BestSkinsEver Protective Skin for iPad Mini Review

BestSkinsEver Protective Skin for iPad Mini Review

Hey guys, what’s up? Jonas here from Speedline Technology, and today I have a review on the BestSkinsEver for the iPad mini. [INTRO] This skin retails for about fifteen dollars on BestSkinsEver’s home page, and it’s a full body protection skin for the iPad Mini. This skin has a matte finish, and it feels very good. It has a very cheap price, so I hope you like it. The corners are also protected, that’s one thing I like about this skin. They’re very accurate. As you can see here, the FaceTime camera and the home button are aligned very well. All of the buttons are flush with the skin Also, the speakers and the lightning connector port is free. The quality of the skin is very good, it feels like the original screen. As you can see here it works very well. It does not feel like it has a matte finish but it’s very very high quality. Overall, I really like this skin. For such a cheap price; only fifteen dollars, this product is awesome. I don’t think many other companies make such good products at such cheap prices. One last thing, the corners are protected, and this is why I also like this skin. Anyway guys, this has been Jonas from Speedline Technology. Please comment and like, see you next time. Goodbye!

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  1. Nice video Jonas

  2. BSE is the best, thanks for sharing!

  3. Awesome review Jonas!!!

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