get huge? – [Jinger] Is R2D2 gonna soak it up? – [Carl] I don’t know. Uh oh, uh oh,
– No! – [Carl] Oh, right through the gap! ♫ Ne ne ne ne ne ne (laughs) That’s funny. Alright, here goes the snake. What should we name the snake? Tell us down in the comments below. Here he goes! (screams) (laughs) How do I not throw it at Jinger, right? It’s like–
(yells) (laughs) Uh oh, uh oh.
– Should I get it? – [Carl] Uh oh, yep. Uh oh, we better remove the pump. Let’s put the snake down in
the deep end how about that? Here we go. Bloop! Goodbye, aw, that one’s upside down too. Well, later this afternoon
we’ll have to jump in and flip ’em over. We have shut the water pump off. So, R2D2’s not goin’ anywhere. We got the iguana, the crocodile, and then the snake down in the pool. So, we’ll have to check back and see how big these things get. – What if they get giant? – [Carl] I know, what if
thing’s like six feet long? – That’d be awesome! – [Carl] We still have the
remnants of this Wubble Brite Super Wubble giant balloon
full of Orbeez that we did on the trampoline, and now
the sun has dried them all out so we can sweep them up. But that was a really fun experiment. Are you flippin’ the snake over? – Yeah.
– Kind of. – [Carl] Tryin’ to get ’em flipped over? He’s laying belly up down in there, huh? – [Jinger] Got it. – Yay!
– Yay! You got it. – By the way, that is
exactly my worst nightmare. – [Carl] Snake in the pool? – Going to get in the pool
and having a snake in there. Just so everyone knows. – I think Jinger needs to be the first one in the water then. We did a giant gummy bear
full of sparklers recently, if you haven’t seen that
video, you definitely need to check it out. It was our big fourth of
July celebration video that we did (giggles). It was way fun, but I
wanna go look at it now that it’s had the chance to cool off. We still have it? Oh my gosh! Look at that! – [Kyle] Look, it’s still
melting on this side. – [Carl] Oh yeah, ’cause it’s hot outside. – [Kyle] Yeah. – [Carl] Wow, look at that thing now. It’s all melted, the gummies
just like settled down and it must have still been hot in there. It looks like a black
charcoal porcupine doesn’t it? – [Kyle] Yeah. – [Carl] Don’t poke yourself with that. Man, you can really see how
much heat that was putting off, can’t ya?
– Yeah. – [Carl] It put off tons of heat. Did it hurt the grass at all over here? – [Kyle] Yeah it did actually. – [Carl] It did? Oh yeah, some of the heat,
you can see where the square from the particle board was
and the surrounding grass that got hot is a little discolored. I think if we just water it
it’ll turn out just fine. While we’re waiting for these to swell up in the swimming pool, check
out our Instagram follower of the day right here. If you wanna become the
Instagram follower of the day, just check down in the description, find our Instagram account,
and you might be the next one. And if you are really
awesome, you will subscribe and turn on notifications
as well and be part of the notification crew. So excited for this moment you guys. It’s actually been three days
since we put the alligator, or the crocodile, or whatever, the lizard, and the snake in the pool. We’ve had it in there for three whole days and it’s time to check on it. Kyle’s gonna be my helper. Okay, let’s see what they look like. Are you grabbin’ the snake first? – Ooh!
– Whoa! – That’s big.
– [Carl] It’s a little bit bigger. And kinda squishy. – [Kyle] Ah! – [Carl] Aw, don’t do that. (giggles) But I don’t know that
that’s 600% bigger, do you? – [Kyle] Okay– – [Carl] I don’t think so. What do you think? – [Kyle] It actually kind
of changed it’s color. – [Carl] It did a little
bit, but I don’t know. It’s a little bit lame, huh? – [Kyle] Yeah it kinda ripped here. – [Carl] That’s why they’re
at the dollar store, right? – [Kyle] Yeah. – [Carl] Can you get it dude? – [Kyle] Got it. – [Carl] Can you get it? – Oh the lizard got way bigger! – [Carl] Let’s see what
Tag thinks of this. You ready? Puppy dog, come here. Tag, you get the snake! Oh my gosh! Oh!
