Best Video Editing App For Android and iPhone

Best Video Editing App For Android and iPhone

100 thoughts on “Best Video Editing App For Android and iPhone

  1. ✅ Learn how to GET VIEWS on YouTube step-by-step in this video –

  2. Are you using the free version?

  3. I use kinemaster but iam a youtuber and i subscribed to you

  4. Wow… Wish i knew of this before i bought Corel for my laptop… I sent to myself so i can rewatch a few times. Im a slow learner

  5. I use quik to edit.. Or just record and post it.

  6. Ian from Alvin and the chipmunks ?

  7. What’s the link to the mic for the phone you talked about

  8. I do inshot

  9. Kinemaster

  10. I use imovie right now

  11. I use inshot app to edit my videos but ima try this app now

  12. Du recorder

  13. In shot

  14. I tried using kinemaster but it said "Failed to transcode"Any help?

  15. Thank you

  16. Great Information. I was looking for insight into video editing. You provided very detailed information. Thanks

  17. 😭😭😭

  18. I use imovie

  19. Watching this on my phone with the rotating screen messed me up big time at the beginning. I thought my charger stopped working and my phone was at 47% battery.

  20. Im Learning so much from you

  21. Photo grid

  22. My favorite is pocket video

  23. I use funimate

  24. You cut

  25. Kinemaster i think ia the best!!

  26. I use kinemaster on my LG V30

  27. 8 minutes in to find its watermarked.

  28. I downloaded this and have used it for my last 2 YouTube videos.
    Its brilliant and aloud me to fully revamp my channel's videos.
    Thanks so much and please check out the video's if u want to see

  29. I was using InShots

  30. Thx now I going to use this until I can afford a computer

  31. I use power dierickter

  32. Thank you I'm subing no joke

  33. Vsdc video editor is totally free and has endless possibilities try it. It's for PC

  34. I use iMovie

  35. Video show

  36. I use pocket video vlogstar PicCollage

  37. I can't get that app because my phone is too old and I need iOS update

  38. I use intro maker, and film maker pro on iPhone!!!

  39. Thank you this vedio helped me so much

  40. Me: I use Kinemaster

    You: the key is Kinemaster

    Me: ._.

  41. Imovie

  42. Hey Nick I was using Power Director but form the demonstration that you showed me with Kinemaster I'm going to switch because I see that it's better. Also learning how to use Inshot on my desktop

  43. I use videoshop

  44. Imovie

  45. Does anyone know how to save the vid

  46. Videoleap

  47. Thanks

  48. Does this app allow you to combine videos together for example if I have video a and I want to mix video b at 2:30 of video a can I do that and also with the voice overs in the video can I completely cut off sound from that video an do a voice over and last one how do I make my own url website. If anyone can help me at least with one of my questions I would be ever so greatful however u all have a bless day

  49. This is very nice app

  50. Thank youu

  51. 👍💗💖

  52. Hi Nick, another helpful video. Thank you. Ill try it out. Me and my daughter are using VivaVideo. Is anyone using Vivavideo?😊

  53. I'm trying to use the app but its says that my videos aren't supported

  54. Vlogstar

  55. For me InShot is better
    👇🏻if you use it as well.

  56. I like how you just get right to the point 😄.

  57. My editing app is youcut

  58. InShot

  59. Thank you verymuch for this video, it's the first time I have watched and really understood a how to edit a you tube video

  60. if that was his gf in his camera roll , god damn she bad🤩

  61. What about words and text how do I add that to a video what program would I use because

  62. how do you do chrome on kinemaster for android

  63. Hey Nick, Great video. Nice tutorial you have shared in this video. But i have one query, how can i add photo on top of any video? Need your help.

  64. u sound a little like Blake webber

  65. Thank you

  66. I move

  67. The best one is myvlog

  68. how to hollyoowed movies donlode in lap top

  69. I use vlogit

  70. I like how he is using DU recorder look at the right side middle

  71. Cool

  72. I use iMovie

  73. I currently use
    •Video Star
    (Video Star is paid but it’s really good!)

  74. It’s said Kin-master

  75. ur live in thailand
    but ur not thai ?

  76. How can I get music to upload to the video without buying premium?

  77. Great info. I know this is going to sound crazy but are you related to Dee Nimmin?

  78. Ok

  79. I movie

  80. Power Director

  81. I use video show but it's pretty annoying at times.

  82. From india

  83. Do you need to pay?

  84. I use Inshot app. It's available for the android users.

  85. I use power director

  86. I’ve used KineMaster for a long time now

    But I’m a looser at it

  87. It is good but it says made by kindmaster like if you aggree

  88. I found a video editor called Filmo, which offers a lot of retro effects. I like it, but it seems to only apply to iOS.

  89. Mymovie

  90. I use imovie how bout u guys ?

  91. Inshot for life!!

  92. Wow awesome pretty nice 👍

  93. Ok done hmm #inShot

  94. Thanks for the info. I’m currently using InShot app. I like it so far.

  95. I use inshot

  96. I use KineMaster

  97. I just want to make memes

  98. I’m using InShot I love the app but running into problems with music so may change to this so might use both interchangeably Thankyou for sharing this

  99. I have since checked this app out more and it’s fantastic I’ve paid for subscription Thankyou for the heads up . It does so many things my first editing app doesn’t. Wish they did one off subscription though

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