(laughing) She just thinks it’s funny. – Look at this, it got way bigger. – [Carl] The iguana got quite
a bit chunkier, didn’t it? It got a little bit fatter over here. I think we should put
’em back in the water, but that was a little
bit disappointing, huh? – Yeah. – Don’t worry, guys. I’ve got a Plan B. We’re gonna chuck some
watermelons in the swimming pool. But here’s where it
gets really interesting. We’re gonna do real watermelons versus these toy watermelons,
and see what floats, what sinks, or what happens. We’ve actually got two of these, Kyle. We have one in the box
still, and I’ve taken one out just to see what it is. It’s literally just a really
thick watermelon colored beach ball, but hey, this is cool. It’s got a little nozzle that
goes on the end of the hose to help fill it up, which is
nice ’cause we could use that for filling up Wobble Bubbles, too. Let’s go fill this up
and see what happens! You finally gettin’ all
this vacuumed up out here? I like your little jimmy-rigged
version of a vacuum roller. – [Gage] It’s very handy. – [Carl] He’s got a Tupperware
lid on top of a rolly thing, with a vacuum on it. – Ultimate life hack. (giggles) – So I looked on YouTube
real quick and I did see a video where Morgs, the YouTuber, he swam in a swimming pool
with like 100 watermelons or something crazy like that. So we’re gonna do something similar with the real watermelons. But we’re gonna do real watermelons versus the toy watermelons. We got real watermelons. We got the toy fake watermelons. And we got the hose and
the nozzle all set up. Kyle, are you gonna be able to do this little technical part? I think you gotta get it wet. Be careful, don’t break that needle off. You gotta be really careful. And, good job! You did it, good job. Okay, Gage, fire it up. That’s so weird lookin’ right? – [Kyle] Yeah. – [Carl] That’s really odd. – [Kyle] That looks so weird. – [Carl] It seems to be workin’ though, it’s fillin’ up. Watermelon toy number one is ready. Alright, turn the hose off! Let’s see if the water stays in there. Okay, pull it out. Woop, boop! Oh, looks like a little
bit of air got out. Whoa, that’s crazy! Feel that Kyle. – That’s heavy. – [Carl] It feels like a
watermelon, doesn’t it? (water sloshes) Doesn’t sound like one though. How do we not test to
see how far the water shoots out of this when
we turn the hose on? Gage, turn the hose on. Let’s see how far this shoots. Whoa! – [Kyle] That’s pretty far. – [Carl] That’s pretty good. That would work really
well in a water fight, I will admit that. Can you tell which
watermelons are the real ones and which ones are the toy fake ones? Just kidding. It’s super easy to tell, huh? – Yeah. – They really don’t look like
the real watermelon at all. These are way smaller. Not to mention, it’s
printed right on the side. Water Melon. (giggles) And just like that, we’ve
got two real watermelons and two toy watermelons. Alright, Luke, you grab
one of the real ones. – Okay. – [Carl] Or Gage, you
grab the other real ones. We’ll do it two at a time here. (groans) Real ones first, how about that? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Carl] Go big or go home. We gotta chuck these off the trampoline. We can’t just drop ’em in. That would be boring, right? Woo! Okay, you guys ready? – Yeah! – [Carl] These are the real watermelons in the swimming pool. One, two, three, go! (splash) Whoa! Do they float? – They float! – Whoa! – [Carl] They float! I did not expect them to
float like that, that easy. That was really cool. Kyle, you got the fake one? – Yep. – [Carl] Alright, let’s go
to the edge of the pool. I’ve got the other one in hand right here. We’re gonna do this at the same time. Ready? Set, go! (splash) – [Kyle] Do they float? They float!
– Whoa! Exactly like the real watermelons! That was really cool. Now we’re gonna have to get in the water and swim around with them,
and see what it’s like. Just one of those things that
you’ve never done before. I’ve never swam in a swimming
pool with watermelons in it. Why not? Well look who showed up? We got April and Danny,
– Woo hoo! – and Mike and Ashley Costa here. – Yeah. – [Carl] You got pizza? Hey, are you eatin’ pizza? – Mm hmm. – [Carl] So, I don’t wanna alarm anyone, but we have watermelons in
the swimming pool right now. – Real watermelons? – [Carl] So, watermelon pool party. Woo!
– Yeah! – [Carl] What you got Ander, a watermelon? – [Child] Fake watermelon. – [Carl] In the water? Is that a real one or a fake one? – Fake one. – No, that’s a real one. (water gurgles) Watermelon pool party. Is that a real one or a fake one? – Fake. – [Carl] Here’s the real one. Whoa, you’re too smart for
those watermelons, aren’t ya? Did you find one? Here ya go. Here, throw it in, make a big splash. (water splashes) Woo! (laughs) Gage and Zade, I challenge
you guys to do tricks off the trampoline with a watermelon. – Challenge accepted. – [Carl] Watermelon stunts into the pool. – Let’s just jump in. – [Carl] Okay, ready? Set, go!
– Go! (splash) – [Carl] Whoa ho ho! – The thing is I gained momentum so fast. – [Carl] Gage, get one
of the real watermelons and see if you can hold it under your feet in the deep end. – [Zade] I think it’s just gonna sink. – [Carl] Let’s find out. (water gurgling) (laughing) That’s crazy. – This thing shoots like a rocket. – [Carl] It doesn’t work like floatie, but it definitely will float up, huh? – Oh yeah. (splash) – We’re swimming with watermelons. Our life is weird. – We’re weirdos. (laughs) – [Jinger] Okay Kyle,
show us your best shot. – [Carl] Kyle’s doin’ a cannon ball. (splash) You did it! Ha ha!
– With a fake watermelon! (water gurgling) – [Carl] You gonna see
if you can spin both? – Yeah, at the same time. – [Carl] Let’s see. (water gurgles) – [Jinger] Look at all the
cute mommies and babies and daddies in our pool. Look our little things there. They didn’t grow that much. That is not 600 times bigger. – No. – [Jinger] Lies! – Alright guys, that’s
it for this watermelon in the pool party. That’s what today turned into. Thanks so much for watching. Click anywhere on the screen to subscribe, or to watch more videos. I’ll see you guys next time. – [All] Bye! (water splashing)

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